Kill Chain - Recap

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A man greets a woman who is glad to see him. She was worried he wouldn't come and says they have to get out of there. She begins to run but the man is shot from the sky.

Bishop joins Tim and Delilah in the elevator and interrupt their conversation. Delilah introduces herself and Bishop says she's a big fan. They arrive in the office and Tony states that he heard Delilah and Tim's conversation because Tim butt dialed him. Delilah is being awarded at a black tie gala but Tim won't commit to going. Gibbs enters and asks who wants time off. Tim doesn't give an answer and Gibbs tells them there's a dead sailor in Rockcreek Park.

At the crime scene, Tim explains the victim is Navy Petty Officer First Class Daniel Coyne. Gibbs and Ducky work out that it was a sniper bullet from a very high angle. Tim talks to a witness who saw the whole thing. The man seems to be crazy and says a gray airship killed the man. Tim calls Bishop over and the man confirms her drawing as being the murderer. Other witnesses saw it and Bishop says it's a surveillance drone. She thinks someone used their own tech against them.

Back at the office, Tony bothers Tim about Delilah when Bishop tells them that Coyne was a drone operator for the same type of drone that killed him. They are going to meet with Coyne's CO and Bishop hands them a primer on drone warfare. Tony brings up Skynet from the Terminator and volunteers to go with Bishop.

In the morgue, Ducky tells Gibbs that Coyne was with a woman who has expensive tastes. Gibbs thinks that Coyne's girlfriend may be able to shed some light on what happened.

At the air force base, Lieutenant Stone tells Bishop that none of their drones are missing. He doesn't think any of his men could do something like this because everyone is pretty much out of high school. Coyne was the only one who actually flew a mission and Stone says he had a bright future. Tony suggests that someone in the squadron was Coyne's girlfriend but Stone says there's no fraternizing. A girl walks up crying and asks if Coyne is dead.

Back at NCIS headquarters, Bishop debriefs Gibbs about Patrice Gates, the woman in Coyne's squadron who he was sleeping with. Gates thought they were going to get married and didn't have the money to buy expensive perfume like the woman they suspect saw Coyne. Tim says the only people familiar enough with the drone system would be the contractors who built them. It'll be tough to talk to them though because they are already under investigation by the DOD. Delilah walks by on her way to speak to Vance along with Gibbs.

Vance and Delilah explain a bomb attack to Gibbs that Parsa escaped from. Coyne was part of the kill chain and his UAV went down during the attack. Vance suspects that Parsa smuggled the downed UAV into the US and has started attacking with it. Tim calls Gibbs and says that the DOD investigator is already there. Gibbs exits the room and finds that Hollis Mann, Gibbs' ex-girlfriend, will be working with them.

Hollis states that the drone contractor's computers were hacked a month ago but it was an internal investigation so it was kept private. There is one suspect, Erin Pace, an employee of the contractor that has been missing. Gibbs says it's no longer her investigation but she insists that they must work together no matter how hard it is for him to do so. Hollis calls her boss, the Secretary of Defense, who tells Vance to make it a joint operation. Vance has no choice but to force Gibbs to work with Hollis.

Tim and Tony tell Bishop about how Hollis was almost another one of Gibbs' ex-wives. Tony gives the signal and Tim brings up a power point of Gibbs' love life history. Gibbs walks up and they shut it off. He hands Tony a file on Erin Pace and says she may be involved in the drone attack. Gibbs asks Bishop for all of the information she has on Parsa.

In Abby's lab, she shows Hollis and Gibbs all the evidence she has related to Erin. Their is a trace of the perfume that is linked to Coyne's body. From an orange juice container she made a match to Yusef Ryder, a convict who recently converted to Islam. The man seems like the perfect man for Parsa to recruit.

Tim shows the team video of Ryder robbing a gun store a week after skipping parole. He stole a van and was spotted at a motel.

At the motel, Tim and Tony head in while Gibbs and Hollis keep watch outside. Hollis asks if there's anything Gibbs wants to say but there isn't. They broke up six years ago and Hollis has since married a surgeon. Tony calls Gibbs and says the room is empty but the van is moving. The team approaches the van and finds Erin tied and gagged inside. Gibbs tells her she's safe now but the woman says none of them are safe.

Back at the office, Erin names Ryder as the man who took her. She was taken to an area where there were some Pakistani men and a man who spoke English. At first Erin refused to help them but the men showed her a live video feed of her husband asleep in bed. He works in Mali so she cooperated after seeing that. They used Erin as bait in the park, she never had a choice. Gibbs thinks Coyne's murder was a test run and asks who's next. Erin says someone important is next and it will be payback for Afghanistan. She remembers them saying one word 'acrobat', which is a secret service code for Joint Base Andrews. Bishop shows Erin a photo of Parsa and she says he was the man who spoke English to her.

Bishop convinces Vance that Parsa is truly in the country. The Secretary of Defense is set to meet with several world leaders at Joint Base Andrews tomorrow. Hollis is helping to relocate the event but Parsa doesn't know that. Vance says they have a day to track Parsa.

Tim runs into Delilah who is there to see him this time. She gives him a tuxedo for the gala event even though he can't go because Parsa is on the loose. She understands that he is busy but can't understand why he never wanted to go with her in the first place.

Bishop doesn't think that the UAV attack matches Parsa previous types of attacks. They know that Parsa got Erin to rewire it so they expect that it must be local. Tim goes to work searching to see if the UAV communication is piggybacking on an already existing system.

Hollis isn't surprised to find Gibbs in his workshop. She gives him a bottle of liquor to make peace but she feels that Gibbs isn't receptive. She apologizes but he says there's no need. Hollis liked Gibbs and what they had was great. His past was getting in the way and she could see how bad it was going to get so she left. Gibbs thinks she should have asked but Hollis apologizes. She goes to leave but he pours them both a drink.

In Abby's lab, she helps Tim look for any radio towers that may be being used to transmit signals. She brings up the topic of Delilah's gala and he explains how close they are. He wants to slow things down but Abby punches him. She thinks Delilah is the best thing to happen to him and warns him not to mess it up. Tim picks up a radio signal from a storage building much like the one Erin described.

Outside of the storage building, Tony spots Ryder through binoculars. Gibbs, Bishop and Hollis are also there. Gibbs tells Bishop to stick to Tony as he moves in with Hollis. They call out to Ryder but he fires back before running into the building. Bishop fires one shot that sets off an explosion.

Bishop stresses out about the explosion to Abby. She worries that she destroyed the drone and their one link to Parsa. Abby holds up a piece of debris and says it was the detonator that blew up the bomb in the building. It looks like Ryder was the one who blew himself up. Abby and Bishop look at a massive amount of parts left over from the explosion. They get started on sorting it all out when Tim walks in wearing his tuxedo. Now that the UAV threat is gone he is free to go to the gala with Delilah. He thanks Abby for the pep talk and leaves. Abby finds two of the same part and explains to Gibbs that it looks like a random assortment of parts. Bishop thinks that Ryder was going to blow the building up after he left and make it look like the drone was destroyed.

Ducky calls Gibbs into the morgue to show him a prison tattoo on Ryder. He points out the other tattoos Ryder has and it looks as if Ryder was quite the mercenary because he has tattoos representing many gangs. Ducky says Ryder joined with whoever could protect him. Gibbs thinks that Parsa was the one who blew up the bomb, not Ryder.

Tony and Bishop question Erin in interrogation. He asks about their marriage and Bishop points out that she hasn't contacted her husband in a long time. They have information that shows how much debt Erin has. Her sister lives in assisted living and the trust fund that pays for her care suddenly had a cash infusion. Erin claims she was beaten and is the victim but Bishop states that she's a terrorist.

Bishop debriefs the team that Parsa wanted Erin to be caught and kept her in the dark about his target. She thinks that Parsa's target will be the very gala that Tim is attending. Everyone there has been hunting Parsa for years. Gibbs yells to call Tim.

At the gala, Tim receives a call from Tony. He goes outside to hear the call better and Tony tells him to evacuate the building. Tim hangs up and looks into the sky.

While driving, Gibbs talks to Bishop on the phone. An explosion goes off and Hollis asks if they are going to Tim. Gibbs says they are heading to catch Parsa. They arrive at a building and hear foreign voices as they walk through it. They are forced to kill two men while the third runs away. Gibbs follows after him and stops him on a road. A car pulls up and Parsa gets in and escapes.

Hollis is leaving to escort Erin to federal detention. She asks Gibbs to keep that bottle hidden because they will finish it another time. Tony arrives with news that Tim is okay. There are four dead and a few dozen wounded. Delilah was hit by shrapnel and is in surgery. Bishop asks if they should go to the hospital but Gibbs wants to get to work. He spreads out all of the files and asks Bishop to find Parsa.