Keep Your Mouth Shut - Recap

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Casey tells Dawson she's lucky to be able to get her old spot back at House 51. She disagrees and wishes she was a firefighter. She insists she's not upset about Rebecca getting in at the house.

At the station the next day the men welcome Dawson back. She watches from afar with Shay as Rebecca hits it off with the men of truck 81. Casey reminds Dawson to be safe before taking Rebecca to meet Boden.

Otis stops Kelly and asks about Vince. Neither of them are happy that Vince will get away with it. Kelly says it's best they let it go. Otis agrees and Kelly leaves to speak with Clarke. He doesn't want Vince to get away free and Clarke agrees to help.

Boden tells Rebecca that while she may have done great at the academy this is the real thing. An alarm goes off and Casey leads her away.

Shay and Dawson arrive at the scene first and respond to the caller. A woman hurt someone inside of a clothing donation bin. Shay looks in but doesn't see anything. Dawson goes in her self and finds a woman who isn't breathing. The firefighters arrive and Casey asks Herrmann to grab the saw. Rebecca rushes to get it herself but drops it and messes the blade up. Clarke grabs the saw from his truck and Casey opens the locked bin. Dawson and Rebecca exchange glances as the woman is brought to the ambulance.

Kelly and Clarke ask Capp to help out with Vince. Rebecca walks over to talk to Kelly but Casey orders her to change garbages. Casey asks Kelly about Rebecca and he explains that she's talented but she has a chip on her shoulder.

Rebecca asks who can give her drills but no one is in the mood. She doesn't want to just sit, waiting for the next call and asks where the weight room is. Herrmann escorts her to the showers and tells her she can exercise by scrubbing all of them.

Dawson notices Rebecca isn't with the rest of the firefighters and finds her in the showers. She asks how her first call went but Rebecca thinks she's insulting her. Rebecca warns Dawson they will have a problem if she talks behind her back to Casey.

Boden talks to Herrmann about passing his lieutenant test. A promotion may take a few months to clear and he may have to leave House 51. Herrmann is fine with waiting since he has had to wait so long already.

Mouch asks Connie to sign a letter that he's expecting. She scowls and walks away. Herrmann warns him not to poke the bear. Later on, Mouch finds the couch missing. Herrmann reminds him of his warning. Connie took the couch to put outside Boden's office as a waiting area. Mouch is too afraid to say anything to her though.

At lunch, Rebecca tells everyone not to go easy on her if they don't like the food. She doesn't think her job performance will be judged by her work behind the stove but Casey says it's all part of the job. He asks her to clean the showers, even after she explains how she cleaned them for Herrmann. She goes to Kelly and confesses that she thinks Dawson and Casey have it in for her. She asks him to speak to Casey but he only says she's sitting at the squad table. A firefighter points out Benny to Kelly.

Benny asks exactly what Vince did to Katie and Kelly says he will make him pay for it. Kelly respected Katie's mother's wishes and stayed away while she was in the hospital. He didn't know that she had already left town. Kelly says there's nothing for him to do and suggests he head back home. Rebecca runs by at the sound of the alarm.

At the scene, Casey tells everyone it looks like they will be crowd control and will be in charge of protecting the paramedics. Inside the court house, an officer leads them to a court room where there is an ongoing murder case. The victim's father snuck a knife in and stabbed the suspect. He's bleeding out but he's locked to a chair. The key breaks off in the cuffs so Casey orders Rebecca and Herrman to search for a fire extinguisher. Rebecca returns first and sprays the extinguisher at the bolt which allows Casey to break it easier. They free the man and bring him to the ambulance.

Back at the station, Kelly talks to Rebecca after he sees her making fun of Herrmann for not retrieving a fire extinguisher first. He tells her there are two rules to follow to be successful at House 51, do her job good and to keep her mouth closed. She wants to fit in but Kelly says everyone else won't take it because she's a candidate, not that she's a woman.

Casey tells Boden that Rebecca's not doing great but to tell her father she is. He brings up Donna and tells Boden that after his accident he felt like he wasted a lot of time fretting about the small things. Mouch enters as Casey leaves and asks the chief to ask Connie for the couch back. Boden finds it best to ask Connie as little as possible so Mouch leaves without the couch.

Shay and Dawson get back to the house and point out a car blocking the driveway. Kelly notices it's Vince's car and starts to walk over. Vince drives off after Kelly yells at him.

Inside, Otis tells Kelly, Capp and Clarke that he wants in on their plan. Kelly denies that there is a plan but Otis wants there to be one. Lindsay walks up and tells Kelly she's working on the case. She wonders if she has to put a tail on Kelly and warns him not to do anything crazy. She won't hesitate to arrest him and it won't help Katie if he's arrested.

Herrmann, Mouch and Cruz express their concerns about Rebecca to Casey. He stands up for them and asks them to give her a chance. Casey returns to his office and tells Dawson what he did. She agrees with the guys though and tells him about when she came at her this morning. Dawson wants to make sure Casey is fair to Rebecca. She takes everything he says the wrong way. She asks if he's happy she didn't become a firefighter.

Mouch apologizes to Connie and says he has taken on too much work. She tells him to man up but he leaves to respond to an alarm.

On the way to the scene, Rebecca asks if it's serious since squad is going. Casey explains that because the call is from a highrise they need to take precautions. If there is a fire it can be very dangerous. Dawson complains to Shay about Rebecca and she understands how she's feeling.

At the scene the firefighters head into the highrise. An employee tells them smoke was reported on the 18th floor where there's a law firm. The elevator isn't working so they will need to take the stairs. Casey tells Rebecca to grab a hose because she will be going up with them. On the way up she passes Mouch and another firefighter when they stop to rest. Everyone puts their masks on when they get to the smokey 18th floor. They open the door and see fire everywhere. They search the floor and Casey orders Rebecca to take an unconcious man out. She can't lift him so she drags him until Herrmann takes over for her. She stress out but Herrmann tells her she's doing great. She brings a woman outside to the ambulance. She exchanges glances with Dawson.

Back at the house, Mouch is happy that his couch is back in the right position and thanks Connie. Casey tells Rebecca that she did a good job today and only needs to work on her cooking. He knows she has dyslexia and had Mills gather his easier recipes for her. Mills tells her she'll do just fine but she thinks it will take more than just cooking.

Casey looks at possible apartments with Dawson. He asks if they are good and she says they are.

At Molly's, Lindsay walks up to Kelly. Police found Vince's car outside the gym with the keys in the ignition. His cellphone was in a sewer and no one has heard from him since last night.