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'The League' Cast Previews Season 4

While many are understandably looking forward to heavy hitters like "The Walking Dead," one return hopefully won't slip under viewers' collective radar. FX's "The League" has been consistently one of the funniest, most absurd series on television for three seasons running and looks to spike it in the end zone once again with its fourth season starting tonight. From guest stars to Shiva Blasts, cast and crew of the ensemble comedy chimed in on what we can expect to see.

“The stuff we’ve been doing this year has felt as funny or funnier than anything so far,” Nick Kroll (Ruxin) told The Hollywood Reporter. “Everyone writes to each other and plays to each other so well -- it’s as dirty and insane as ever."

Notable guest stars have been highlights in seasons past, from Ray Liotta's Mr. Hudabega to Seth Rogen's Dirty Randy, so expect to see more colorful guest-stars this year. “Robert Wagner as Pete’s grandfather is great. You’ll also meet Kevin and Taco’s mom, who is played by Julia Duffy of 'Newhart' fame,” series co-creator Jackie Marcus Schaffer said. “Rupert Ruxin (Jeff Goldblum) provided we can work it with his schedule, he’s planning on coming back, and he has a very big gift to give our guys, let’s just say.
He’s not family, but Timothy Olyphant will also appear as a “white sushi chef.”

Another welcome return is the smooth song stylings of Taco. Following the success of "Vinegar Strokes," "Vaginal Hubris," "I'm Inside Me," and "Fear Boner," Jon Lajoie promises the hits will keep on coming. “It’s a collaboration with the creators,” Lajoie said of the writing process. “We figure out what style would be best for the song, and I go home and on my iPad or whatever I write something, put it together and send it back to them. Then we go back and forth until we find the most inappropriate version of it.”

Finally, after the unceremonious ending of last season which saw no Shiva Bowl champion and Kevin ousted as League Commissioner, expect a slighted Ruxin to rule the league as its new Commissioner with an iron fist. "Literally, the last season went up in flames. So I think this is about a rebirth,” Kroll said. “What you see with Ruxin is – I will call it the Great Compromise. When you are dealing with the gods, which is what Ruxin is, there is great vengeance and there is forgiveness where it helps and then you move on.”

Paul Scheer (Andre) adds, "People are being tortured by Ruxin unilaterally. Throughout the season, he reigns as commissioner harshly.”

And I for one welcome our new "League" overlords! Check out the season premiere tonight on FX!

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Written by: kyleiam
Oct 11th, 2012, 1:37 am

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