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Arrivals, Returns, & Departures - 07/09/2012

Jeff Daniels in The Newsroom

Hello TV Ragers, and welcome to your semi-regular update on all the pilots, renewals, and cancellations that have taken place since the last issue was published. Let's get started with:


Devious Maids, Lifetime - This Marc Cherry created drama is based on a Mexican telenovela, and explores the complicated lives of five ambitious Beverly Hills maids, all of whom work for high profile clients. The large ensemble cast includes daytime legend Susan Lucci (in her first primetime leading role), Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz, Scrubs' Judy Reyes, Entourage's Dania Ramirez, Without A Trace's Roselyn Sanchez, Melrose Place's Grant Show, and more.


Dallas, TNT, Season 2 - I assumed this revival of the classic series would be successful, but I never saw it being such a big hit. The first few episodes set ratings records for TNT, and its renewal was quickly assured. This show is really managing to bridge the generation gap, as young people are tuning in, as are viewers who would have been in the 18-34 demos when the original series aired.

Duck Dynasty, A&E, Season 2 - This reality series is about the lives of Robertson family, a group of self-made multimillionaires that made their fortune creating various products used in duck hunting. These type of "backwoods elite" reality shows seem to be the new trend on cable.

Eastbound & Down, HBO, Season 4 - E&D's renewal marks a bizarre course switch for the show, as the creators and star weren't very subtle about declaring that season three would be the last we would see of Kenny Powers. I doubt most fans will mind in the end though.

Impractical Jokers, TruTV, Season 2 - This largely improvised series follows a group of four friends who compete against each other in various comedic challenges in order to meet required goals, all the while dealing with the reactions of the everyday people they encounter during their pranks. Like all shows of this type, the comedy is very hit and miss, but it's made me Laugh out loud a few times.

Longmire, A&E, Season 2 - This modern western spotlights Sheriff Walt Longmire, head lawman of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt's wife recently passed away, and he's returning to work as the series begins. His daughter, deputy, and best friend Henry all offer support to Longmire as he attempts to solve a series of major crimes happening in his jurisdiction. Fighting crime isn't Longmire's only worry though, as he must prepare for an competitive re-election battle if he wants to keep his job.

Men At Work, TBS, Season 2 - This Breckin Meyer comedy chronicles the lives of Milo Foster (That 70's Show's Danny Masterson), and his three best friends Tyler (Michael Cassidy), Neal (Adam Busch), and Gibbs (James Lesure). Milo recently got dumped by his long-time girlfriend, and now turns to his pals for help in re-entering the crazy world of dating. The four friends also work together at the same magazine, hence the title. While critics have thrashed the series, audiences seem to dig it.

The Newsroom, HBO, Season 2 - After only the first episode aired, this Aaron Sorkin drama was picked up for round two. I've only seen the first show, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. As an unabashed liberal, I can agree with a lot of the politics involved, but Jeff Daniels' character seems like (to put it bluntly) kind of an a-hole. His performance in the role is good, but I find the character himself off-putting.

Rizzoli & Isles, TNT, Season 4 - Rizzoli & Isles is a procedural drama that stars Law & Order's Angie Harmon as tough, tomboy-ish Boston Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli, and NCIS' Sasha Alexander as her colleague, best friend, and Chief Medical Examiner Maura Isles. As the cliche goes: together, they fight crime. That's honestly about all I can tell you, as my knowledge of the series is very limited. More Angie Harmon is always welcome though.

Rookie Blue, ABC, Season 4 - This cop drama is a Canadian import, and one of the few scripted series to air on ABC during the summer months. The numbers have been good, so it's no surprise that it will be back, both on ABC and it's Canadian station Global. As a Reaper fan, it does my heart good to see that the beautiful Missy Peregrym has found further success in TV.

True Blood, HBO, Season 6 - The vampires and various night stalkers of Bon Temps, Louisiana can now rest assured that they can continue to suck blood and other various bodily fluids for another year. Although I don't think anyone thought it would be going anywhere. Anna Paquin nude = ratings.


No shows have left us since the last AR&D was published.

And that's all for this edition. See you next time.


Message Posted On Oct 7th, 2012, 8:57 pm
I like this "Arrivals, Returns, & Departures" report. All the information I want to know about which shows are returning and which not, condensed in one place.
(Global Editor)

Level 39 (91%)
Points: 17879.2
Since: 07/Jul/10
Message Posted On Jul 10th, 2012, 8:00 pm

Very well stated Anamon. Just because I wrote that I lean liberal above, doesn't mean that I don't hate the whole "team" mentality that you mention. That said, The Newsroom clearly does lean left (Aaron Sorkin is a noted leftie), and I was just stating that my problems with the show have nothing to do with its politics. Although, I have only seen the first episode so far, maybe I should give it another shot.

To MCW, you guys asked, I complied. Never say I don't value my readers.


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Since: 03/Jan/10
Message Posted On Jul 10th, 2012, 11:24 am

Thanks for getting back to the single paginated version of the ARD :)


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Since: 26/Apr/11
Message Posted On Jul 10th, 2012, 7:12 am

Glad to hear that Longmire and The Newsroom will be continued. Those were the only two new shows of the season that I liked.


I don't see the point of "liberal politics" regarding The Newsroom though, as stated by the article's author. They address a return of journalism and political debate to the facts (which is why it's a fictional news programme and not a real one...). Exchange of researched and well-founded arguments to arrive at a solution—instead of cheap name-calling, childish attacks and deliberate misinformation and sedition for personal gain and party politics—from any direction of the political spectrum. If you actually care about the issues and solutions, are open to discussion and open to new information, you'll be called a liberal by stupid conservatives, and a conservative by stupid liberals. That's exactly what's wrong with politics these days; most prominently, but not exclusively in the US. It's what Stephen Colbert calls "factose intolerant". The fact that such a large part of the population actually thinks that being "anti-intellectual" is something to be proud of—how did we get to that point?


It's not about liberalism, nor conservatism. It's about common sense, and solving problems rather than approaching politics like a sports match, where loyalty to your team must not be questioned and "winning" against an "opponent" is everything.

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