Paul Robinson in the dock

On June 6th, Neighbours villain, Paul Robinson, makes his long-awaited appearance in court as he fights for his freedom.  Since the Lassiter's explosion, which resulted in the deaths of Josh and Doug Willis, first aired on Channel 5 on April 4th, the one-time innocent engineering student and Trolley Dolly has become prime suspect in the manslaughter case, with even his former lover Terese believing he is guilty and plotting his downfall by bribing Cecilia.

And yet, throughout this time, and despite the overwhelming evidence against him (why else would he wipe the CCTV footage?), Paul has protested his innocence, desperately searching for an alternative culprit. He's even managed to convince a sceptical Steph and Piper. But can we really believe him? After all, in his 30 year residency in Erinsborough, this is a man who has been behind some of the biggest scandals to hit the cul-de-sac including at least one murder - see below.

Could it be that Paul is finally getting his much-deserved comeuppance? Channel 5 is asking viewers via Twitter whether they believe Paul is guilty of the Lassiter's blast by Tweeting #FreePaul or #PunishPaul during the course of his trial.

Channel 5 Commissioner Greg Barnett said: "Is this the storyline that could finally make us all feel sorry for Ramsay Street's resident lothario, or can Neighbours' notorious baddie wriggle his way out of it yet again. Paul Robinson's trial is a thrilling watch and the outcome will have lasting consequences."

Neighbours Executive Producer, Jason Herbison added: "Paul has risen from the ashes many times before, however could a grieving mother, Terese, be his undoing?  This could be a whole new chapter for Paul Robinson and there are still a lot of unanswered questions so stayed tuned."

Top 10 Paul Robinson scandals

1.      Paul got brother-in-law Philip Martin involved in a fraudulent scheme and had to flee to Brazil to escape jail, while Philip took the rap.
2.      He almost manipulated the residents of Ramsay Street into selling their properties to private enterprise Affirmacon so that they can build a shopping complex on the site of the cul-de-sac.
3.      He polluted the local Wetlands with toxic chemicals in order to get the land cheaply, to further build his empire.
4.      In 2004 Paul returned to Erinsborough and sets fire to Lassiters , killing Gus Cleary when Gus caught him in the act of Arson.
5.      Paul, together with deranged lover Izzy Hoyland, planted explosives in a fruit van almost killing Carmella and Oliver
6.      Paul bought the Erinsborough News and turned it into a sleazy tabloid paper that reported on scandal after scandal of the local residents. He eventually had to step down as Editor when it was discovered he was falsifying stories
7.      During the Erinsborough bushfires, Paul left Kirsten for dead after taking her 4x4 to escape the blaze.
8.      Paul got revenge on teenager Josh Willis for sleeping with his ex, Naomi Canning, by planting drugs in his sports bag
9.      In 2015 Paul planned to close Erinsborough High so that he could sell the land and push through a luxury housing development
10.     Earlier this year Paul swapped Steph Scully's medication for psychotropic drugs in order to get her re-sectioned and away from Ramsay Street                  

And let's not forget

......Paul Robinson, serial womanizer, fathered psychopath Robert, who sought to kill him for abandoning him and his siblings Cameron and Elle as children. Robert's actions caused chaos and destruction on Ramsay Street, kidnapping his father, bombing a plane that caused the deaths of Harold Bishop's family, and ultimately ended in the death of his twin Cameron!                  

Neighbours airs Monday-Friday on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm. Find out about what the Erinsborough jury decides and Paul's fate by tuning in from June 6th.

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Written by: Ben Drummond
May 31st, 2016, 11:32 am

Images courtesy of Channel 5

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