A Heavy Weight - Recap

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Boden speaks to the house about Rebecca's suicide. There's nothing they can do now but they can learn from it and never allow it to happen again. After the speech, Kelly and some firefighters visit Bloom at the rehab. They find he checked out after being there for only 12 hours.

Casey thanks Shay for helping him look for engagement rings. They both agree on a ring but Casey doesn't know Gabby's ring size, so Shay promises to find out.

Cruz hands Otis the bill for their cable. He's not happy that he has to pay for half of Cruz's football package. Herrmann is upset that Clarke transferred without even saying goodbye. A police officer arrives looking for Gabby and He hands her a note that was found for her in Rebecca's apartment. She reads the note as an alarm goes off for a fire.

On the way, Gabby tells Shay that she's not happy and wants answers for why Rebecca gave up on herself. However, she doesn't tell Shay what the letter said. They arrive at a gas station where several vehicles are on fire. They put out a fire on a man and work to shut off the pumps. Herrmann tries to help a woman out of a car but she's in a full leg brace and can't move. The woman's husband drives the car away from the fire and ends up spraying gas everywhere.

On the way back to the station, Herrmann tells the other firefighters about the man's stupid move. They discuss what Rebecca may have wrote in her letter. Herrmann says Rebecca stopped by Molly's looking for Gabby before she went home to kill herself.

Kelly collects money for Bloom and tells the other firefighters about what he went through. He injured his back protecting firefighters from entering a burning building. He was saving their lives but they thought he was just letting those inside die. It was a tough decision to make and Kelly hopes they will give generously. Shay warns that Bloom will let Kelly down but he wants to try anyway. He didn't see what Rebecca was going through and won't let Bloom do the same thing.

Kelly gives Otis a box and asks him to clear Rebecca's locker out. He passes the job onto Shay. Mills struggles to get Herrmann, Otis and Cruz to contribute money as a favor to Rebecca.

Shay cleans out Rebecca's locker with Gabby. She tries to slip Rebecca's ring on Gabby's finger but she withdraws. Gabby wants answers for her death and thinks it was her father's fault.

Casey sits down with Boden in his office and talk about the firefighters who aren't displaying emotion. He asks if Boden has reconnected with Donna but they are interrupted by Chaplain Orlovsky. Casey leaves and the Chaplain says he was sent to check up on the house. Boden warns Orlovsky not to botch it like he did with Mills' father.

Orlovsky greets everyone in the lounge and talks to Herrmann. Casey brings Rebecca's box in and asks someone to take it to Chief Jones later. Mills finds a ring that shows Rebecca bowled a perfect game. He suggests they all go bowling after work but no one is really interested. Mills says everyone should have been nicer to Rebecca, and Herrmann thinks he's accusing them of being responsible for Rebecca's death.

Kelly stops by Bloom's trailer and finds it empty. He runs out when he hears the fire truck honk. Bloom is out running away. Kelly takes Bloom's wallet and leaves a note about where he can pick it up.

Boden calls Gabby into his office and asks if she's okay. She's angry about the situation but says she'll be fine. He lets her know that he's always there for her and is willing to make calls on her behalf after she passes her firefighting test. She wants to be on Truck 81 but Boden says that she can't serve under Casey.

Casey finds Gabby and asks how she is. She doesn't like that everyone is so worried about her. He tells her that he got them in early and she suggests they can raise a glass to Rebecca. Gabby has to leave when an ambulance call comes in.

Gabby and Shay arrive at a residence where a man shows them his daughter, who has a skin condition. She came home sick from a sleepover but they aren't sure what it is. Gabby yells at the man to support her daughter rather than criticize her, and determines that the girl is having a reaction to the antibiotics she was on for strep throat.

Orlovsky talks to Cruz and Mills about Rebecca. Cruz doesn't want to talk and Herrmann's still upset about what Mills said earlier. Orlovsky tells Mills he knew his father but not as well as he would have liked. Herrmann leaves the room and runs into Clarke. The reason he transferred was because he was promoted to lieutenant and had no choice but to leave.

Clarke talks to everyone about how he works with one of Rebecca's brothers who isn't taking her death well. Gabby still blames Chief Jones for Rebecca's death. Rebecca finally became a firefighter after everything he did to stop her and she still took it away. Clarke reveals that she had depression all of her life and tried to commit suicide once before when she was 16. Gabby isn't happy that he still acted this way towards her and warns Boden not to let Chief Jones anywhere near her.

Boden surprises Donna in her classroom. He says he runs away from relationships and says he got scared. She doesn't want to talk right now because she has a meeting. He offers to come by later and she says she'll think about it.

While Gabby naps, Shay sneakily measures her ring finger. Once she's done, she gives the measurement to Casey.

Boden walks in on Orlovsky talking to Cruz and Otis about their problems as roommates. Boden wants him to help his people and reminds him what happened with Mills' father. Orlovsky thinks Boden losing Rebecca has brought back some of the guilt he feels about Henry Mills' death. Boden asks him to stay out of his files.

Gabby grabs the box of Rebecca's stuff and decides to bring it to Chief Jones herself. She offers her condolences and says Rebecca would have made a great firefighter. He tears up and says that he was only trying to protect his daughter. He feels terrible that instead it lead to her death. Gabby apologizes about what happened to Rebecca and leaves to answer a call.

At the scene of a collision between a bus and a car, the firefighters work to get a pinned man out of the car. The bus was full of teens on their way to prom but they all seem to be okay. One girl gets off and says she can't find her friend Paige. Mouch finds an open window and thinks she must have been thrown out of the bus. Boden gets in an argument with a police officer about shutting the road down. The fire truck pulls into the road and the officer arrests Boden. Herrmann finds the girl down the street and calls it in. Casey asks the officer if he's sure he wants to arrest Boden and he opens the police car door. He uncuffs Boden as the missing girl is put into an ambulance.

Back at the station, Kelly tells Mills and Herrmann to get over their fight about Rebecca. They get in an argument and Herrmann says how terrible he feels since he was the last one to see her alive. Capp tells Kelly that Bloom is in the station.

Kelly sits down with Bloom while Capp goes to get the wallet. Orlovsky arrives with two men that Kelly told him to pick up. Bloom gets angry and starts to leave. The two men worked with Bloom and are there to apologize about how they acted in Denver. They know now that Bloom saved their lives. All of the firefighters feel the same way but Kelly could only afford two tickets. One of the men shows Bloom a photo of his daughter, who wouldn't be alive if Bloom hadn't stopped him from entering the burning building.

Boden returns to his office with Orlovsky. He apologizes for giving Orlovsky a hard time and says his men are all that he has.

Casey finds Gabby sitting alone on the couch. She's scared of everything and doesn't know what's going to happen. Casey comforts her and says they will face it together.

Donna visits Boden and explains how tough her weeks has been. After Boden broke up with her, she found out she was carrying a baby.

The firefighters all go bowling in memory of Rebecca. Gabby puts up Rebecca's letter in her locker. It says to never let anything get in the way.