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Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson Episode 2 review

Last week’s season premiere featured the Fights to Get Into the House (TM Dana White). Coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson then chose their teams.

This episodes starts with the fighters moving into the house.

Julian Lane (who sports a red-ish, Dan Hardy-like Mohawk) got into it with Matt Secor at the house. At least he’s not wearing a stupid little derby on his head like one of the competitors on the new Brits vs. Aussie version of the show.

We also saw plenty of your typical TUF training montages, along with the weigh-in. After 16 seasons, there’s not much of this stuff we haven’t seen before, which is part of the problem with this series- we’ve already seen it all. And at this point there isn’t much undiscovered MMA talent in the U.S. that isn’t fighting in UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator.

Later Nelson’s team pulled the first prank of the season, as they set up flour over the door awaiting Carwin’s team’s return. Mike is the victim, though he kind of deserves it for wearing sunglasses at night. He dumps more flour on Julian and Colton as payback.

Neil Magny vs. Cameron Diffley

Round one: Team Carwin’s Magny dominated early with strikes, and block a takedown in the third minute. Diffley tried to get a triangle and grabbed for a kneebar. Magny fought out, trying a triangle of his own from the guard.

Round two: Both fighters were tentative to start round two. Magny landed some jabs, then takes the action to the mat. He passed guard and tried for a choke, but both men stood with each other to end the fight.

Magny via unanimous decision (all 20-18). Not much else to note, though it’s nice to see Arianny Celeste in there, possibly before she spent a night in the clink.

Diffley vowed to work harder and come back.

Next week: the second welterweight quarterfinal! Whistling! Mattresses in the pool! How can I possibly wait six more days?!

- FX

Written by: KurtK26
Sep 22nd, 2012, 5:51 am

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