Double Back - Recap

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Tim finds Delilah at the hospital and assures her she's okay. He explains the explosion and says there are six dead and 22 wounded. She asks if they got Parsa when the machine she is connected to starts beeping. Nurses rush in and say she needs to go to surgery.

Back at NCIS headquarters, Tony asks Bishop how her search is coming up. She hasn't found anything yet. Gibbs tells them to grab their gear to go investigate a bullet.

At the scene, Gibbs looks for the bullet that clipped the driver. He hopes to find DNA that may give them some clue. Gibbs returns to the spot that he shot the driver from. He gets Bishop to stand in the spot and hold a laser pointer. Gibbs walks to the opposite wall and finds holes in the door.

The bullet is brought into the lab, where Abby uses the DNA on it to identify Parsa's driver as Bashir Malik. He was born in the United States but spent his childhood in the same town that Parsa grew up in. Abby added Malik's name to the BOLO and received a response from NCIS Marine Corps West Field office. Malik was the suspect in a bombing at Camp Pendleton 24 years ago. If they can link Malik to the bombing at the gala it will mean that he has had a lot of time to get angry and very organized.

At the hospital, Tim receives a text from Tony about food. He puts it away and Dr. Rachel Cranston greets him. She's there as a crisis victim for the gala attendees. Tim explains Delilah is in surgery because o internal bleeding. Her family is on the way and Tm told the rest of the team to stay focused on Parsa. Cranston offers to stay with him for awhile but he says he's fine.

Bishop reads Malik's history to Tony and Gibbs. During the bombing at Camp Pendleton, Malik was working as a delivery truck driver but he got away with it. Bishop thinks he may have gotten away with other things since. His networks and tactics worked back then so she believes that he may have kept those things the same. Tony states that Agent Turner was the one who investigated the bombing and Bishop asks to speak with him. Gibbs informs her that he died so his videos and notes are all they have.

At the NSA, Tony is surprised that Gibbs chose to review Turner's videos himself. He tells Bishop that usually he just points and tells them what to do. NSA Senior Intelligence Analyst Sofia Martinez greets Bishop and introduces herself to Tony. She says the word is that Parsa was set to leave the US after the drone attack. Sofia and Tony hit it off until Bishop reminds them about their work. Sofia tells them that Parsa's sister Hyatt continues to get calls from payphones that they believe are Parsa.

While Gibbs watches video of Turner interrogating Malik, Ducky enters the room. Gibbs asks him to do a profile on Malik. Ducky doesn't understand why Malik would work for a relative newcomer like Parsa. Bishop enters and tells Gibbs that the BOLO has turned up Parsa's SUV. They leave to meet Tony at the scene.

Gibbs and Bishop arrive at Parsa's burned out vehicle. Tony points out the words 'try again' written on the windshield. Bishop knows it's Parsa's handwriting.

In the garage, Abby asks Gibbs why they would blow up the SUV. He thinks it was to get rid of blood but she found two bulbs that don't match the SUV. She thinks there was another object in the car when it blew up but can't figure out what it was. Tim enters and hugs Abby. He explains to Gibbs that Delilah is okay. He suggests Tim go home but he says he's okay. Abby asks to visit Delilah and Tim promises to tell her when she's ready for visitors. Tim tells Gibbs that he's fit for work but Gibbs needs the paperwork from Cranston to prove it.

Gibbs sits down with Marine Master Sergeant Charles Garrett and asks him about the day of the bombing in 1990. Garrett saw Malik and thought that he parked his van suspiciously. He kept tabs on Malik after that but it wasn't until 2002 when his name showed up again. That was when he was arrested for punching a police officer. Garrett noted that he was driving a car that looked like the same one that a woman was last seen in. He thought that a man who had no problem planting a bomb would also have no problem abducting a woman.

Cranston arrives at NCIS and introduces herself to Bishop. Cranston points out that Bishop is working at a great desk. She knew the two agents who worked there previously. Sofia calls Bishop and asks her to secure video conference. Tony walks in during their video conference. Sofia explains that they overheard Hyatt list a series of numbers during a payphone call. She has mentioned these numbers before and said it's not enough. Bishop thinks it must mean something.

Tim sits down to discuss the gala bombing with Cranston. She notes that he's giving the perfect answers but doesn't think he's being truthful. She asks if he's shutting out everyone or just her. Tim says his answers are good and asks for her signature.

Gibbs continues to review footage of Turner's interrogation of Malik. In the video, Malik states that he's not a terrorist, he just moves things from one place to another. Gibbs picks up a report of the girl who was abducted in 2002. He goes to Ducky and says that Malik delivered fruit while someone else set the bomb. Ducky asks if there's proof and Gibbs suggests that Malik wasn't abducting the woman but freeing her from an abusive husband. Malik has a vast network across America and Ducky says if Malik was able to make the 1990 bomber disappear there is also a chance he has made Parsa disappear as well.

Tony welcomes Tim back to work and says he's glad that Delilah is doing better. Gibbs arrives and asks for an update. Bishop rushes over and says they believe Malik was hired to make Parsa disappear. Abby calls Gibbs and asks him to come to the lab. Before he goes, Gibbs asks Tim to take it easy now that hes back.

In the lab, Abby shows Gibbs the modifications that were doe to the burned out SUV.The gas tank wasn't where it was supposed to be but was instead split and placed in the doors. The space that was previously occupied by the gas tank had enough room to function as a hiding place. Tim alerts border authorities to the possibility of a stowaway under a vehicle. Bishop thinks they switched plans after the SUV was bombed. After converting the dimensions of the hiding space to metric, Tony realizes the numbers are the same as those repeated by Hyatt on the phone. Bishops believes Hyatt knows how Parsa was getting out. There's no way they can break Hyatt to tell them the plan but Gibbs wants to use that to their advantage.

In a conference call, Victor Hodge from the CIA, explains to Bishop and Sofia that an agent told Hyatt that Parsa's escape went awry. There has been no movement from the house and Sofia thinks this is because Hyatt is analytical and thinking it through.

Cranston confronts Gibbs wanting to talk about Tim. She spoke with Delilah's family and found out there were complications during the surgery. A piece of shrapnel has paralyzed her and Tim left the hospital before she woke up. Cranston insists on talking to Tim and Gibbs agrees to send him to her.

The team intercepts a call from Hyatt to Malik. Tim narrows down the address and Gibbs wants FBI and Homeland to meet them there. Before leaving, Gibbs tells Tim to talk to Cranston.

At the address that Malik was traced to, Gibbs and Tony approach a man burning documents. It's Malik but he refuses to tell them where Parsa is.

Malik is brought into NCIS. Cranston tells Gibbs that she has to rescind her approval of Tim's clearance. She thinks he needs to process this on his own and doesn't know where he went.

Tony thinks Malik will talk but Bishop doesn't agree. They have no leverage against him and she worries that they are running out of time. She leaves to go help Abby. Malik talks to Gibbs but says he doesn't know where Parsa is. He says he isn't a terrorist and only moves things. Gibbs brings up Pendleton but Malik says it's a long time ago. He shows Malik photos of dead agents and accuses him of being a terrorist like Parsa. Malik continues to claim he's not a terrorist and only moves things. Gibbs exits the interrogation and tells Tony to go help Abby. He needs time to think.

Gibbs sits at a desk when Tim approaches him. He doesn't want to talk about it but wants a chance to work. Gibbs tells him he's more important than the job but Tim doesn't think so. He feels bad that he made out of the gala fine while Delilah didn't. Gibbs offers to go to the hospital with him but Tim isn't ready, he just wants to do his job right now. Gibbs tells Tim to just tell her the truth.

Gibbs returns to Malik and talks about the woman that he helped to free from her husband. Doing the right thing matters to Malik and Gibbs convinces him to talk. Malik explains how he smuggled Parsa out of the area and onto a train. The train was headed to Miami but he was set to get of along the way. Malik asks Gibbs to tell the reporters that he's not a terrorist.

Tim sits next to Delilah in the hospital and apologizes for not being there when she woke up. Gibbs meets Tim outside of her room while she visits with her family. Tim and Gibbs sit down together.