Exclusive - David Morgan talks about being a team captain on Safeword

I was lucky enough to catch up with David Morgan ahead of the new series of Safeword which returns for a second series next week on ITV2. Katherine Ryan and David Morgan are the team captains on the outrageously competitive panel show that pushes celebrities to their limits. The only thing that can save them is if they use their Safeword to make it all stop. The new series an be seen on Thursday evenings at 10pm from June 2nd.

So for any new viewers, can you tell us about the premise of the show?

We say things about celebrities in a way to make them think that it is lively and feel bad and we kind of take the mick out of them until they ask us to stop.

Do you think the show can be quite humiliating for those being roasted?

I don’t think it is humiliating, I think it is more celebratory as I don’t think we say anything that makes them feel awful because then it makes for a bad show and we don’t really want any walk outs.

Why do you think some of the celebrities don’t use their Safeword when things become too much for them?

They are fiercely competitive in a way we were not expecting. All of the celebrities want to win and we forget that it is a competition but they really want to win the game.

Why do you think the viewers love the show?

I think people like jokes and our show is entirely jokes. Whenever we open our mouths it should end in a punch line and that I think that is quite rare for a panel show.

Are there any celebrities that you would really like to see appear on Safeword?

I want to see the Spice Girls. I want to see Mel B verses Mel C as I think they would be the best ones at it. It would be hilarious and amazing.

What makes a good guest?

The ones you think are going to do really well come on the show and aren’t as good as you imagined and then other people can blow everyone away like Brian McFadden. I wasn’t expecting him to be as good as we was. He came prepared and he had jokes written and that was amazing.

Are there any changes to the format for the second series?

The roast round is now just a roast and instead of picking a subject we just take turns. It is much better for us because we can format it and the roast gets a bit harsher.

Who can we expect to see on the second series?

Jamie Laing, he was quite fun and is adorable but it was like kicking a puppy.

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Written by: Ben Drummond
May 29th, 2016, 12:32 pm

Images courtesy of itv2