Thanksgiving - Recap

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Jess, dressed as a turkey, is backstage watching her students perform in
the school's Thanksgiving play. She is approached by Paul, a fellow teacher,
who thanks her for helping out with the play. He asks her how her boyfriend
is doing, and she explains that they broke up. She asks what he is doing for
Thanksgiving. He replies that he usually spends the holiday with his grandmother,
but she passed away the previous month, which explained why his Halloween play
was so "deep."(flashback to the students in said play singing a very morbid and bleak song)
Paul excuses himself, and as he's walking away, Jess calls out to him.

Schmidt, Nick, and Winston are sitting around the apartment discussing their plans
for Thanksgiving, or lack thereof. They paln on staying home, watching football, drinking
beer, and essentially doing nothing, then going to Best Buy for Black
Friday. Naturally, Jess arrives home just at this moment carrying a gigantic turkey.
The guys are confused, and Nick tells Jess that they are not doing Thanksgiving
at the apartment. Jess exclaims that it won't be a big deal, they can do
what they were planning on doing, but she is cooking dinner for all of them...and Paul.
The guys are less than thrilled with this, but Jess tells them she really likes Paul,
and invited him over because he has no one to spend the holiday with, since his grandmother just died.
Nick makes fun of her for being Paul's dead grandma replacement. Jess, oblivious,
exclaims that she's excited about the concept. Winston confers with the other guys,
and says this is a bad idea, as Paul is going to end up the "fifth roommate"
if things work out with him and Jess. Jess wants the guys to help her.
She, though planning on cooking for them all, has no idea how to cook.
Schmidt volunteers his services once Jess tells him she's inviting Cece,
and agrees to do all the work as long as Jess stays out of his way and lets him do it his way.
She agrees.

It is now just a few hours before dinnertime, and the turkey is not thawed.
They try unsuccesfully to get it in the oven, and Jess decides body heat will
do the job, and lays on the floor on top of the bird. She asks Cece, who has
just arrived, to help her out. Schmidt is more than happy to watch this scenario.
Finally, they throw the turkey in the dryer. Paul arrives very early, violin in hand.
Jess introduces him to everyone, and Paul's awkwardness and dorky sense of
humor make it apparent that Jess has brought her male counterpart home.
The roommates are astonished(and annoyed), to say the least.

Jess pulls Nick into her room and yells at him, and says Paul is the first
guy she's liked since she became single, and can Nick please just be nice to him?
Nick, good wingman that he is, agrees.

Meanwhile, Winston is in the other room playing word association games
with Paul, obviously testing him.

Schmidt and Cece are in the kitchen preparing dinner. Schmidt apparently has
very OCD-like issues with the cleanliness of his food. Cece picks up on this
and begins tormenting him by dipping her unwashed hands in everything.

Paul, meanwhile, is bonding with Winston on the couch, showing each other pictures
of their beloved deceased grandparents. Schmidt needs something from the store, since
Cece has touched some of his ingredients, rendering them useless. Jess volunteers Nick to take Paul
to pick up what they need.

Nick is very clearly unimpressed and annoyed with Paul as they travel to the store.

Back at the apartment, Schmidt reaches critical mass when Cece puts mashed potatoes
on his nose, and flips out on her. Nick and Paul return, and the turkey blows up in the dryer,
filling the apartment with smoke. Everyone has had it by this point and
decide to go to the bar. Paul talks them into staying and eating the meal they'd been working
so hard on. Jess has the keys to a vacationing neighbor's apartment, so they
decide to use that for dinner.

Everyone goes into the other apartment, but Jess pulls Nick aside outside and lays into
him for not being nice to Paul. She flips out and yells about how she likes
Paul and wants to have sex with him "big time" and lists all of the ridiculous
things she wants to do with him. Nick tells Jess it doesn't matter what he thinks of Paul.
Winston pops his head out the door and informs them everyone has heard everything
they said out here. Nick and Jess go inside. Awkward! Jess tries covering it up by
telling Paul that she and Nick were rehearsing for a play called "Big Time", about a guy named Paul.
Paul plays along, but obviously doesn't buy it.

Schmidt is still freaking out in the kitchen. Cece tells Jess that she thinks
she's into Schmidt, and was turned on when he yelled at her earlier. Paul comes over
and serenades Jess with his violin. She tells him she's glad he stuck around despite
overhearing what she was yelling outside.

Meanwhile, Cece is tormenting Schmidt in the kitchen again, trying to get him to
yell at her some more.

Paul asks Jess if she and Nick were ever an item, as he doesn't want to get between
them if that's the case. When she says no, he says good, as he'd like to see her

Paul goes to use the bathroom as everyone sits down to dinner, and comes running
back into the room screaming "dead body!" over and over again. Seems the
resident of the house went on vacation, alright. A permanent one. That does it for the night,
dinner is cancelled, and Paul goes home.

The roommates are in line at Best Buy waiting for the Black Friday sale to open.
Jess is upset the night didn't work out. Paul shows up with his violin, and with sandwiches in
hand for everyone. A customer in back of them yells at him for cutting in line; Nick fires back
at the guy and then vacates his spot for Paul, going to the back of the line.
The rest of the group follow him to the back of the line, and Jess and Paul are acting their goofy selves.