Spoilers: Find Out Why The cast of Geordie Shore Are Making Origami Birds

We have the rundown on tonight's episode of 'Geordie Shore' as Anna has a punishment for the drunken disaster's the team turned into under Vicky's rule last week. In the form of origami birds.

Scott: The phone’s going off and it’s blatantly gonna be Anna. It’s the first anyone’s heard from her since Paris. I wouldn’t wanna be Vicky’s ear right now because I bet it’s getting bitten clean off!

Anna: Vicky, I’ve had complaints for Paris about the Tash on Tours job you did.
Vicky: Sh*t! Someone’s grassed us to Anna about being p*ssed in Paris. I bet it was Gary the brown nosing b*llend.

Anna: I’ve been asked to do a Japanese themed event but I need 200 origami birds made and seeing as you’ve let us down, I’ll let you over see it okay?

Vicky: It may be my fault we’re doing this, but I’m getting everyone involved, because misery loves company.

Marnie: What the f**k is origami? I can’t even say it, let alone do it!
Scott: This is a pure liberty this, like. Don’t get me wrong, I love folding birds, but not of the paper variety.
Vicky: This is a little bit more difficult than I initially anticipated and I know that these brain dead imbeciles are not going to able to f**king do this.

Aaron: Vicky getting drunk in Paris means we’ve got to make 200 origami birds to save our jobs? F**k off!

This week Charlotte also has some news for the group, when she tells everyone her and Mitch are over;

Charlotte: I’m so excited to get back into the house ‘cause I know the girls are gonna be so supportive and I need all of that bunch around us to take me mind off of everything.
Charlotte [to the group]: We’re finished.
Scott: Charlotte’s just rocked back in and she’s telling us all that she’s broke up with Mitch, this is big, big news.
Charlotte: I’m single and I’m scared. I know that it’s gonna be hard and I’m gonna have good days and really really bad days, cause I truly feel in my heart of hearts it’s over now.

Holly: Charlotte and Mitch are actually over and I can’t believe it. I thought he would have fought for her.
Charlotte: I text him when I got out saying ‘I think we need to talk’ and he just text back saying ‘I’ll save you the bother and I’ll cut the bullsh*t; we’re over.’

Gaz: The next few days are gonna be tough for Charlotte, but no matter what happens, I’ll be here for her and so will her Geordie Shore family.

However, things soon get pretty steamy for Gaz and Charlotte;

Gaz: After everything that happened in Paris and Charlotte splitting up with Mitch, I’m starting to think, sh*t, there could be something there between us.
Charlotte: I’ll always be close to Gary and he is so special to us and I’m worried it’s gonna be difficult for us to stay away.

Vicky: Charlotte’s first single night back in the house and she’s all over Gary like a cheap suit. She looks like such a smitten kitten and instantly I smell trouble.
Charlotte: Me and Gary have not been close for a year and a half and now all of a sudden it’s like nothing even has changed. It’s like it’s always been like this – what the f**k?
Gary: Charlotte’s just became single, I thought we’d have a laugh together and eventually get flirting. I didn’t think it’d happen 6 hours after we she became single!

Gary: I feel like I need to remove myself from the situation, brush my teeth and go to bed, but no, here comes Charlotte!
Charlotte: Me and Gary are brushing each other’s teeth. This is so romantic!
Gary: I’m kissing Charlotte. I literally feel like I’ve gone back in time and I kind of like it.

Meanwhile Marnie doesn't take her punishment very well and blames Vicky for ruining the job in the first place;

Vicky [to the group]: There’s going to start to be punishments if I don’t think one of you is performing well at work. Bearing that in mind, last night, Marnie, I asked you to do the lip syncing game with a single and you refused. Unfortunately, today I’m gonna ask you to clean the kitchen.
Marnie: I’m not cleaning everyone’s sh*tty f**king plates up and especially for boss b*tch Vicky.
Vicky: Marnie, your marigolds are calling!

Vicky: I get back from work and who would have thought it, the kitchen’s still a pig sty. Well done Marnie you lazy b*nt.
Marnie: Vicky’s just stormed in the room, woke us out of a deep nice sleep and kicked off at us about not cleaning the kitchen. Who the f**k does she think she is? I’m pretending that I don’t care but I’m f**king burning inside. I f**king hate her.

Vicky: If you think it’s so funny, Marnie, you can stay in tonight and clean the entire kitchen and if it’s not done when I come back you will stay in every night until it’s cleaned.

Vicky: I don’t know who she thinks she’s kicking off at! She’s gonna wash those dishes and if she’s not f**king careful I’m gonna haul her in the dishwasher and all.
Marnie: Vicky’s taken this boss role way too far.

'Geordie Shore' continues tonight 10pm on MTV

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Written by: TomSouthwell
Nov 18th, 2014, 5:10 am

Images courtesy of MTV. Geordie Shore continues tonight 10pm on MTV.

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