When Things Got Rough - Recap

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In the locker room, Mouch breaks the news that his girlfriend broke up with him. Everyone looks to Casey to comfort him but he doesn't have many assuring words. On his way into the station, Kelly ignores a call from Lindsay. Shay suggests it's a more friendly call but Kelly doesn't want to answer it just now.

Casey walks into the main room and talks to Dawson about Rebecca. He doesn't want to have to move Rebecca, and Dawson thinks he will come up with something.

While Rebecca and Mills discuss Clarke's time off for a friend's wedding, an alarm comes in. On the way, Dispatcher Ramsay makes unwanted advances to Dawson. They arrive at a two-story building fire and a man tells Boden about a family upstairs. Kelly and Casey's groups split up inside to look for anyone left inside. Casey finds a burned body with all of the children safe underneath. The children and the burned man are rushed out of the building. Everyone watches as Dawson and Shay try to revive the man. There's nothing they can do, even when Casey runs over to try CPR himself. Dawson calls the man's death as his children receive medical attention.

Back at the firehouse, Casey admits to Rebecca that he has never seen anything like what happened back at the scene. She leaves the room but says she's fine. Casey shows Dawson a possible apartment for them and it reminds Cruz and Otis of their plans to move in together. Mouch approaches Shay and asks if she can help him with his romantic life. He heard she helped Clarke and Shay offers to give it some thought.

Mills checks up on Rebecca, who's still shaken up about the last call. She's dreamed of saving people her whole life so it's hard to deal with death. Mills felt the same way when he first started but she isn't cut out for this work. He suggests she follow their lieutenant's lead and try to get over it.

While cleaning the ambulance, Dawson and Shay find a stuffed animal belonging to one of the little girls they saved. A call comes over their radio from Ramsay. They find it strange but Dawson reminds him she wants to keep it professional. As they walk away, Dawson receives a call on her phone from Ramsay. He's acting strange and saying they're connected. Shay starts to tell Casey but Dawson doesn't want to bring it up. She's just going to file a report and avoid getting Casey involved.

Casey and Kelly bring the toy to the hospital for the little girl. The mother takes it and blames the firefighters for her husband's death.

In Boden's office, Casey asks to speak about Rebecca. He doesn't want to have to move Rebecca because Chief Jones told them to. Boden doesn't like the situation either.

Mouch meets Shay and accuses her of avoiding him. He asks her to help him out because he's desperate. Shay asks what his perfect woman would be like and he says Dawson. They're interrupted by an alarm and Mouch heads out.

The team arrives at the scene where a truck hit a man changing a woman's car tire. They work to free his crushed arm as the truck starts to lower onto them. They free the man, who used to be a firefighter himself.

Boden calls Dawson into his office and asks why she didn't mention her problem with Ramsay to him. She wanted to keep it private but he says Ramsay has denied the harassment allegations. He's only received a warning and will continue to work. Dawson discusses the situation with Shay in the bathroom, and Rebecca walks in. They fill her in and she offers to talk to her father.

Kelly asks Shay about the firefighter they rescued earlier. He was on painkillers from an injury when he went on disability. The injury was four years ago though so he's been on painkillers for too long. Boden asks them to gather everyone in the common room. He announces that they are being charged with wrongful death by the woman whose husband died protecting his family.

Kelly visits the firefighter he pulled out from under the car. The man is living in a trailer and can't afford to put any money down. It meant a lot to Kelly to save him because it's been a rough week. He even offers to take the man in at House 51. The man thanks him again for saving his arm and then closes the door.

Shay sits next to Mouch and tells him about a possible website for dating. Mouch is offended when he sees it's for older people. Shay doesn't actually know how old Mouch is. She doesn't receive any help from Herran, who says he's the same age, because she doesn't know his age either.

Casey shows Dawson the apartment he has for them. However, she can't make the meeting with the landlord because she has a training session. Dawson leaves for an ambulance call, just as the injured firefighter, who Kelly invited, shows up. Kelly greets him and shows him around.

On the way to the call, Shay notes that the dispatcher isn't Ramsay. A homeless man lies on the ground accusing a carriage horse of running him over. The man says his leg is broken and shows him a bruise that Dawson says is three weeks old.

The injured firefighter lies about going back to work soon and talks to everyone about firefighting. Otis explains the lawsuit they're facing an how the father died saving his family. The man starts to tear up and says he has to go to a doctor's appointment. Kelly warns Mouch that he shouldn't have talked about the lawsuit in front of the man.

Dawson heads out to her car to get her gym bag and Ramsay shows up. He needed to talk to her and explain himself. She reminded him of a friend who died, and he felt bad that he couldn't help his friend and only wanted to help Dawson. Ramsay shows her a picture and apologizes for not explaining earlier. He regrets it because now he's been fired.

The next day at the house, everyone changes into suits to prepare for the court meeting. Casey gives his statement about the events that took place. He explains how he found the man's body with the family underneath. The man was already badly burned by the time they got there. The widow and Casey tear up at the account. Casey was relieved when he found the children moving underneath the man. Kelly finishes for him and explains how they rescued the family. Casey says what the man did was the bravest thing he has ever seen. The widow breaks down crying at this statement.

Kelly visits the injured firefighter and says he was once in the same situation. The firefighter doesn't want his help and tells him to leave.

At Molly's, Herrmann informs Dawson about the dropped suit. Otis interrupts a kiss between Casey and Dawson to tell them about the lease he signed. Otis and Cruz are moving into the apartment that Casey was looking at. Mouch walks over and tells Casey how proud he is of the job he did in the meeting. He thanks him for the good advice he gave Mouch the other day. Boden arrives for a rare visit to Molly's. Casey tells him of a way they can get rid of Rebecca but Boden doesn't want to do that. Chief Jones may make their life difficult but there is no way they can kick her off the force.

Dawson thanks Rebecca for reaching out to her dad about Ramsay. Rebecca meant what she said about having each others' backs. Dawson asks if she can actually get Ramsay his job back. Rebecca says that won't be a problem because her dad has been nicer than ever to her lately. Dawson admits that Chief Jones is trying to have her dequeued. She explains the situation and Rebecca storms out of the bar. Mills chases after her and asks what's wrong. She tries to make out with him but he wants to know what's wrong. She shoves him away and runs for a cab.