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UKTV Reveals New Season of Programming at UKTV Live

Yesterday I had the privelege of attending the new season launch of UKTV. UKTV operates the following channels in the UK -

UKTV Logos

Viewership of the network of channels has increased by 16% in the past year. The trend looks set to continue, with new commissions and returning acquisitions. Here we present a rundown of the new season of programming.

New Original Shows

Ancient Black Ops

YESTERDAY - Wednesday 17th September at 10pm

In a new co-production, this show explore covert operations of elite troops and hit squads from throughout history.

Katherine Mills: Mind Games

WATCH - Thursday 2nd October at 9pm

Psychological illusionist Katherine Mills has a brand new show on WATCH. In each episode Katherine travels up and down the UK performing spectacular displays of mind magic.

The Dog Hotel

WATCH - Tuesday 14th October, Time TBA

This show follows Matt and Leon who are planning to introduce five-star doggy glamour to Brighton, by opening a Hollywood inspired pooch paradise. The hotel plans to include its own gym, beauty parlour and boutique bedrooms.

Storage Hunters UK

Dave - Tuesday 28th October, Time TBA

Sean Kelly brings the high-bidding auction show to the UK, with a brand new original cast. The US version of the show has proved a ratings hit for the channel, who are hoping that the UK version of the show will be just as successful.

WWII Air Crash Investigators

YESTERDAY - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Gareth Barnard hosts this new co-production, in which he attempts to discover how young Airmen from the second world war died in catastrophic air accidents and training crashes.

Monty Python: The Meaning Of Live and Monty Python's Best Bits (Mostly)

GOLD - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

A new documentary will air this November, as award-winning director Roger Graef follows the five surviving members of the cast of Monty Python as they reunite for a final live performance.

Alongside this new special, celebrity fans and members of cast will revisit their favourite Monty Python moments in a new five part series, with Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas appearing in the show.

Bin There, Dump That

WATCH - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Following some of the more amusing characters who work within Britain's waste disposal industry. This new 6x30 part series will begin airing on WATCH later this year.

Format Lab

WATCH - Late 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Format Lab is the name of WATCH's new pilot season, the five pilots will air later this year.

Seven Envelopes

Seven unprepared contestants have to agree to be filmed all day long, they are then given a envelope which contains some money - but they have no idea how much money is in the envelope until the end of the day.

Honey I Bought The House

This show follows a couple given a £15,000 deposit to get them onto the property ladder. However they are then seperated and one of them has to secure a property in three weeks, or they risk losing the deposit altogether.

Who Repairs Wins

Following a group of the UK's most colourful tradesmen as they compete against one another for unconvential, but potentially big money making jobs.

Memory Slam

Follows the gifted youngsters taking part in the final of the UK schools Memory Championship.

Supersize My Job

People are challenged to take on new skills and experiences within the workplace, as we follow a pint-puller from a village pub attempting to be a mixologist in a top London bar.

UFOs Declassified

YESTERDAY - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

This co-production opens up closed government files, containing the truth behind mystery and legends surrounding extra terrestrial activities.

Weekend Warriors

YESTERDAY - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

A co-production celebrating the eccentricity of the British, as cameras follow battle re-enactors. Each episode of the six part series will follow a different group of battle re-enactors, including those who portray the English Civil war and the Napoleonic Wars.

Hoff The Record

Dave - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

David Hasselhoff arrives in the UK, hoping to appear in a upcoming biopic of his life and relaunch his career. However he soon realises that his rise back to fame may not be as easy as he first thought as he finds himself auditioning to play himself. The semi-improvised comedy is a unique experiment blurring real life footage and improvised comedy pieces.

Singing In The Rainforest

WATCH - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Glasvegas and Myleene Klass have been announced as appearing in the new show on WATCH, which sees top music talent ditch their life of luxury to perform a intimate show for remote tribes around the world.

World's Most Talented

WATCH - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Laura Jackson and David Brain present a new show, as they travel around the globe, searching for the most talented person or people in a particular country.

Returning Shows:

Most Haunted Series 15 & 16

REALLY - Thursday 21st August at 10pm (Series 16 Exact Date and Time TBA)

Yvette Fielding and her team of ghost hunters have made the successful transition from Sky to the UKTV family, as the fifteenth series continues on REALLY. Each week the team enter a supposedly haunted location, often with celebrity guests to discover what supernatural behaviour is occuring at the location. A sixteenth series of the show has also been commissioned.

Dynamo: Magician Impossible Series 4

WATCH - Thursday 4th September at 9pm

The fourth and final series of Dynamo's show began airing on WATCH last night. Dynamo journey's around the world performing magic for celebrities including One Direction, Coldplay and Irrfan Khan.

Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish

Dave - Tuesday 9th September at 10pm

Dave Gorman presents a extended second series of his blend of stand-up and documentary features. This series topics covered include prolific celebrity journalists, meaningless world records, spam emails, chewing gum ad campaigns and government e-petitions.

Choccywoccydoodah: Starstruck Series 2

WATCH - Thursday 18th September at 8pm

The late Joan Rivers, Wesley Snipes, Mel C, Richard Brandson and Derren Brown are just some of the big names who approach the London cake shop in the second series of the show. Each celebrity gives the team a brief and they then have to design and bake them a cake. The show will also follow the bakery's expansion into a new Brighton location.

Red Bull

Dave - Various Dates and Times

X-Fighters - Sunday 21st September at 6pm

The show makes it's return to the channel, following stunt performers in spectacular locations.

Soapbox Race - Late 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

The international event follows amateur drivers as they race homemade soapbox vehicles against one another.

Cliff Diving - Late 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Divers leap from a board 28 metres above the sea, performing incredible diving stunts in locations including Brazil, Ireland and Cuba.

Crackanory Series 2

Dave - Wednesday 24th September at 10pm

The second series of 'Crackanory' will feature story-telling talent such as Simon Callow, Ben Miller, Ruby Wax, Meera Syal and Katherine Parkinson. Each of the six episodes features two storytellers, and a ensemble cast performing the story. The show will feature guest appearances from Michael Fish and Tony Way. As well as the final TV appearance of the late Rik Mayall who appears as a storyteller.

Forbidden History Series 2

YESTERDAY - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Jamie Theakston returns with a new series of the show that explores history's most contentious secrets. The second series will explore the lost city of Petra and the Nazis involvement in building a spacecraft designed to produce electromagnetic disruptions.

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled Series 2

Dave - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Alan Davies will present a extended run of his nightly talk show. In each episode Alan is joined by a panel of four comedians who discuss absolutely anything that comes into their heads. Alan is given one interesting fact about each of his guests who then base a conversation around anything they like.

Ross Noble Freewheeling Series 2

Dave - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Ross Noble leaves his fate in the hands of the public in a second series of the show, which follows him and his crew journeying across the UK based on his followers tweets. Ross confirmed that Alan Carr will make an appearance in the second series of the show.

You, Me & Them Series 2

GOLD - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Anthony Head and Eve Myles return in the roles of Ed and Lauren, a couple madly in love, despite the 20 year age gap between the pair. A number of undisclosed cameos will be made in the scripted sitcom's second series.

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Series 3

WATCH - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

David Attenborough's natura show returns early next year, shining the spotlight on nature's most extraordinary species. This series wlll focus on unlikely pairings, including a cheetah and a flea. Throughout the new series, David will follow the behaviour of ravens, orangutans, anacondas, whales and flamingos.

New Acquisitions

The Strain

WATCH - Wednesday 17th September at 10pm

A drama based on a Guillermo Del Torro novel, which follows what happens next after a plane lands in New York City with everyone on board dead.

The Sixties

YESTERDAY - October 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

A exploration of the era, with a team of executive producers comprised of Gary Goetzman, Mark Herzog and Tom Hanks. This documentary series explores how the era became such a period of consequence.


eden - October 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

This show follows the world's most fearsome conquerors - the pine processionary caterpillar, the lionfish, the king crab and the fire ant.

Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

Good Food - October 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Rachel Allen presents a decadant journey through homemade delights in a seires full of tasty treats.

David Rocco's India

Good Food - October 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

David Rocco who is renowned for his Italian culinary skills, embarks on a culinary journey across India.

Donut Showdown

Good Food - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Danny Boome presents the cooking competition that follows doughnut makers from across North America as they compete against one another, hoping to be crowned the ultimate doughnut producer.

The Great Rift

eden - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA
A 6,000 kilometre long fault line appeared along the surface of the Earth 35 million years ago. This show explores the beautiful landscapes that have formed along the fault line. 

Tornado Alley

eden - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

Following amazing eyewitness stories, paired with expert interviews and experiments that relay extraordinary natural weather events.

Hurricane 360

eden - November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

The show follows every angle of the extreme weather event. Also hearing first hand accounts of those who have survived a hurricane.


WATCH - Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

This new drama follows the abduction of some of Washington D.C.'s most powerful players.

Returning Acquisitions

Perception Season 3 on alibi, Thursday 11th September at 10pm

Suits Season 4 on Dave, Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 on alibi, Early 2015, Exact Date and Time TBA

Drama has also acquired a number of classic UK Shows:

North & South, October 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

The Forsyte Saga Series 2, November 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

The Great Train Robbery, December 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

United, December 2014, Exact Date and Time TBA

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