The Edge of Mystery - Recap

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New York, 1946: One Year Ago

Ana returns home and finds Jarvis giving instructions over the phone to Peggy on how to defuse a core. She calls out that she's home from class and Jarvis quickly hangs up. As Jarvis joins her in the kitchen, he explains that he was talking to Howard's newest associate, Peggy Carter. He's surprised that Howard respects Peggy, and assures Ana that Peggy won't interfere with their lives in the least. Ana tells him not to make promises that he can't keep.


Jarvis is in Ana's room and tries to tune in the radio. When he can't, he smashes it and Peggy ushers him over to a chair. She assures Jarvis that Ana is recovering, but Jarvis points out that the doctors can't even say if his wife will wake up. Meanwhile, she's going to go home and bring Jarvis a change of clothes so that he'll look like himself when Ana wakes up.

Jason wakes up and discovers that he's handcuffed to a pipe. Whitney is there and says that he'll lose mass in two minutes. She admits that she's studying both of them, and asks where he goes when he disappears. Whitney says that she'll let Jason go if he answers her questions, but then figures that he's stalling for time until either he fades through the handcuffs or Peggy will rescue him. Jason says that he's hoping to vanish and not come back, but Whitney doesn't believe him. She suggests that they work together examining each other, and asks if he hears the zero matter's call. Jason confirms that he hears it as well, and Whitney transfers some of her zero matter to him.

Daniel is waiting outside of Howard's estate when Peggy pulls up. She tells him what happened, and then notices that Daniel is beaten. Daniel explains that Vernon had him beaten, and that he's looking for the uranium rods. Peggy figures that it's best that they give the rods to Whitney and goes inside. She says that she needs Whitney to think she'll trade the rods for Jason, and Daniel suggests that they contact her through Joseph because his men were at Roxxon. As Peggy changes clothes in the next room, Daniel explains that Joseph and Whitney used to be an item.

Later, Peggy and Daniel walk into Joseph's restaurant. Joseph is making supper for his mother Nonna in the kitchen, and doesn't notice Peggy and Daniel knocking out Joseph's men. They finish them off and Joseph realizes that they have company.

Jack is in London, drinking with British agent Nick Driscoll. He finally asks Nick if MI4 found the thing he was looking for. Nick says that the file is fully redacted, and says that he knows why Jack is really there: to take down the most commandoes in a bar fight. Nick goes into the bar and Jack quickly walks around the corner. He checks the file and finds a reference to Peggy being involved in a civilian massacre.

Peggy and Daniel have lunch with Joseph and Nonna, and Joseph denies everything. He admits that he had a relationship with Whitney until she dumped him for Whitney, and the agents say that they need Joseph to get a message to Whitney. Nonna complains that they're there, and Daniel points out that a man Joseph turned state evidence against is getting out in a week. Joseph says that it's a lie, and Daniel points out that the man doesn't know it. Nonna grabs a knife and tires to stab Daniel, but Joseph restrains her and sends her out of the kitchen. Once they're alone, Joseph agrees to deliver the message.

Jason goes over Whitney's notes and she insists that she can control the zero matter. Jason says that he wants it gone, but Whitney insists that it's a gift rather than a curse. She tells him that if he accepts it then he can control it. Whitney suddenly hears the voice again and tells Jason that if he listens then it will guide him. As Jason starts to listen, Joseph comes in and Whitney tells him to wait. She has Jason shut everything else out and embrace what he hears, and then asks Joseph what he wants. Joseph has her kiss him on the cheek and then says that Peggy wants to trade Jason for the uranium rods. Whitney smiles and tells Joseph to tell Peggy that she has a deal.

At the hospital, Jarvis holds an unconscious Ana's hand and talks to her. He promises that he'll protect her until his dying day if she'll wake up, Ana wakes up and tells him not to make practices that he can't, and Jarvis goes to get the doctor after he kisses her. He then calls Peggy and says that he'll keep her updated, and thanks her for her support earlier. Dr. Choi comes out and tells Jarvis that there was a great deal of internal damage. He admits that there was some damage that they couldn't repair, and Ana will never be able to have children. Choi says that Ana doesn't know yet, and Jarvis says that he'll tell Ana himself.

Jarvis goes back to Ana and lies, saying that Choi told him that she would be fine. She realizes that he's holding something back, but Jarvis insists that she's perfect.

Peggy and Daniel call Samberly to the estate and he shows them the fake uranium rods that he created. She asks Samberly to disassemble Jason's containment unit and get it on the truck. Jarvis arrives and says that Ana is at the hospital. Peggy explains that they're going to get Jason and Whitney, and tells him to go back to his wife. He demands to know what Peggy has planned, and insists that he's coming with them to make sure that Whitney pays for shooting Ana. Howard's telex goes off and prints design specifications. They show it to Samberly, who says that Howard wants him to build a machine. Samberly realizes that it's a cannon that fires high-energy gamma photons, and figures that it could eliminate zero matter... and possibly kill Whitney. He says that he can build it but isn't sure how long it will take, and goes to work. Jarvis volunteers his services as a drive since Samberly isn't available.

As the trio leaves, they find Jack waiting for them. He asks Daniel and Jarvis to give them a moment alone, and then shows Peggy the file and says that now he has something on her. If she comes with him back to New York then he won't say anything. She wonders if Vernon put him up to it, and points out that he's trying to discredit her. Peggy insists that the report is a forgery, and insists that she wouldn't betray Jack's trust. She tells Jack that he's better than that and leaves.

Whitney joins Joseph at the garage, who assures her that she's more beautiful than the day he met her. He says that the mark on her face is power, and that's what makes her beautiful. He removes the veil and tells her that she should never have to hide it from the rest of the world. As Whitney starts to kiss Joseph, Peggy and the others pull up in a truck. Joseph's men bring Jason out, and Jarvis backs the truck up to the garage. Peggy and Daniel are in the back, and Jason tells Peggy not to make the trade. Whitney demands to see the rods, and Peggy brings the case out. Joseph uses a Geiger counter on the rods and confirms that they're legitimate, and Whitney's men hand Jason over. As he goes, she reminds him that in less than a minute he'll have to confine himself in the containment unit again.

Joseph's men drop the case, spilling out the rods, and Whitney realizes that they're fakes. Jarvis rives away and as Joseph's men open fire at them and then follow them in their car. In the back, Jason gets into the containment unit and Peggy explains that Howard sent specifications for a gamma cannon. The scientist warns how dangerous they are, and insists that they have to destroy the rods. Daniel says that the rods are safe, and Peggy realizes that Joseph's men aren't closing in on them. Jason leaves the containment unit and grabs Daniel's shotgun, and demands the rods. She refuses and tells Jason that he'll have to kill her, and Jason prepares to shoot her. He asks Daniel where the rods are, and says that he knows how Daniel feels about Peggy. Daniel says that the rods are in the wall safe at the SSR lab, and Jason phases through the truck wall. Peggy has Jarvis pull over, and they watch as Jarvis gets into the pursuing car.

Jack meets with Vernon and shows him the file on Peggy. He says that he's worried that the file is too good to be true, and Vernon says that it doesn't matter as long as it's official. An officer comes in and says that there's an urgent call from a woman, and she knew Vernon's access code. Vernon asks Jack to step out and takes the call, and Jack secretly listens in on another line. It's Whitney, telling Vernon to bring her the uranium rods.

Vernon goes to the lab and opens the wall safe. Jack steps out of the shadows and says that he won't let Vernon take the rods. Vernon admits that he's underestimated him and comes over, and Jack tells him to stop and flashes his holstered gun.

Peggy and Daniel enter the lab a few minutes later and find Jack in the lab. He has no idea why he's there, and they realize that someone used the memory-wiping device on him. Daniel confirms that the rods are gone, and Jack remembers that he was on the phone. They go back to the bullpen and finds Jack's handwritten coordinates on a notepad. Peggy figures that they can find Whitney there.

Jack goes into his office to get his shotgun, and Daniel and Peggy suggests that he stay there in case Vernon returns. When Jack realizes that they don't trust him, he says that he's with them instead of heading out with Vernon. Peggy agrees to take him along, and Daniel warns Peggy that Jason is now a hostile, not a hostage. He figures that Jason is desperate and they need to set their personal feelings aside. Peggy tells him that Daniel let his personal feelings get in the way by telling Jason where the rods were, and figures that Penny would have let Jason shoot him if the situation was reversed.

Samberly arrives at the cover office and meets with Rose. H assures her that the gamma cannon will work and warns that the mission will be dangerous. Jarvis comes in and asks for a moment alone with Rose. Once Samberly leaves, Jarvis asks rose to look after Ana while he's gone. She agrees, and Jarvis gives her Ana's favorite things from a case, including a bundle of papers. Rose wonders how long he'll be gone, but Jarvis refuses to answer. She sees the papers and hugs him, and promises that she'll keep Ana safe, just as Peggy, Jack, and Daniel come through.

The team drives out into the desert to the coordinates. Jack figures that Whitney has a 90-minute lead on them. Peggy notices that Jarvis appears distracted, but he insists that he's fine.

Whitney is preparing to set off the same bomb that opened the rift originally. She gets in the car with Jason and assures him that when the rift opens, the two of them will absorb the zero matter that comes out. Jason worries that he's thrown away everything for nothing, but Whitney says that they both know it will work because the whisper in their heads say it will. With that, she orders Vernon to detonate the bomb.

As Peggy and the others approach, a blast wave from the bomb approaches them.

Jason and Whitney drive toward the rift.

When the dust clears, Peggy and Jarvis see the rift in the sky and realize that they're too late.

Whitney and Jason drive up to the rift and get out. It's pulling m matter, and only Jason hears the voice. He drifts off the ground into the rift, and Whitney is furious that it isn't her.

Somberly sets up the gamma cannon and admits that he isn't sure if it will close the rift. Jarvis asks about Whitney, and Peggy says that they have to close the rift first. Samberly says that there's only one battery charge. Jarvis gets in the car and drives after Whitney, and Whitney tells the men to shoot the gun while she takes the truck after Jarvis. Jack and Daniel both tell Samberly to do what Peggy says.

Peggy tries calls Jarvis on the radio, but he shuts it off and keeps driving.

Jack and Daniel aim the cannon and Samberly activates the battery. Daniel activates the cannon, and the beam hits the rift. It disappears and Whitney sees a mutated Jason laying on the ground.

In the hospital, Ana wakes up and calls to Jarvis. Rose is there and offers her an apple torte. She explains that Jarvis will be back shortly. As they play a game of Hangman, Ana sees the reflection of the mirror in Jarvis' case... and the papers with his last will and testament.

Jarvis arrives at the rift site and shoots Whitney. Peggy arrives and runs over, and confirms that Jason is still alive. Jarvis realizes that Whitney's bullet wound is closing, and Peggy tells him to run... just as Joseph and the others arrive, guns drawn. Whitney tells them to wait because she needs Peggy to control Jason because he has what she needs. With that, Joseph's men knock Peggy and Jarvis unconscious.