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Goal: $2,000+ / Donated: $0
Before TVRage had some technical and security issues and went offline our API was serving over 14 million daily requests, TVRage Services (API) consumes the most resources of our network and servers but we would still like to bring this back online. Aside from a donation request target of $2000, we also implemented a monthly donation plan for those who are willing to help keep it online so it isn't affected in the future by anymore downtime. Once the target has been met we will be able to put the servers online safely and securely. We understand that we have let down the users of our API and we apologize for the downtime and inconvenience it could of caused, we have created the email [email protected] for businesses or individuals who want to discuss any future service agreements. You may also use our paypal email address "[email protected]" — Thanks for your help and support, The TVRage Staff  |  Donations History: API Site
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iZombie: Abra Cadaver

A magician at a magician's convention turns up dead, and Liv eats his brain. She soon discovers that he was obsessed with death, and his fascination bleeds into her love life. Meanwhile, Blaine asks Liv for help breaking into Dale's apartment to learn what she knows about the Meat Cute murders, and Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend.