American Horror Story Brings "Rubber Man" Out for Seconds in New Clip!

American Horror Story's "Rubber Man" will have his days of anonymity come to an end this Wednesday night when FX unleashes the latest entry into it's horror-filled first season, the appropriately titled "Rubber Man!" Episode previews have teased the reveal, but who really lies beneath the mask of the enigmatic Rubber Man, likely the true father of Vivien Harmon (Connie Briton)'s unborn twins?

The latest clip from American Horror Story’s ninth episode sees the ghostly Hayden (Kate Mara) continuing to plot against Vivien, awakening the mother in the dead of night in a haze, and demanding the babies in her womb! But when the dazed Vivien refuses, who should Hayden unleash upon the unwitting woman but the Rubber Man himself, claiming him to be the true father of the babies and back for a second go in bed!

After all the commotion of last week’s “Open House,” “Rubber Man” sees Vivien starting to lose her marbles as the pressures of her pregnancy, deteriorating relationship with Ben (Dylan McDermott) and the horrors of the house all press on her. “Rubber Man” also sees the return of Zachary Quinto as Chad, one of the former owners of the house along with his partner Pat (Teddy Sears), both themselves candidates for the true identity of the Rubber Man.

Check out the latest clip from this Wednesday’s “Rubber Man” as Vivien awakens to find the deceased Hayden hovering over her, and hazily asks what the troubled youth wants from her family now that she and Ben have already separated!

Will Hayden and the Rubber Man win the day and take Vivien’s potentially demonic twins for their own, or will Ben rush in to his former home to save the day? Or perhaps Luke (Morris Chestnut), Vivien’s home security officer? And seriously, who is the Rubber Man? Tune into “Rubber Man” for the latest on these burning questions!

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX, 10pm / 9 Central.

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Written by: TVKevLance
Nov 21st, 2011, 7:38 pm

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