Dressed to Kill - Recap

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Outside a hotel, Tony meets with his father who says he has great news to tell him at the restaurant. A commander bumps into Tony but says he's running late. The man runs away and Tony chases him through traffic. Tony corners him in an alley and is forced to shoot him when the commander fires his gun.

Ducky and Tim investigate the body and only find keys on him. Tony explains to Gibbs he thought it was strange that his rank stripes on his jacket didn't match his hat. Tim finds he was impersonating an officer and Bishop says the surveillance was taken out an hour ago. Bishop goes to Tony's father to isolate him from everyone. Eugene Coyle walks up to the team and Tony tells him the only witness is his father.

Coyle records Anthony DiNozzo Sr. as he questions him about the incident. He doesn't know who drew their gun first and says Tony shot him before he said anything. He gets confused and accuses Coyle of intentionally confusing him.

Gibbs tells Tony he's benched until he's cleared by the IG. Coyle brings Anthony back out and brings Tony in for questioning. Abby arrives and says he found the victim was Nick Bodeen, a famous private investigator.

Coyle asks Tony about the incident and says Anthony had a different tale. Tony says his father doesn't have a great memory but Coyle won't listen.

Bishop and Tim inform Gibbs of everything they know about Bodeen. He had dropped out of sight until he was found this morning. Tony returns from his meeting with Coyle. He's frustrated that no one will talk to him about the case or his father.

In the morgue, Jimmy, Ducky and Abby go over the body with Gibbs. It looks like Bodeen did fire his weapon this morning after all.

Tony can't get a hold of his father and doesn't understand why he would lie about which hotel he's staying at. Bishop says he seems concerned for Tony but Tim agrees that he can be difficult. Gibbs asks Tim to go back to the hotel to investigate the rooms. He telsl Tony that he's not allowed to go anywhere and takes his gun away.

Bishop and Tim discuss their plan to search rooms that weren't entered by cleaning staff. They see Anthony enter a room with a pregnant woman. Tim says not to tell Tony and it's best if they don't get involved.

Jimmy watches Tony play solitaire before he answer a call to Tim's desk. The court clerk signed a search warrant for Bodeen's residence and offices. Tony didnt know who the victim was until Jimmy accidental says who it was Bodeen.

Bishop and Tim enter a hotel room that shows signs of a struggle. They also find a body sitting in a chair.

Ducky investigates the body with Jimmy. Gibbs says the time of death corresponds with when Bodeen left the hotel. Bishop offers to bag the pillow and Tim makes her pick up all of the feathers.

Tim debriefs the team on Michael Elliot, their latest victim. He works for Senator Denise O'Hara. Bishop says he must have let Bodeen into his hotel room. She telsl Gibbs that Tony's out looking for his father.

Abby lets Coyle into her lab and shows him evidence that shows Tony was right ni shooting Bodeen. She has evidence that Elliot was killed by the same gun that Bodeen had on him.

Tim enters Bodeen's offices and takes out his gun when he hears noises in the next room. When he enters he finds Tony at Bodeen's desk. Tony uses one of the keys Tim has to open the only door he couldn't get through. Inside the back room is surveillance equipment and Tim thinks it is what was used to hack the hotel security.

Bishop and Gibbs enter the conference room to see Navy Commander Lionel Saxon. Saxon received a call from Elliot on Friday and suggested they meet at a hotel room. He had trouble getting inside and when he did the room was locked with a busy sign. Saxon asks if Bodeen was impersonating him and Gibbs stosp to consider that.

Tony and Tim find a safe but have trouble opening it. A woman enters the office looking for Bodeen so Tony pretends he's the private investigator. Liz Allen says she thinks her husband's having an affair. He oes back into the other room to answer a call from his father. Tim comes out and says he wants to ask Liz some questions.

Gibbs and Bishop arrive at Senator O'Hara's office and speak to the secretary, Jennifer Morrison. The secretary is crying and Bishop finds that she was close with Elliot. O’Hara doesn't understand why anyone would kill Elliot. He mostly worked with her assistant Will Pritchard. O’Hara asks if there are any suspects and doesn't think that Elliot would have any dealings with Bodeen. Will calls the senator away for a meeting.

Tony meets Anthony in the hotel bar. He's been staying at the hotel with a friend but won't say anything else yet. Anthony worries about how much danger Tony is in. The news he wanted to tell Tony is that he's getting married.

Bishop fills Tim in on the connection between Elliot and Saxon. Tony walks up and explains what his father has been up to. He doesn't know anything about his future step mom and asks what Bishop knows when he sees her face. Tim makes a quick escape to avoid any talk about Anthony. Bishop tells Tony about the pregnant woman they saw after he threatens her.

In Abby's lab, she works to break into the safe found in Bodeen's office. Tim helps her open it and inside they find a gun, a phone and cash from Macao. He discusses this with Gibbs and they agree it's the gambling capitol of the world. Tony walks in ignoring a call from his father. He says Bodeen has been to Macao and Gibbs asks how he knows about Bodeen. Tony blames Tim's photos and asks him to bring them back up. Tim zooms into one photo that shows Bodeen in Macao with a man named Calvin Ling.

Anthony stops by Gibbs' basement workshop. He says he hit a rough patch with Tony and says he wants his son to be part of his life. Anthony asks Gibbs to speak to Tony because he listens to him. Gibbs brings up his young pregnant wife to be but Anthony says that's his fiance's daughter.

At the office, Tim tells Gibbs that Bodeen has made 17 calls to a phone registered to O'Hara. Bishop says Calvin Ling lives in Macao and owns a company that supplies American navy vessels in Asian ports of call. O'Hara's committee is working to eliminate some of those ports of call. Tim suggests that Elliot was killed when he discovered that O'Hara took a bribe from Ling.

Abby plays a recording of Elliot speaking to Saxon. He sounded paranoid and Gibbs thinks that Bodeen had listened in on their conversation. That's how he was able to kill him before Saxon arrived.

Bishop shows the team proof that the order of importance of ports of call was altered when it was sent to congress. The ports the Ling's company services have been moved up higher on the list. Coyle walks in and says Tony can be put back in the field once he passes a psych evaluation. Gibbs tells Tony he still can't work the case and orders him to see his dad.

Tony meets with Anthony in the hotel bar and asks what it is he needs to say. Anthony reveals he's marrying Linda Turner, Tony's godmother and his mother's best friend. Anthony says they didn't have an affair while mom was still alive and that's why he was afraid to tell him.

Gibbs meets O'Hara on her way to a vote. He says they have evidence that Bodeen murdered Elliot and has been in conversation with O'Hara's office. Will questions which phone he talked with so Tim dials the number. Jennifer Morrison's phone rings and O'Hara says all her correspondence goes through her. O'Hara suspends the vote to review her future in the senate.

Tim gets off the phone and tells the team of the evidence against Jennifer. He asks Bishop for help in gathering the evidence they have to give to police. Gibbs asks Tony if he talked to his father. Tony's having a hard time accepting who Anthony is marrying but Gibbs says he needs Tony's approval.

Tony stops by the hotel and meets with Linda's daughter Taylor. Anthony thanks him for coming and says Linda is still inside packing. Tony apologizes to his father for the way he acted. He knows his father deserves to be happy and says his mother would approve of the relationship. Tony asks Anthony to stay longer so they can all have a family dinner.