Life of the Party - Recap

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After Jason disappears, he sees the bedroom and Peggy through a dark haze. After a moment, he materializes and tells Peggy that he can't fight what is calling to him. Peggy suggests that he build a containment unit like the one he built for the zero matter at Isodyne, Jason points out that he doesn't have a material form to contain, and Peggy suggests that she replicate what happened when he touched Jane's tissue sample. However, there's only one place left to find zero matter.

Whitney is in her dressing room talking to her mirror, and Calvin comes in and asks if she's okay. His wife says that she isn't, and points out that everything has gone wrong since the containment unit shattered at Isodyne. Calvin tells her that he's arranged for a meeting between Whitney and the Council of Nine to rectify his mistakes, and insists that she is the one who has to explain the importance of zero matter. Everyone will be in attendance at the fundraiser at the MacArthur grand Hotel, and Whitney hugs Calvin and thanks her.

At the Stark estate, Jarvis checks Peggy's wound as Ana looks on. Once he's done, Peggy says that she's going to the lab. Ana points out that she should be resting, but Peggy says that the job needs finishing. In the lab, Daniel greets Peggy and she realizes that he looks terrible. She asks if anything is the matter, but he refuses to answer the question. Peggy says that Jason is losing his foothold on reality, and they need to get a sample of zero matter. She plans to get the sample from Whitney at the campaign fundraiser, and Howard has received two tickets. Daniel points out that Peggy can barely walk and Whitney knows both her and Jarvis. Rose is on a flight home, and Daniel points out that they can't trust anyone else at the SSR. He says that they need a highly skilled unknown face, and Peggy realizes that there is one person.

Later, a psychiatrist, Dr. Wexford, comes to see Dottie for her psychological evaluation. It's Peggy in disguise, and Peggy dismisses the guard. Once they're alone, Dottie realizes that Peggy is injured. Peggy says that no one connected with Leviathan has asked for Dottie's release, and Dottie figures that Peggy is going behind someone's back because she needs her help.

Jason talks Ana through making the containment unit, and he worries that so much can go wrong. He describes the danger that Dottie and Jarvis will face, and assures her that everything will be fine. Jarvis comes in and asks his wife for his cufflinks, and says that he has a lot of responsibility leading a mission. Ana drops the components, upset, and excuses herself.

Peggy shows Dottie the Atlas Club pin and asks why she was trying to steal it, and Dottie suggests that it's more than a pin. She refuses to say anything more, and Peggy promises to help negotiate Dottie's deportation in return for her help. Dottie immediately agrees, and warns that Peggy can never be prepared for her to run. Satisfied, Peggy gives Dottie a device to get through the door, and tells her to follow her out. Once the guard lets her out, Dottie opens the device and works out that it's two halves of a magnet. She uses them to open the door and finds the guard drugged unconscious. Dottie makes her way out and runs into an alleyway... and Daniel is waiting for a net gun. He shoots a charge of electricity into the net, and Peggy gives Dottie one more charge shot for good measure.

Back at the estate, Dottie wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair beneath a hairdresser. Peggy explains that they will put a diamond choker on Dottie, and it's equipped with a tracking device. If Dottie tries to remove it then it will inject a neurotoxin that will kill her in 35 seconds. Jarvis comes in and asks Peggy what type of firearm he'll be carrying. Peggy says that he won't have a gun because Dottie would take it from him, and points out that Dottie has already stolen Jarvis' wristwatch. He asks for a knife or a sword cane, and Peggy turns on the hairdryer so that she and Jarvis can have a private conversation.

Whitney is making herself up for the fundraiser and finally tells Calvin that she can't go. The crack on her face is growing, and Whitney warns that she can't be seen in public. Calvin finds a veil for her to wear, covering the cracked side of her face, and assures her that she looks wonderful. Whitney admits that she's nervous and thanks Calvin, and promises to thank him properly later.

Peggy shows Dottie a magazine with Whitney's photo on it, and says that she's the target. Dottie is more interested in Jason, but Peggy says that Dottie will obtain a blood sample from Whitney without attracting attention. She tells Dottie not to let Whitney toucher her, and gives her the vacuum extractor. Peggy and Daniel will monitor the operation from a surveillance van outside, and will stay in contact via concealed two-way radios. She sends Jason out and tries to touch him, and discovers that he's intangible.

Later, Peggy and Daniel pull up outside the hotel in the van. They establish contact with Jarvis, who has his radio hidden in his glasses. He's dancing with Dottie, and they spot Whitney and Calvin across the dance floor. Jack comes in and Dottie tries to go over to him, but Jarvis quickly pulls her back. Meanwhile, Jack and Vernon meet with Calvin, who promises Jack more money and resources. Vernon says that Jack led the team that captured Dottie, and Whitney flirts with him.

Jarvis finds an isolated spot and tells Peggy and Daniel what Jack is doing. He wants to abort the mission, but Peggy says that it's their only chance. Jarvis agrees and discovers that Dottie has slipped away.

Vernon and Jack talk privately, and Vernon points out some of the powerful men attending the fundraiser. He says that they're starting to know Jack's name, just as Hugh comes over. Hugh remembers Jack coming to his office and disrupting things, and Vernon says that Peggy broke into the Roxxon facility. Jack assures the two men that he didn't know about the operation, and Vernon sends Hugh away. He then warns Jack that Peggy is disobeying his direct orders, and tells him to get her under control if he wants to impress Hugh and the others.

Jarvis finds Dottie, and Peggy tells Jarvis to keep Jack occupied while Dottie gets the sample. The butler irritably tells Dottie to follow instructions and she mock-salutes him. They spot Whitney heading for the powder room and Jarvis tells Dottie to follow his lead.

Jack is at the bar and a woman, Melody, flirts with him. Jarvis comes over to Jack as Dottie goes after Whitney, and explains that Howard is a contributor. Jack asks where Peggy is, and Jarvis claims that she's at the estate. Skeptical, Jack goes to check the perimeter and Jarvis asks if it's a good idea for Jack to cause an uproar at his employer's party. Jack insists that he serves the federal government, and insists that once Calvin is elected then they'll work together. Jarvis warns him that he's out of his depth, and Jack sarcastically gives him butler tips.

Dottie bumps into Whitney and apologizes, fiddling with her broach. Whitney says that she didn't feel a thing and leaves, and Jack and Peggy get static over the radio... since Dottie has removed the hidden radio and put it next to the running faucet.

As Dottie heads out, she hears Hugh and the others approaching and cusk into their conference room. She hides in a wardrobe as the men come in. Calvin escorts Whitney in and she says that she was wrong about zero matter. Whitney tells the Council that the discovery is about power, not energy, and removes her veil to show the crack in her face. She then opens a hat box and takes out a rat, and absorbs it into her body.

Thomas says that they're all in agreement on how to proceed, and Calvin tells Whitney that she was perfect. Security men come in and use restraints collars on Whitney, and she realizes that Calvin betrayed her. Concentrating, Whitney transmutes the two men from a distance and absorbs them, and then kills Thomas and half the council. As Hugh and the survivors stare at her, Whitney advances on Calvin and says that she trusted him. She kills him and then turns to the remaining Council members and tells Hugh that she needs unrestricted access to all Roxxon facilities. He immediately agrees, and Whitney tells him to inform Vernon that she's now in charge. The actress then says that she kept them alive because they can contribute to her plans, and she will give them unlimited power as long as they remain loyal to her. Hugh speaks up and says that he's looking forward to their collaboration. Satisfied, Whitney adjourns the meeting.

Jarvis slips away and goes looking for Dottie. Peggy prepares to go in, saying that she'll improvise, but pops her stitches truing to open the door. Daniel helps her sit down and tells her that she'll have to put her faith in others.

Once Whitney and the Council leaves, Dottie emerges from the wardrobe and looks at the sample she took. She walks out and comes face-to-face with Vernon and his men. He tells them to capture Dottie, and she runs for it.

Peggy mentions that she'll need another appointment with Violet, and realizes that something is wrong. Daniel finally says that Violet broke off the engagement. Jarvis listens on the radio as Daniel says that he messed up. Peggy wants to tell Violet that she's making a mistake, and Daniel finally tells her that Violet broke it off because she thinks he's is in love with Peggy. The British agent blames herself for messing up Daniel's life, apologizes, and takes his hand. After a moment, they star to kiss... and then van shakes. The radio is knocked off on the floor, breaking, and Jarvis realizes that he's been cut off.

Peggy and Daniel go outside and find a dead man on the top of the van. Upstairs in the hotel, Dottie is fighting the second man and takes him down. Jack comes up behind her and knocks her out... unaware that the sample syringe is laying nearby.

Jarvis joins Peggy and Daniel, and gives them the sample that he recovered. Daniel explains that the receiver to track Dottie was destroyed, and Jarvis warns that can't get back in because the hotel escorted him out. The guests are leaving, and Peggy reluctantly admits that they have to go.

Hugh breaks the news to Vernon and tells him to get the package to Whitney immediately. Once Hugh leaves, Vernon complains to Jack that Peggy messed everything up. He knows that a disguised Peggy released Dottie, and tells Jack that he's going to have to take Jack out. Jack refuses to kill her, and Vernon says that they can't turn her into a martyr. He needs Jack to discredit her so her work becomes invalid. Jack warns that present a whole new set of problems, and Vernon figures that Peggy has something on Jack. He tells Jack that the only way to fight leverage is with leverage, and warns that if Jack can't find a way to take Peggy down then he'll have to question whether to promote Jack. Jack says that there is no question, and Vernon leaves.

Peggy and Daniel return to the lab, and Jason studies the zero matter sample. Peggy says that they'll have to start work on the containment unit later because their first priority is finding Dottie. Jarvis comes in and says that Jack is there. Daniel warns Peggy that she shouldn't go, but she says that she can handle Jack.

Once Peggy changes into a bathrobe, she meets with Jack. He asks her about her Wexford identity and Peggy feigns ignorance. Jack says that he knows what she's doing, and orders her to come back to New York with him. Peggy refuses and Jack warns that she's in too deep. She insists that she won't lose betting on what she knows, and Jack warns that she will lose and she'll never see it coming.

Whitney checks briefly on Dottie, who is locked up in a crate, and then leaves.