Show in Hiatus/TBD on Investigation Discovery

Shows premiered in the year 2015
20/20 on ID Presents: Crime Dec 28, 2015 Documentary On Hiatus
Sex Sent Me to the Slammer Feb 06, 2015 Reality On Hiatus
True Nightmares Oct 14, 2015 Documentary TBD/On The Bubble
Shows premiered in the year 2014
Cell Block Psychic Apr 21, 2014 Documentary TBD/On The Bubble
Dead on Arrival Sep 03, 2014 Reality TBD/On The Bubble
Impostors Jan 24, 2014 Reality On Hiatus
Young, Hot & Crooked Sep 05, 2014 Documentary On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2013
Beauty Queen Murders Oct 01, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
Dead Of Night (2013) Mar 12, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
Double Cross (US) Sep 05, 2013 Documentary On Hiatus
Elder Skelter Nov 06, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
Evil-In-Law May 12, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
Pretty Dangerous Jun 15, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
A Stranger in My Home Oct 13, 2013 Reality On Hiatus
Surviving Evil Aug 28, 2013 Documentary On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2012
Dark Minds Jan 25, 2012 Documentary On Hiatus
On Death Row Mar 09, 2012 Documentary TBD/On The Bubble
Pretty Bad Girls Dec 07, 2012 Documentary On Hiatus
Who the Bleep... Feb 01, 2012 Documentary On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2011
Hostage: Do or Die Dec 01, 2011 Reality TBD/On The Bubble
James Ellroy's LA: City Of Demons Jan 19, 2011 Reality On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2009
On The Case With Paula Zahn Oct 18, 2009 News On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2008
Wicked Attraction Aug 07, 2008 Documentary On Hiatus
Shows premiered in the year 2006
Very Bad Men Sep 24, 2006 Documentary On Hiatus

Investigation Discovery

Abbreviation: ID
Country: USA
6 Degrees of Murder
American Monster
The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead
Evil Lives Here
I Am Homicide
Judgment Day: Prison or Parole?
Las Vegas Law
Murder U
Passport to Murder
Real Detective
Shadow of Doubt
The Vanishing Women
Your Number's Up
20/20 on ID Presents: Homicide
Breaking Point (ID)
Did He Do It?
Hate in America
Indecent Proposal
Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen
The Killing Hour
Mansions and Murders
The Mind of a Murderer
Over My Dead Body
See No Evil
Twisted Tales of 9 to 5
Untouchable: Power Corrupts
Vanity Fair Confidential
Women in Prison
Cry Wolfe
Fear Thy Neighbor
Handsome Devils
House of Horrors: Kidnapped
How (Not) to Kill Your Husband
Love the Way You Lie
Mail Order Murder
Momsters: When Moms Go Bad
Most Infamous
Murder Book
My Strange Criminal Addiction
Nowhere To Hide
Obsession: Dark Desires
The Perfect Murder
Secret Lives of Stepford Wives
Tabloid (US)
Web of Lies
Your Worst Nightmare
A Crime to Remember
Dangerous Persuasions
Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall
Evil Kin
I'd Kill For You
Southern Fried Homicide
Swamp Murders
Blood Relatives
Deadly Sins
Evil Twins
Fatal Vows
Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case
Scorned: Love Kills
Wives With Knives
20/20 on ID
Homicide Hunter
The Injustice Files
Nightmare Next Door
Stalked: Someone's Watching
48 Hours on ID
Facing Evil
I (Almost) Got Away With It
ID Films
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones
Twisted (2010)
Unusual Suspects
Dateline On ID
Most Evil
Deadly Women