Bulletproof - Recap

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Two young men graffiti an empty building. One of them gets angry at the other for accepting entrance into a university the other didn't. He throws a bag but it flies out an open window. They hear the sound of a car crash on the road beneath them.

Tim and Tony watch Bishop as she prepares for her training test. They are there to tell her about a crime scene. She doesn't have time to shower because Gibbs is waiting in the car.

At the scene of the car crash, the team finds stolen marine crates. The truck is unregistered and the driver is nowhere to be found. They call Bishop over to search the car for clues. She says the driver has been living in filthy conditions in the truck. Tony finds the bag of spray paint cans that caused the crash. Gibbs opens the crates and finds many pieces of armor, all missing their national stock numbers.

Gibbs visits Abby's lab and she explains that the vests were never meant to reach the army. The armored vests look real but shatter into the body when they're hit with bullets.

Ton says the DOD denies making faulty vests and they're sending over representatives. Tim gets off the phone and says Delilah wants to stop by. She's self conscious about her wheelchair though. They fill Gibbs in on what they have found from the backpack. Gibbs says to pick up the student who owns the backpack.

Tony questions Chris Valley and Chris Hoffman about the backpack accident. They want to go to jail so that they can use it on their college applications and hopefully get scholarship money. Tony agrees to put them in a holding cell if they cooperate. The large driver ran off after the crash so they did too. They say he was wearing a shirt with a logo for a local gun show on it.

Bishop and Tony walk around the gun show. Fay Gussman, the owner of the show, asks if she can help the agents. She recognizes the truck that was driven by the large man and leaves to get a name and address for them. Bishop spots another stand selling body armor and they head over to the woman running it, Karen Upline. She runs a charity and denies ever seeing the truck that crashed. Fay returns with the address of the driver of the crashed truck, Corey Ruxbin.

The team enters Corey's apartment but it's empty. The place is a mess and Tony finds Corey's body with three bullet holes in it. Ducky is brought in to investigate the body and the team searches the apartment. Jimmy acts strange so Tony asks what's going on. Ducky convinces him to say what it is. Jimmy reveals that their birth mother signed the papers today and they only have to wait for her to get pregnant.

Abby questions one of the company representatives about how the faulty vests got onto the streets. Benson Honeycutt introduces himself to Gibbs when he arrives. Abby searches the company and finds another incident where a soldier, Freddie Lin, was paralyzed because of the vest.

Tim and Gibbs meet Freddie at an open field. Freddie parachutes into the field and says he started a skydiving company. He doesn't hold the vest accountable for his injury and says any of the bullets could have injured him. Tim asks where he got the armor from and Freddie says it was a gift from his mother. He doesn't want her to feel guilty but Gibbs says she won't. Tim asks about the wheelchair use and Freddie says you never get used to it.

Ducky, Jimmy and Abby take a look at the results from the armored vests. Jimmy is still paranoid that he will jinx his chances at adoption. Abby only furthers his superstitious fears.

Bishop tells Gibbs that Freddie's mother insisted on coming in and will be there soon. She also asks Gibbs about what it was like being a sniper. Mallory Linn arrives with some other woman. She asks why this information is just coming out now and who's responsible. The other woman are also mothers who have sent their children extra body armor. If someone doesn't answer her questions they will go to the news.

Tim leaves a conference room and tells Gibbs that the mothers have agreed to hold off on going to the news. The manufacturer sent over all the recall notices and Tim thinks some may have fallen through the cracks. He receives a call from Delilah who is already at his desk.

Tim goes to Delilah and finds her discussing famous people in wheelchairs with Tony. Delilah thanks them all for taking out Parsa. Bishop wants to catch up but she has a break in the case. She reveals that many of the mothers sent vests through Karen Upline's charity without realizing it.

Tim and Delilah are still adjusting to her being in a wheelchair. He names a character in a wheelchair but she says that game only works with Tony.

Tony and Bishop stake out Karen. Bishop asks for some help with training but they're interrupted when a vehicle pulls up next to Karen's. Tony pulls the car in front of both of them and instructs Bishop to search the bag the man handed to Karen. Bishop only finds tampons inside the bag though.

Bishop and Gibbs question Karen back at the NCIS offices. Karen says a soldier wanted that specific brand of tampon and that's why she was trading them. Gibbs accuses her of selling faulty armor and pocketing the profits. Karen started the charity in the honor of her father and grandfather. Gibbs shows photos of Freddie's injuries and Karen thinks she will be sick. She had no idea the armor wasn't authentic. Bishop says she can still help people if she tells the truth. Karen agrees to hand over all of the information and records that she has.

Delilah and Tim inform Gibbs of the two soldiers in Hellman, Afghanistan who have faulty armor.

Bishop waits with Delilah for news about the case. Delilah feels everyone is helping her too much. She says sometimes people need help, like those in Afghanistan wearing faulty armor.

Tim and Tony go through papers and discover that the contractor disposed of the faulty armor properly. Gibbs says they have no news but Tim finds something. He says it looks like the manufacturer made money off of the faulty equipment when they should have taken a hit to recycle it.

Tony questions Benson about the money made off of faulty armor. Gibbs enters and gets angry at Benson about the contract that shows the recyclers paid for the equipment. He says it isn't his fault if they sell the equipment instead of the raw materials. Tim arrives with evidence that Fay owns the recycling company. Benson finally speaks up and admits that Fay called him. She wanted to tie up loose ends but he didn't know that meant murder. Benson wants to call his lawyer but Gibbs orders him to call Fay first to set up a meeting.

Tony, Bishop and Gibbs surround Fay's trailer. Gibbs yells for her to come out but they get in a firefight. She exits the trailer wearing body armor. She collapses to the ground with blood pouring out of the bullet marks. Bishop was also shot but she's wearing real body armor.

Delilah tells the team that the marines in Afghanistan made it back safely. She thanks them for including her but she's not ready to come back yet. Bishop walks over with bruised ribs and says it's part of the job. Gibbs says it isn't but says the paperwork is. Tony and Tim pile files onto her desk. Gibbs tells Tim to take as long as he wants driving Delilah somewhere before heading home.

Tim takes Delilah to the field where Freddie parachutes in and lands next to his wheelchair. Tim wanted her to meet him and says a talk would be nice for them. Since they are already there, she suggests they go skydiving.