Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater - Recap

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Lois is having her Aunt Marguerite over for an entire week! Peter is not happy about this, as he does not have a very good relationship with her.

However, much to Peter’s delight, Aunt Marguerite dies (very) shortly after arriving at the Griffins’ house. During her funeral, Peter finds out that she left something for them. To celebrate, he dances with her dead body.

So, they watch the video to find out she left them her summer home in Newport. Upon hearing this, Peter decides to sell their home in Quahog. Eventually, Lois comes around and the Griffins have officially moved!

Peter finally realizes that he’s a very obnoxious man, so, he has Brian teach him how to be a gentleman. Brian can’t seem to do anything to change Peter before the big auction, until he uses shock therapy as a last resort. It worked, but perhaps a little too well.

Indeed, the plan backfired. The “new and improved” Peter bids 100 million dollars on a vase, and wins. And since Brian created this new Peter, he felt he was the one who had to turn him back. So, Brian used a “Star Wars” situation as an example to turn Peter back to the annoying oaf he once was.

Once, Peter is back to normal, he has to think up a way to pay the 100 million dollars. After failing miserably at making some history up, Peter accidentally discovers that the summer house used to be a presidential penthouse, easily paying back the 100 million dollars he owed for the auction. He also saved an Abraham Lincoln picture to get his house back.