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Review: The Ultimate Fighter: Carwin vs. Nelson Episode 3

More of the same was the name of the game in Episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter: Carwin vs. Nelson.

Joey Rivera

The show began with dissention in the house between Nic Herron-Webb, who apparently is a night owl, and some of Team Carwin, who were upset that he woke them. Mike Ricci in particular seemed to want to fight Herron-Webb, and this segment seemingly foreshadowed them fighting…

But not on this episode at least. What a c-tease. Instead, it’s Nelson’s Joey Rivera vs. Carwin’s Sam Alvey. Rivera said he was from Arizona, where all there is to do is train and go to the bars. I’ve been to the state, albeit as a tourist, and that’s undoubtedly not true. They have the freakin’ Grand Canyon, an MLB team and spring league and pro and college football teams.

His opponent was Wisconsin’s own Alvey, who confoundingly dates an “American’s Next Top Model” winner. Alvey scored an impressive knockout to earn his spot in the house. Alvey’s bed ended up in the pool by the other team, because that sort of thing has to happen on this show. Alvey vowed to “stab some bitches” for revenge.

The fight itself went the distance, and although Alvey was heavily hyped by the show, Dana White and the coaches on the premiere, Alvey got eliminated. Rivera, on the other hand, has barely been featured so far.  More pointless buildup, which is especially perplexing since this season unlike the last one has already been fully taped ahead of time.

Changes definitely need to be made to spice this show up, and I don’t see any coming during this season. If the UFC and Fox insist on keeping this show going, they really need to make radical changes to differentiate the next season from the last.My suggestion is another Comeback season like Season 4, featuring former UFC fighters or, now, former TUF competitors. 

- The Ultimate Fighter
- FX

Written by: KurtK26
Sep 29th, 2012, 6:28 am

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