Monsters - Recap

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Guards escort a veiled Whitney to a press conference outside the studio, and she announces that Calvin and several of his friends died in a boating accident. Peggy and Daniel are watching from the crowd, and Whitney sees them. She insists that she will come through the tragedy stronger than ever, and then goes back into the studio. As they walk away, Peggy figures that something happened at the Council meeting, and Dottie is still alive. She believes that Whitney will conclude that Dottie is more use to her alive than dead, and will try to use Dottie against them if she can. As Peggy goes to check on Jarvis, Daniel says that they talk about... things. They awkwardly agree and to do so later.

Dottie watches as Vernon lays out torture instruments. She assures him that he has nothing that can get her to talk, and he explains that he learned torture techniques from a German interrogator. Dottie says that she's pulled out her own teeth, nails, and hair, and tells Vernon that he's wasting his time. Angry, Vernon demands to know what Peggy is looking for, and Dottie points out that he's afraid of Whitney. He injects Dottie with truth serum, and she just smiles.

At the Stark estate, Jason instructs Ana on building the containment unit. He briefly fades out, and Ana points out that it's happening more frequently. Peggy arrives and asks Jason how he's doing, and he deliberately lies, claiming that he's doing grant. Jarvis finishes repairing the transponder, but it doesn't pick up the locator on Dottie's necklace. Peggy figures that she's out of range and suggests that they get to a higher elevation. Jason doesn't see the point in rescuing a Russian spy, but Peggy points out that Dottie is her responsibility. The scientist suggests that they activate the kill switch on the necklace, and explains that he's facing much worse than death. After a moment, Jason apologizes and says that he's not thinking straight, and they go back to work.

Dottie easily resists the truth serum, and Vernon tells her that he read about how she was tricked into helping a crazy Russian against Howard. He points out that Stalin isn't the forgiving type, and figures that she's dead to Russia. Vernon points out that Peggy would see Dottie hung if she could arrange it. Joseph comes in and tells Vernon that his presence is requested. Vernon has no choice but to meet with Whitley. She says that she has another task for Vernon, and he wonders why Joseph is involved. Whitney says that Joseph is providing security for the Council, and they follow her orders. She reminds Vernon that his orders are to find the uranium rods that Peggy stole, insisting that she needs the rods from the original test. When Whitney lifts her veil to take a drink, she reveals the growing crack on her face. As for Dottie, she says that she'll talk to her.

Dottie is working at her bonds when Whitney comes in. Whitney says that she's no longer an actress and removes her gloves, and Dottie pretends that she's broken. When she says that they're in the same boat, Whitney says that they're nothing alike and says that she disabled the track in device on the necklace. She then grabs Dottie throats, and Dottie screams as zero matter spreads through her body and wells up in her throat. Whitney releases her grip after a moment, and Dottie tells her that she got a sample of the zero matter for Peggy. She says that Peggy wants the zero matter to restore Jason to normal, and Whitney tells her that she's still useful to her as she starts removing the necklace.

Jason enters the containment unit and Jarvis turns it on. Peggy releases the zero matter sample onto Jason's hand, and he turns solid. Writhing in pain, he falls to his knees and puts his hand down... and realizes that it's solid. Peggy reaches into the containment unit and takes Jason's hand... and he kisses her. After a moment, he says that it's a long time coming and Peggy assures him that it's okay. Jason asks for food and Ana goes to make him a meal. As they talk, the transponder activates.

Peggy calls Daniel and tells him that Dottie is in a town called Newhall. Vernon is in Daniel's office, and Daniel pretends that he's talking to his mother. Peggy realizes that Vernon is there and Daniel quickly hangs up. Vernon then says that Peggy has stolen uranium on SSR's watch, and tells Daniel that he needs to find it.

Peggy tells Jarvis that Daniel won't be coming, and Jarvis suggests that the signal is a trap. She immediately says that it is. They go out to the car and Jarvis picks up a non-lethal concussive device, the Jitterbug. He demonstrates that if they stand behind the device, they'll be protected when he activates the device. Ana hears the commotion and comes over, and hugs him. Jarvis wonders if everything is all right, and she assures him that it is. He assures her that Peggy can handle whatever comes up, and wonders if Ana wants him to go. She says that she can tell that he needs the adventure and permits him to go, and Jarvis promises that no harm will come to him. Ana tells him not to make promises that he can't keep, and he leaves with Peggy.

Daniel wonders why Roxxon is coming to them after 48 hours, and says that he can't make any promises about recovering the uranium. Vernon suggests that Daniel accept the rewards for cleaning up the Roxxon robbery, and Daniel merely says that they'll do their best. The two men shake and Vernon leaves.

Peggy and Jarvis drive to the Chadwick ranch in Newhall, and Jarvis hints at Jason kissing Peggy earlier. She steps on the brake and tells Jarvis to say what he wants to see. Jarvis says that he was just making conversation, and Peggy says that she indulged Jason. The butler points out that Peggy blushed, and that she has a connection with Daniel. He overheard Daniel talking about his broken engagement, and assures Peggy that he never thought she was toying with two men. However, Jarvis points out that she now has two suitors and doesn't envy her position, and Peggy insists that she never intended to encourage either man's affections. The butler says that he's not surprised, and Peggy admits that she is. She doesn't know what to do, and after a moment Jarvis drive son.

That night at the Chadwick ranch, Jarvis slips inside the compound. A guard orders him to stop, and Peggy knocks him out from behind. More guards come over and Jarvis triggers the Jitterbug when they get close enough. It fails to activate and Peggy drops her gun. The guards take Peggy and Jarvis to the basement where Dottie is being held.

Jason is enjoying Ana's Hungarian cooking from inside the containment unit. They share a toast to Peggy and Jarvis' safe return.

The guards tie up Jarvis and Peggy, and Dottie points out that Peggy risked her life to rescue her. Peggy and Dottie both work one hand free, and Dottie points out that if she gets free first then there's no telling what she'll do.

Jason asks Ana if she's all right, and she explains that Jarvis didn't tell her about his adventures with Peggy. Now she misses the lie, and then asks Jason what he's going to do next. Jason doesn't know what he'll do and warns that he's ten years away from discovering the secrets of zero matter.

Jarvis tries to work out why the Jitterbug didn't work, and Dottie asks Peggy what she's going to do with her once they escape. Peggy says that she'll put her in prison, and promises to deal with Vernon. Dottie warns that the rot goes deep in the SSR, and Peggy's idealism will get them all killed. She claims that Vernon got the information from her. Jarvis works himself free first, and realizes that he entered the wrong code. The Jitterbug goes off outside, and Jarvis realizes that he entered the code for delayed detonation.

Jarvis gets Peggy free and she leads Dottie out. Dottie moans in pain and Peggy wonders why they weren't interrogated. She realizes that Whitney is the one who tortured Dottie for information, and Dottie says that the trap was meant for Jason, not Peggy. A guard gets up and Jarvis clubs him under the head Realizing that Ana is in danger, Jarvis picks up the guard's gun and orders Dottie to move.

Ana goes to get another bottle of wine, just as Whitney breaks in and sets off the alarm. She shuts off the alarm and Ana assumes that it's a malfunction. Whitney then goes into the workshop and admires Howard's plans. Jason asks what she's doing there, and Whitney walks over to the containment unit. She admits the unit and points out that the two of them are fascinating in their own special way. Whitney wonders where Jason goes if he's no longer contained, and then says that she's there to get the uranium core. She reaches for Jason, extending dark matter, but he starts to pull it out of her. Whitney breaks the connection just in time.

Jarvis drives back to the Stark estate at full speed. Dottie admits that she's never seen Jarvis scared before.

Whitney wonders how Jason did what he did, and he says that he has no idea. He steps out of the containment unit, still fully solid, but Whitney warns that it won't last for long. She asks him to come with each other so that they can help each other understand and control he zero matter. Jason warns that it's a force for destruction, and Whitney says that Isodyne hired Jason because he was a colored man. She says that she wants to change thing for women and coloreds that have been held back. Joseph comes in and Whitney introduces him to Jason. She tells the mobster that Jason will be accompanying them, and Joseph distracts the scientist while Whitney knocks him out from behind.

Daniel calls Ana and asks if Peggy and Jarvis have returned. When she says that they haven't, Daniel says that he'll be right back. Ana sees Whitney and Jarvis leaving, and goes after them.

As Daniel heads for the door, two masked men break in and beat him.

Ana confronts Joseph and Whitney, and tells them to let Jason go. Joseph takes out his gun, but Whitney stops him and says that it's not necessary because they're not monsters. She says that she's going to help Jason get answers about his condition, and warns that Peggy will come after her. Peggy and Jarvis pull up, and Whitney shoots Ana in the stomach to slow Peggy down. As she and Joseph drive off, Jarvis runs to Ana and calls for help.

Peggy drives Jarvis and Ana to the hospital, and puts an officer in charge of Dottie who is locked in the trunk. The doctors take Ana to the operating room and Peggy claims that it was a robbery gone wrong. The doctor shave them wait outside, and a man calls for help. he says that an officer has been shot, and Peggy goes outside to discover that Dottie has escaped, leaving her necklace behind.

The next day, Daniel staggers into the SSR HQ. Vernon asks if he has any leads on the uranium theft, and Daniel says that they may never find the material. The older man says that Daniel needs a nice long rest, and he'll take over SSR operations for the foreseeable future. When Daniel objects, Vernon shoves him back and goes into Daniel's office.

Peggy calls in and is connected to Vernon. She recognizes his voice and immediately hangs up. Peggy sits down with Jarvis, who says that Ana is still in surgery. The doctors won't say if Ana will pull through, and Peggy takes her friend's hand.