Until Your Feet Leave the Ground - Recap

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Gabby prepares for her girl's weekend with Shay. She apologizes about telling Rebecca the truth about her father. She promises to find a good apartment when she gets back but Casey thinks they should stop looking. Gabby leaves when Shay honks her horn outside.

At the fire station, Mouch complains about no one visiting his dating website, and Mills helps him take a new photo for his profile. Herrmann complains about Shay and Gabby's replacements for the weekend when he sees them walk in.

Rebecca goes into Boden's office and asks when she will be let go. Boden tells her that he doesn't plan on doing that and she warns that her father will come after them. Casey suggests she put her foot down if she wants to stay in House 51. She's happy to hear that they have her back and asks to take a personal day. Casey thinks that something else is going on with her and Boden asks him to check on her. They are interrupted by an alarm for an apartment fire.

At the scene the firefighters work to put out the fire. Herrmann uses an extinguisher to put out the fire and they use the fire hose to put out the rest. A man enters and asks about Gavin, the man who lives there. Casey thinks that he must be nearby because the TV is on and something was cooking in the oven. The man says that he was taking a phone call and probably went to the roof to get good reception. The firefighters head up but don't see anyone. They hear a call for help and find Gavin trapped in a small gap between two buildings.

The firefighters plan to drill a hole through the building to extricate Gavin. Kelly tells Casey that the man has crush syndrome and may die after he moves. They aren't sure if they should have family there just in case. Kelly talks to Gavin about the UFC to keep him busy. Mills drills the hole and the medics inject Gavin with something. The firefighters work to drill another hole so they can pull the wall down. They finally remove the man and Kelly receives a phone call.

At the police station, Kelly is told that a man taken in for a DUI dropped his name. Kelly looks over to see Dave Bloom and says he knows him. Bloom tries to explain himself but Kelly wants him to go into rehab. He finally agrees to go to rehab if Kelly helps him beat the DUI. He talks to the woman at the front desk and agrees to vouch for Bloom.

Shay and Gabby arrive at their cabin and are greeted by the owners. Inside, Shay says Gabby and Casey will be just like the owners. Gabby gets quiet and Shay asks what's wrong. She knows it's something about Casey. Gabby admits there's something wrong but doesn't understand why she's feeling the way she does.

In the bathroom, Casey asks Kelly for some relationship advice. Casey isn't sure what's wrong and thinks that maybe they're moving too fast. Kelly thinks luck will either be with or against them.

Herrmann asks Casey about the girls' weekend and says that he thinks it sounds suspicious. Cruz suggests that they are actually scoping out wedding locations. Mouch receives a hit on his dating profile but the replacement medic ruins his joy.

Kelly talks to Boden about Bloom. He asks if Boden could call Denver to try and get any information about him. Boden offers to call a place that can take care of Bloom while he's in trouble. Kelly doesn't know if the back injury is all that Bloom's running from but thinks it's best to get him clean first.

Casey leaves Rebecca a voice mail about helping her and then is called away by an alarm. The team arrives at a mall where a man hangs balanced over the edge of the third-floor railing. Casey tries to talk to the man, Jerry, but he's upset about his girlfriend who left him. A landing platform is inflated underneath him. He won't listen to reason and prepares to jump. Kelly, wearing a harness, runs and holds on to the man as he falls. They are slowly lowered to the ground as the crowd applauds. Jerry no longer wants to die. Kelly says it always seems like a good idea until the feet leave the ground.

Gabby talks to Shay about the pressures she has recently faced. They run to the window when they hear yelling from outside and watch as the perfect couple they saw earlier have an argument.

The boys congratulate Mouch on his first date from the dating website. The planned poker night is ruined for Herrmann when the replacement medic decides to host it. Casey agrees to come when he hears that there will be ribs served.

Bloom is released from prison into Kelly's care. He is not to drive and must complete a rehab program. Outside the station, Bloom tells Kelly that there are some loose ends he has to take care of. Kelly insists that he either go the rehab house or go back to jail. Bloom promises to be there but won't say anything more about why he left the force.

Casey confronts Chief Jones about the possibility of allowing Rebecca to stay on the force rather than be sent to PR. Jones tells him that it's none of his business and drives away in his car.

Gabby and Shay continue to listen to the perfect couple arguing. They stop and head over to the liquor and board games. They hear a crash from outside and rush out when they hear the woman's cries. The man, Thomas, drove his car into a tree. Shay and Gabby wrap up the cut on his head before realizing that his leg is broken. Shay gets some wood to make a splint for his leg. They warn that he may bleed out and they can't move him. He apologizes to his wife about fighting and starts to crash.

Boden calls Herrmann into his office and asks if he knows any female firefighters who would be a good mentor. He names one and Boden asks him to set up a meeting between her and Rebecca. Boden says that Rebecca just needs to talk to someone. His secretary enters to tell him he has a call from the Denver Fire Department.

Cruz pretends to be Mouch's date for a practice run. Kelly, Mills and Casey offer helpful tips for the blundering Mouch with his date behavior. Boden enters the room and calls Kelly over.

Shay and Gabby talk to the paramedics who arrive to take Thomas away. Gabby says that she misses Casey.

Boden tells Kelly that Bloom's insurance will kick in but there's something else. Bloom was injured in one of the worst fires Denver has had in the last hundred years and ten firefighters died in it.

Kelly waits for Bloom at the rehab center. The receptionist doesn't think he's coming and says recovery is for those who want it, not those who need it. He goes to leave and sees a taxi pull up. Bloom gets out, finishes his beer, and goes in with Kelly.

On his date, Mouch talks too much and apologizes about messing up their first date. She's fine with that because she talks too much and isn't good on first dates either. Things look up from there as she explains why she joined the website.

Herrmann serves Rebecca at Molly's and asks if she got everything sorted with her father. She says that she has one more shift before she's transferred to PR. She heard this through his secretary because he won't call her back. Rebecca doesn't think that it's worth fighting about and says that her father acts the way he does because her mother died when she was ten in a car accident. He reminds her that she has a family at 51 who loves her. Anytime she needs to talk, Herrmann offers to be there for her. She asks him to tell Gabby she stopped by.

At the poker game, the guys are surprised to find the medic, McCauley, has a beautiful wife who seems much happier than he is.

Casey leaves Gabby a voice mail saying that he would rather be with her than at poker night. He has more apartment listings for her to look at and apologizes about how they left things.

Rebecca cries as she writes a letter to Gabby.

Gabby arrives home and greets Casey with a kiss. She receives a call when Casey goes to get a few beers, and tells him that Rebecca's body was just found.