Cece Crashes - Recap

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Jess is in a club, in her pajamas, fighting her way through the crowd yelling for Cece.
She gets to Cece, who is yelling at the DJ, who is apparently some sort of boyfriend or romantic
interest. Cece said she caught him making out with another girl. Cece rips the DJ's
shirt, and she and Jess leave.

Outside the club, Cece is a little drunk, and suggests that she and Jess go back to the club and hang out.
Jess clearly disagrees. Cece then asks if she can crash with Jess for a few days because
the DJ is staying at her house. Jess says she isn't sure, as it's Friday night and
the guys probably have big plans.

Those big plans are sitting on the couch playing video games and doing nothing. Schmidt
is wearing an extremely short kimono. Winston tells him he looks ridiculous, and says
if looking ridiculous is what they do in this house, he's just gonna hang out with no pants on,
and rips his off. He then puts a tissue on his face, then in his nose and ears, to further his point.

Jess and Cece get back to the apartment to find this bizarre scenario. Cece goes to use the bathroom,
and Jess warns the guys that Cece is really grabby, physical, and "loose with her body" when drunk.
The guys agree to tread lightly...until Cece comes back and she, Winston, and Schmidt break out into a dance party.
Cece tries to get Nick to get up and dance. He declines, and Cece rips his shirt. Jess, who was trying
to set up a bed for her on the couch, is frustrated with her drunken antics, and leaves the room and goes to bed.

Schmid tells Cece she can sleep in his bed and he'll take the couch. He leads her into his room, where she
passes out. Schmid comes back to the living room and tells Winston that
he is going to "seal the deal" with Cece.

The next morning, Jess is making breakfast and offers some to Nick. He declines
and says she needs to stop trying to always take care of people and being so nice.

Cece wakes up in Schmidt's bed to find him hanging upsidedown in the doorway,
strapped by his ankles to a pullup bar.

Jess goes into the bathroom later to find all the guys standing around looking at
Cece as she gets out of the shower, wearing a very tiny towel.

As Cece is getting dressed, she claims that it's obvious Nick is really into Jess. Jess
says no way, they're just friends. Cece says she can tell by the way he says her name, and the way
his feet are always pointing towards "what he wants." Nick announces he is going to the store, and Cece
volunteers Jess to go with him.

At the store, Jess starts paying attention to Nick's feet, which since they are talking,
are obviously pointing towards her. She freaks out and keeps trying to move out of their path,
which really confuses Nick.

Back at the apartment, Cece is sunbathing on the roof in her bikini. Schmidt and Winston are in
the doorway looking at her, both obviously interested. Schmidt goes out and sits next to her, pretending
to be on his cellphone talking to an ex-lover, bragging about his sexual prowess.
Winston calls his phone and blows up his spot. Winston sits next to Cece and tells Cece he'll help
her if Schmidt is bothering her. She says they both are.

Nick and Jess are in the car on their way home from the store. Jess is still freaking out, and
completely loses it when Nick innocently buys her a rose from a street vendor who approaches them while they're
stopped at a red light. She gets out of the car and runs away.

Back at the apartment, Schmidt and Winston are still embarrassing themselves and each other
trying to woo Cece. Schmidt says something awkward about tanning and getting brown,"like Cece's skin",
and begind tripping over his words and making things worse trying to set that right. Cece says her
parents were born in India, Schmidt says he loves India. Winston calls his bluff and asks him to
name everything he loves about India. Schmidt replies with "naan, Slumdog Millionaire, pepper, Ben Kingsley, stories of Rudyard Kipling, cows, Taj Mahal, Deepak Chopra, monsoon, anyone named Patel,
Naveen Andrews, mango chutney, cobras in baskets." He realizes how foolish he sounds
and gets up to leave. Cece, to show Winston she has Schmidt in the palm of her hand, tells Schmidt to
go to the roof and that she'll be up in 10 minutes. Schmidt says he'll go up to the roof and
see her in ten minutes. Winston commends Cece's ability to make Schmidt do what she wants. Cece then tells
Winston to make her a sandwich, and he gets right to it.

Jess gets home and tells Cece she freaked out and walked home because Nick's feet were pointing at her
and she doesn't know what to do. Nick comes home and yells at Jess for acting so weird. Cece offers to clear things up, but Jess
shuts her up. The girls hear a scream from the roof. Jess goes up there to find a very sunburned Schmidt having a staredown with the stray cat who lives up there.
Schmidt is upset about being mistreated by Cece, and Jess tells him it's for the better,
as they wouldn't work well together and she'd "eat him up."

That night, schmidt goes into his room and tells Cece that he gets it, it isn't going to happen
between them, but his sunburn hurts and the couch is uncomfortable, and he really wants to sleep in
his own bed. She slides over and he gets into bed with her. He says he hates sleeping alone. She agrees, and holds his hand,
but says if he tells anyone about this, she knows people who will kill him.

Jess and Nick are in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Jess, with a mouthful of toothpaste and spit,
apologizes for acting weird. Nick brushes it off as nothing, and they smile at each other. Their feet also happen to be pointing at each other. Hmm.

Winston is in the living room. His phone rings, and it is Schmidt, calling from his bed, bragging
about sleeping next to and holding hands with Cece.