Season 2

Most Dangerous Moments

Josh counts down the 10 most dangerous moments from season 1.

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Extra Finds: Christopher Columbus Pt 1

Josh travels to 2 continents to find Columbus' lost flagship, the Santa Maria.

Source: Travel Channel

Extra Finds: Christopher Columbus Pt 2

Josh searches the Caribbean and Spain for the missing bones of Columbus.

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Legends: The Real Lewis & Clark

Adventurer Josh Gates reveals the true, unfiltered story of Lewis & Clark.

Weird, Wild & Off the Rails

Josh unveils crazy outtakes and unseen footage from Expedition Unknown.

Extra Finds: Captain Morgan's Lost Gold

The team dive into the Lajas Reef off Panama's coast looking for treasure chests on the pirate boat Captain Morgan.

Extra Finds: Temple of Doom

Josh travels to Cambodia to investigate the lost city of the Khmer Empire that was recently discovered by archeologists. Jayavarman II, an ancient God King, ruled the city over 1,000 years ago, and Josh hopes to recover the ruler's mystical linga, a sacred stone artifact that gave him the ability to incinerate his enemies. Josh's adventure begins in Phonm Penh, Cambodia where he meets journalist Nick Ray to discuss the lost city. Nick warns Josh about landmines leftover from a former Communist regime that line the trail to the lost city. Nick suggests Josh should travel from Phnom Penh by 4x4 through the city of Battambang and then to the ancient capital of Siem Reap, which is just 30 miles from the dig site. Josh travels to Battambang to interview an antiquities expert, but on the way, he hits impenetrable traffic and must take a makeshift train to the city.

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Extra Finds: Secrets of the Nazca

Josh heads to the deserts of Peru to investigate the mystery of the giant, sprawling geoglyphs drawn in the desert sands of Peru. Evidence of new lines in the landscape may hold the key to the 2,000-year-old mystery and finally explain the purpose of the lines. Josh heads over to where he surveys the desert from above to get a glimpse at the gigantic figures. Josh aims to determine if the lines were used as a massive astronomical calendar, or as some fringe theorists believe: built with the help of aliens. Additionally, another theory suggests that the lines were used in drug-fueled rituals as ways of communicating with the gods.

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Extra Finds: Mayan Apocalypse

Josh explores the deep jungles and ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where he investigates the fall of the Mayan Empire. New evidence suggests that cenotes, dark flooded underground caverns, under Mayan cities may hold the key to understanding the collapse of the once great Mayan people. Josh's journey begins in Cancun. He drives down the coast to the ruins of Tulum, the City of the Dawn. There, Josh meets with archaeologist Carmen Rojas who tells about the size and reach of the Mayan Empire. Next, Josh heads to the ruins of Coba, where he climbs up the tallest Mayan ruin: the Ancient Pyramid. From atop the pyramid, Josh takes in the wide view of the surrounding jungle and marvels at the immense structures the Mayans created. After leaving Coba, Josh heads back to Tulum where he takes part in the annual Day of the Dead festival. He gets in the spirit by sampling the local delicacies, dancing in the street, and even getting a Day of the Dead makeover.

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Extra Finds: Amelia Earhart

Josh Gates embarks on an expedition to investigate what might be the most iconic unsolved event in the world - the disappearance of Amelia Earhart during her attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 1937. Several incredible new leads in the story take Gates on an adventure through aviation history and remote areas of the world. These clues might finally lead to answers behind the greatest cold case in history. Gates begins his expedition in Papua New Guinea, the location where Amelia Earhart's plane last took off from before disappearing. Connecting with a remote tribe, Gates embarks on an arduous trek through the dense jungle to explore potential pieces of evidence. Next, Gates heads to Fiji and turns his focus to the latest and most shocking piece of evidence to date.

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Extra Finds - Samurai Sword Of Power

Josh heads to the Far East of Japan after hearing of new evidence of the whereabouts of the missing and mystical Honjo Masamune sword. A priceless treasure that had been passed down for generations, the Honjo, like all ceremonial swords, was required to be handed over to the Allies at the end of WWII. Rather than being taken out of Japan after WWII, new evidence suggests that the sword is actually still in Japan. Josh begins his quest for the missing Masamune in Tokyo, Japan at the Mejiro Police Station where the sword was supposedly surrendered. The patriarch of the Tokugawa family, the last official owners of the sword before the War, provides Josh with background on the sword and its status as an important symbol for Japan.

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Extra Finds - Code To Gold

Josh heads down to Virginia backcountry to search for the legendary hidden Beale Treasure, made famous by Thomas Beale. In the 19th century, James Ward published the papers written by Beale, who supposedly found the small fortune of gold and silver in 1817 in the American southwest. Beale created three numerical book code ciphers, which provide the location, content, and names of the treasure's owners. Only the 2nd cipher describing the content of the treasure has been decoded using the Declaration of Independence as the key. After making a quick stop in Lynchburg, Josh heads down to Bedford County, Virginia where he stops by the old Buford's Tavern off the side of the road.

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Extra Finds: City of Gold

The tea follow the stone-paved Inca Trail looking for the undiscovered City of Gold.

Extra Finds: Curse of the Golden Bell

Josh heads down to Southeast Asia in Myanmar to help local dive teams search for the missing Golden Bell of Dhammazedi after new evidence suggests they have been searching in the wrong place. The Great Bell was forged in the 16th century and stolen by the Portuguese from the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (then Burma). After being lashed to the back of a warship on its way to Thanlyin across the Yangon River, the ship and the bell sank. Believed to be at the bottom of the river at the convergence of the Yangon River, Bago River, and Pazaundaung Creek, divers have searched for years to no avail. Josh begins his search in Bagan, Myanmar where the landscape is littered with forgotten temples from a kingdom long ago. Josh heads to a Buddhist temple on a mountaintop to meet with Mr. Swe, who introduces Josh to the concept of Nat spirits.

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15 :02x02 - Genghis Khan's Tomb

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17 :02x04 - Hunting Vampires

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18 :02x05 - The Real Robin Hood

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19 :02x06 - Finding Fenn's Fortune

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21 :02x08 - Columbus Unearthed

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22 :02x09 - Japan's Atlantis

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23 :02x10 - True Cross of Christ

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24 :02x11 - The Sultan's Heart

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25 :02x12 - Africa's Gold Hoard

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27 :02x14 - Yamashita's Gold

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29 :02x16 - What to Know Before You Go

Josh offers some travel tips.

30 :02x17 - Search for Shangri-La

The show features an investigation into the mythical paradise of Shangri-La in Nepal.

31 :02x18 - Shangri-La Found

The team continue to look for the mystic Shangri-La deep in the Himalayans.

32 :02x19 - Most Extreme Adventures

Josh & crew share 10 extreme adventures from filming Expedition Unknown.

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33 :02x20 - Global Game Show

Josh Gates takes a turn as a game show host in this special episode. As Josh visits some of the most beautiful, jaw-dropping and remote locations on Earth, he quizzes the tourists and locals with trivia based on his special blend of adventure, history and humor. He's got a few fun prizes as well. And for viewers playing along at home, there's a bonus prize of highlights and never-before-televised footage from his recent investigations.

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34 :02x21 - Lost Mexican City

Josh looks for answers about the lost Teotihuacano civilization in Mexico.

35 :02x22 - Incan King's Mummy

Josh looks for a long-lost Incan mummy in the Andes Mountains.

36 :02x23 - Nazi Gold Train

The latest secrets concerning the Nazi empire are exposed in Europe.
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