Season 6

72 :06x01 - Mobbed Up Mermaids

The women of the Staten Island crew are finally at peace but a new girl could be about to change that.

73 :06x02 - Cabin in the Woods

Drita needs to defend herself. Karen and Storm have to make tough decisions. Renee brings a friend into the circle of friends.

74 :06x03 - Hamptons Hangover

Drita is on the outside and makes an alliance with Brittany. Renee attempts to convince her son to move back home.

75 :06x04 - Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers

Neil is issued with an ultimatum. Tensions increase between Drita and Carla.

76 :06x05 - The Sitdown

Ang gets the women together for a catch up. Karen ends up stuck in the middle of a feud between Brittany and Marissa.

77 :06x06 - Younger Version of the Same Old BS

Loyalties are called into question after Marissa and Brittany wage war on each other forcing the other women to take sides. Drita seeks out inspiration for her book, as well as Lee's blessing. Ang gets some unexpected news.

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78 :06x07 - Exes and Whys

Ang receives devastating news that exposes the cracks in her marriage with Neil. Brittany's issues with Renee and Carla create a stronger alliance with Drita. A troubling rumor reopens the toxic feud between Drita and Karen.

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79 :06x08 - Cuts Both Ways

The war between Karen and Drita reaches irreparable heights when Brittany relays an explosive rumor. The women work to cheer Ang up as she faces yet another life threatening surgery. Renee takes up a new hobby.

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80 :06x09 - Drittany

Karen works to squash the feud between Brittany, Carla and Renee. Big Ang's future hangs in the balance as she waits to find out if her cancer has spread. Drita hears a rumor that may destroy her relationship with Karen forever.

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81 :06x10 - What's Done is Done

Karen tries to step out of the drama and back into her relationship with Karina. Renee performs her final ballroom dance. Drita calls for a final sitdown with Karen and Marissa. Ang reveals some disturbing news about her health.

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82 :06x11 - TBA

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