Monsters and Men - Recap

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NSA Supervisor Jeremy Marlens approaches Bishop while practices in a batting cage. He's irritated that she hasn't returned his messages. He insists that she should have told him she was working on Benham Parsa. She assures him this isn't like last time but agrees that Gibbs doesn't know. She asks Jeremy to let her see this through. He agrees to this and she runs off with a realization.

At NCIS headquarters, Tony tells Tim that he's in a good mood because he's going to have a warm bath. Gibbs walks in and prepares them to go see a body. Bishop arrives and wants to tell Gibbs about a lead on Parsa. He says they also have one and that's why they are heading to Virginia. Bishop yells out that Parsa isn't in Virginia and Gibbs asks what she means. She thinks Parsa is going to Pakistan because his parents ten year anniversary of their deaths is coming up in 48 hours. Their deaths are what caused him to be an extremist.

Bishop shows Vance and Gibbs evidence that every year Parsa goes quiet for the week of his parent's death anniversary. There's no official record of their burial sites but Bishop believes she know where it is, in the Swat district. She knows a lot about Parsa so Vance asks how long NSA has had her on Parsa. She explains it has been over six years and is the Parsa expert. This surprises even Gibbs.

Ducky rinses off a frozen body in the morgue. Tony enters and asks how the investigation is going. The man has a gunshot to the neck but Ducky can't find out much more until the examination is done.

Tim tells Bishop that a calls was intercepted that said Parsa was going to meet with his sister, Hyatt. Bishop doesn't think it's true though because he always keeps his distance from her. Gibbs calls Bishop over and tells her he doesn't like when people lie to him. He wants to know everything she does about Parsa, even though some of the information is protected. Bishop asks him to trust her that if they don't find Parsa within 48 hours, they will be back to square one.

Tim warns Tony about the awkwardness in the office between Gibbs and Bishop. Vance over hears their conversation and they say they are getting to work. Gibbs walks up and asks if they have anything. Tony has a lead but Tim has nothing. Luckily, Abby calls Gibbs to the lab.

In the lab, Abby and Ducky explain to Gibbs that the body they have doesn't belong to who they think it is. The victim is a port authority officer and not Parsa's bodyguard. The body was staged and the clothes belonged to the bodyguard. It looks as if he had been shot in the leg and would need medical attention. Ducky says there's no way he could travel with a wound like that.

Bishop reports to the team that the bodyguard checked into a hospital for a gunshot wound but ran before police could question him. Tim outlines the charges that have racked up on the dead port authority officer's credit card. Gibbs receives a call and leaves. He asks Tim to let him know if any other charges come through.

Jeremy meets with Gibbs and explains that he can't tell too much about Bishop's work. Her job was to catch any terrorists before they attack. She had many near misses and started to get obsessed. Jeremy can't tell why she was removed from the case but warns Gibbs not to let her work it.

A charge pops up on the credit card for a flight to Miami. Gibbs brings Tim and Tony along with him but asks Bishop to stay at her desk.

At the airport in Miami, Gibbs poses as security clearance officer. The bodyguard shows up with the dead port authority officer's identity. Gibbs comments that he looks good for a dead man and the bodyguard runs. He's quickly stopped by Tim and Tony though.

Gibbs questions the bodyguard in an interrogation room. He claims he only recently met Parsa but Gibbs knows they are cousins. Gibbs accuses Parsa of leaving his cousin behind but the man says family is a complicated thing.

Bishop surprises Tony by waiting in the bathroom for him. She wants tips on how to figure Gibbs out. She doesn't understand why he wanted her to sit back after saying Parsa was top priority. Tony explains that Gibbs doesn't play games and it's Bishop not telling him everything. Tim enters and asks what's going on. He has a folder for Bishop that mentions Operation Street Sweep. She brings it to Gibbs and tells him it's the key to breaking the bodyguard, Khalil Farooq.

Gibbs brings Bishop into the interrogation so that she can put the pressure on Khalil. She explains that she ran his DNA through the system and asks how his three sons are doing. Khalil yells at her not to threaten his family. Gibbs explains that Parsa has been in contact with his family and a drone strike has been ordered. Khalil must choose between protecting Parsa or protecting his family. He confesses and gives Parsa's location that is also the graves of his parents.

Gibbs and Vance meet with JSOC Vice Admiral Lloyd Manditsky so that they can have a teleconference with Navy Seal Lieutenant William Blake. Blake will lead an assault on the compound that Parsa is inside of.

Tony finds Tim looking down. He asks what's bothering him. He wants to tell Delilah how close they are but he doesn't want them to lose Parsa. Tim feels better after speaking to Tony. Gibbs asks them where Bishop is but no one knows. He finds her in the morgue. Bishop feels bad that she hasn't stopped Parsa sooner. She admits he made contact with her a few years ago. He would leave clues as a reminder that he's watching her. She never told the NSA because they would pull her from the case and she was waiting for Parsa to slip up. Gibbs tells her that she should make her move to end Parsa's game.

The NCIS team watches as the strike force moves in on the compound. The soldiers take down some men when they come under fire. The soldiers find and arrest Parsa. Vance wants to use Parsa to find information about the entire terrorist network and he's willing to do whatever it takes.

On an aircraft carrier, Gibbs, Bishop, and Tim meet with Blake. He leads them to a room where they can watch a video feed of Parsa. Gibbs leaves to question Parsa and asks Bishop to stay and analyze.

Gibbs enters the interrogation room where Parsa is already seated. He offers full cooperation under one condition. Gibbs thinks it's too good to be true but Parsa would rather have everything destroyed than let someone else take over. His condition is that he is allowed to have a conversation with Bishop.

Tony calls Abby to ask for help decrypting files on Parsa's laptop.

Bishop sits down across from Parsa while Gibbs looks on. He reveals his main base of operations, his top men, and that they have six different targets around the world. A soldier calls them out because Gibbs has a call. Bishop insists that he take the call because once Parsa stops talking, he may not start again. She asks Gibbs to allow her to see this to the end.

Tony and Abby are on the phone with Tim and Gibbs. They reveal that Parsa was bankrolled by two US corporations. Tim decrypts files that contain photos of Bishop. Gibbs runs back to Bishop.

In interrogation, Bishop questions Parsa as he collapses to the ground. A guard checks on him but Parsa attacks the man. He knocks Bishop to the ground and shoots another guard. He locks the door as Gibbs makes his way over. Parsa stands over Bishop with his gun drawn.

Gibbs and a soldier work on breaking their way through the door. Inside, Parsa reveals that he wanted to finish their conversation in private. He mentions how he has visited her apartment. Bishop warns that he won't escape the ship and she realizes he's on a suicide mission.

Gibbs wants to get Hyatt on the line so they can use her against Parsa.

Parsa asks Bishop how she tracked him down. She explains that she knew about his parents death and that is what made him cause death and destruction. He assures her not to be scared of death because she won't be alone. Hyatt's voice is played in the room and Parsa gets angry. She begs him not to do anything but he just asks Bishop how her family will honor her. He points his gun but Gibbs fires from the door. He rushes in and sees that Parsa is dead. Gibbs and Bishop make eye contact.

On their way out of the office, Tim and Tony tell Bishop that she did good. Tony tells her to look in her bottom drawer. She finds a whole drawer of candy and energy bars. She looks over to the most wanted wall where Parsa's photo has been crossed off.

Bishop practices at the batting cages but can't hit anything. Gibbs tells her she's trying too hard. He suggests she trust her instincts because it's about how she reacts to situations. Bishop shares her frustrations with Gibbs about how hard it is to get a read on him. He tells her she did a good job and he will expect that every day that she works as an agent. She's happy to have the probationary offer to work at NCIS. Bishop hugs him and says she accepts.