Shayne Ward reveals what the future holds for Aidan

Shayne Ward talks about what the future holds for Aidan after he catches Eva looking for Martha's passport at the the O’Driscolls after they are invited there for dinner. Coronation Street can be seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on ITV.

How are things going between Aidan and Eva?

It’s been pretty fun between Aidan and Eva, lots of playful flirting and I think people have started to presume they’re together but they’re actually not officially a couple as yet. They did kiss at New Year and spent the night together but then she blanked him, which resulted in Aidan getting a pint thrown over his head. It’s quite a fun but fiery relationship.

Does he see a serious future between them? Or is it just a bit of fun?

He’s just having a bit of fun but I think it’s different for Eva, I think she really likes Aidan.

How much does he know about Marta’s backstory and what does he think about Eva trying to help her – is he concerned?

He thinks Eva’s crazy that she could even think that the O’Driscolls would be trafficking girls to work for them and taking their passports off them. It’s the silliest thing he’s ever heard and it gets to the point where it’s causing friction between them. She thinks he’s crazy to get involved because there’s much bigger things at stake here because she’s making claims about the O’Driscolls and their potential business is what’s keep Underworld from going under at the minute. This is the biggest order they’ve had in a long time so he’s not really prepared to listen. 

Can you talk us through what happens when they go to the O’Driscolls’ for dinner?

They go for dinner at the O’Driscolls, Eva goes to the loo then she disappears. Aidan goes out looking for her and he finds her in their office rooting around for Marta’s passport. He had no idea what she was planning to do and when he finds her rummaging in a filing cabinet he’s like ‘what are you doing?!’ Then she pulls out a passport which she thinks is Marta’s, just as the O’Driscolls walk in! In fact it turns out to be Julia’s passport and then they’re in trouble for rifling through their private property. 

How do Eva and Aidan react when they’re caught out?

Eva’s on a mission, she’s convinced that Marta is being kept as a slave, but Aidan who has no idea is mortified, he’s about to sign the biggest deal he’s ever brokered so he’s also very angry. They end up getting thrown out of the house and Richie O’Driscoll tells Aidan he’ll be going to his dad about this.

What impact could this have on the factory?

After Carla gambled away a lot of money at the factory Aidan came in and invested in the business, they’ve just about being staying afloat but now with this order that he's brought in it’s like ‘the boy’s done good’ and if this order goes ahead it's going  to secure everyone’s future. 

How does Aidan’s meeting with Richie go? How does he react when Richie demands that he sack Eva?

Aidan’s in the office, Richie walks in with Johnny, Aidan puts out his hand to shake and Richie just totally blanks him. Aidan knows he’s in trouble here! Richie just can’t believe that as guests they would go rifling through his house, and they would even think that he’s keeping a slave. Aidan explains it was all Eva and that he has to believe him and luckily Richie turns round and says he’s not going to pull the order but he has to sack Eva. Aidan knows he’s going to have to do it and he’s torn between his personal feelings towards her and not wanting to hurt her, but also his professional side and wanting to impress his dad and Richie O’Driscoll. So it hits him hard, he knows business with Richie O'Driscoll could really go somewhere but there’s also potential for a serious relationship with Eva. He’s really torn.

What affect is this going to have on their relationship?

Looking at Eva’s past, and how fiery she can be, also the fact that she’s convinced that Marta is being kept as a slave yet she gets sacked for it, then not good. If Aidan sacks her from the factory, then she’s going to know he believed the O’Driscolls over her and that’s not going to go down well. 

Do you think Aidan and Eva make a good couple?

Yeah I do, there’s something great about their partnership. Aidan is quite fiery, although I think he can be misunderstood as he just wants to be taken seriously on the business front, he’s also not the settling down type but I think he can see there could be something quite special between him and Eva. Whereas I think Eva’s the sort of person who falls head over heels straight away. But they’ve got a great partnership, when Aidan gets angry she can calm him down, when she gets crazy he can calm her down.

Do you think Aidan makes the right decision by sacking Eva? What would you do in that situation?

He’s in a no win situation, he does try to say to Richie ‘come on the girl knows she’s done wrong’  but he’s not prepared to move on until she’s gone. So was Aidan right? I’d say yes because at this moment in time there’s nothing to back up her story and Aidan has to think about other people whose livelihoods are at stake in the factory. 

What else is coming up for Aidan?

Billy the vicar gets involved next and it doesn’t end here. Eva’s adamant that Marta’s being kept as a slave against her will so her and Billy return to the O’Driscolls to do some investigating and everything just totally erupts to the point where Aidan is drawn back in and everything goes a little bit crazy.


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Written by: Ben Drummond
Feb 23rd, 2016, 3:22 am

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