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'The Awesomes' Renewed for Third Season

The Awesomes!

Four episodes into its second season, Hulu has renewed its original comedy animated series 'The Awesomes' for a third season.

The series currently premieres on Hulu on Mondays, and revolves around a group of third-string superheroes attempting to carry on the legacy of The Awesomes, the world's greatest superhero team. Leading them is Prock (Seth Meyers, co-creator with Mike Shoemaker), the son of the team's former leader Mr. Awesome. Prock's team of superheroes each has their personality disorders and emotional problems, but despite those they come together to battle the likes of evil mind-controller Dr. Malocchio and his son Giuseppe Jr., aka "Purseman" because of the magical flying purse his mother gave him.

After the team defeated Dr. Malocchio (Bill Hader) in the first season, the second season has so far revolved  aroudn the efforts of his son to put together a team of super-villains to take down the Awesomes. Giuseppe Jr. is unaware that Mr. Awesome is secretly holding his father in an orbital satellite and is attempting to cure hm of his evil ways. Meanwhile, Prock has a girlfriend, unaware that his former presumed-dead love interest and traitor Hotwire is secretly Metal Fella, a new armor-clad vigilante.

That description doesn't come close to describing all of the parodies, homages, and jokes in any given 23 minute episode. For more information, see here or just watch the show.

Other voice actors on the show include Kenan Thompson, Steve Higgens, and Ike Barinholtz.

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- Kenan Thompson
- Steve Higgins
- Bill Hader
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Written by: Van Troughton
Aug 19th, 2014, 5:11 am

Images courtesy of hulu

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