A Rocket Blasting Off - Recap

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Kelly meets Lindsay at the police station. Hank Voight interviews him and asks questions regarding Vince. Kelly doesn't have an alibi so he's on the suspect list.

Herrmann announces to the house that he's found the perfect gift for his wife's 20th anniversary. He wants to get a vasectomy as a surprise and everyone shoots the idea down.

Casey tells Dawson about a possible townhouse they could rent. She reminds him that she doesn't want a townhouse and wants to stay close to work. He tells her the next firefighter academy class may be awhile but assures Dawson hat he supports her decision to be a firefighter.

Otis watches as Kelly gathers Capp and Clarke to talk in private. Kelly asks if anyone from the police spoke to them and tells them to pretend they never had plans involving Vince. Otis later asks Kelly what happened at the station but he says he doesn't know if there's any progress on the case. An alarm calls them away.

The firefighters arrive at a car crash where one car has crashed through the wall of a house and the other is on fire. There's no one in the burning car so Kelly and Mills go into the house. From outside, Casey calls into Kelly that it looks like the car has hit a nearby woman with a baby. Kelly finds a man inside holding the car up above the woman. He moves into help because the woman is stuck under debris. Mills brings the baby to safety. Outside the firefighters have some difficulty holding the car because of falling bricks from the exterior of the building. They connect a chain from a fire truck to the car to pull it out. Kelly carries the woman out of the house to the ambulance.

Back at the station, Mills assures Rebecca she's doing a great job with more than just the cooking. He tells her it takes awhile to get into the House's circle of trust. Mills suggests that she make the first move to break the ice and be invited in.

Cruz breaks the news to Herrmann that he has a lot of bad ideas and the vasectomy is one of them. He's having an anniversary party at Molly's on Saturday but Dawson says she's already reserved it for her family. Otis answers a phone call and tells Kelly that Lindsay called him in for questioning. Kelly asks Otis not to say if he did anything because he doesn't want to know. Boden interrupts their conversation and asks if something is going on. Kelly explains the interviews and allows them to leave.

Shay and Dawson arrive at the scene where a man lies bleeding next to a dumpster from bullet wounds. They call it in and are told to leave immediately because they have company. Dawson locks the door when she sees some gangsters outside pushing through the crowd. The gangsters wave guns and order them to open the door. Police won't make it in time and they are told to leave the area. Shay talks to the gangsters as Dawson sneaks into the driver's seat. She drives the ambulance away and the angry men follow in their car. Dawson listens to the instructions Dispatch gives her and they evade the gangsters. Shay unzips the victim's coat and finds drugs taped to his body. They work to operate on him as the dispatcher says the gangsters are on their way back. Shay gets out to drive and the gangsters shoot at her. Police surround the men and arrest them.

When Shay and Dawson arrive back, Herrmann greets Dawson and asks if she's okay. He also asks if she can move her family's event. He asks if they can share the night but Dawson doesn't want her family there for his announcement.

Rebecca calls everyone into the kitchen to make an announcement. She gives Herrmann a penis cake in commemoration of his vasectomy. Everyone finds it funny but Boden notices Connie isn't impressed.

Otis checks in with Boden before he heads to the police station. Kelly watches as he passes by.

At the police station, Lindsay asks Otis questions about Vince. He drove by his house the night he went missing and doesn't have an alibi for the night. Hank wants to know what happened so Lindsay agrees to let Otis go and then do a full workup on him.

Rebecca enters Boden's office and he tells her there was a complaint filed against her. Casey's there as well but he found it funny and can't do much for her. Boden says the complaint was anonymous and the report will be placed in her file. After she leaves, Boden tells Casey that Rebecca's father wants to see them after the shift. Connie tells Rebecca to have a nice day on her way out, and Rebecca realizes who filed the complaint.

Otis asks Cruz to help provide him with an alibi. He promises he had nothing to do with Vince's disappearance and Cruz agrees to help.

Dawson visits the fire department's office to try and sign up to retake the physical test. At first she is denied but she provides the information that forces a secretary to give her forms to fill out.

Mouch discusses the vasectomy with Herrmann. He's serious about the operation and doesn't want any more kids. There's nothing like being a dad but he's prepared for this moment. Herrmann gets out of the car and heads into the clinic.

Casey and Boden meet with Chief Jones. He thinks he has a job lined up for Rebecca in the PR department but Boden says she's doing great at 51. However, Jones doesn't want his daughter to be a firefighter and will transfer her. He wants their help to give her the boot. Boden doesn't think it should be up to Chief Jones but he insists on transferring her to headquarters.

While Dawson fills out her required forms, Casey makes her an offer. He has an idea to get her into the physical by using Chief Jones' help. Casey tells her about the chief's request to kick Rebecca out and asks her to keep it private.

Kelly heads home and finds Benny eating with Shay. He tells them he's clear but the police are looking at Otis. Benny tells Shay to never go fishing alone because bad things can happen. He looks at Kelly as he says this.

The next day at the house, Herrmann is still in pain from his surgery. Dawson begs him to tell his wife before the party on Saturday. Mouch and Cruz still think it's a bad idea.

Mills gives Rebecca another suggestion. He says to take the hit and tell Boden she's responsible and nothing like this will happen again.

Benny visits the police station and asks for Voight. He's not in so Benny leaves a note asking to talk to him.

Firefighters arrive at a building where some men are stuck on the roof. They take the ladder to the roof. One man tells them the stairwell collapsed and another man was on it at the time. There's no way to set a rope up so Casey will have to send someone down. Rebecca volunteers since she is the lightest. They lower her down to the man who is precariously balanced on a portion of the stairs. Rebecca attaches the man to the rope and tells Casey to lower him to the firefighters below. As she waits for the rope to return to her, the staircase bulges. Rebecca almost falls as she reaches for the rope. After reattaching herself, Casey and the crew lower Rebecca down to the ground.

In Boden's office, Rebecca makes her apology to Casey and Boden about her inappropriate behavior. After she leaves, Casey tells Boden how unhappy he is about having to kick out Rebecca. Boden says they have no choice because of Chief Jones' power.

At a bar, Benny asks Voight what's next. Voight tells him to go home and stay out of Chicago for awhile. They shake hands and Voight says he's a good father.

At Molly's, Dawson tells Casey that she got into the physical test. He was the one who called it in for her because she didn't want to get sidetracked by red tape. Herrmann arrives with his wife for the anniversary party. He thanks her for the twenty best years and tells her about the vasectomy. She's shocked when she sees the cake but then laughs, saying she's so lucky. Mouch doesn't understand how it worked out.

At the bar, Dawson is greeted by the dispatcher, Ramsay. She's taken aback by his overt friendliness and asks to speak later.

Otis approaches Kelly and says Lindsay exonerated both of them. He worries that Vince is still out there but Kelly says he isn't.