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Review: 'The League' Draws Wrath of Shiva

After a great kick-off to the new season last week that brought us Jenny's vinegar strokes and bouncing baby boy Chalupa Batman MacArthur, FX's "The League" turns in an awesome follow-up.

To start with, the stakes are high for our newborn this week, as the fate of his foreskin is on the line in the Jenny vs Kevin fantasy football game. Our league members are split on the circumcision debate, with the MacArthur boys Taco and Kevin in favor of keeping the hardtop while Pete and Ruxin prefer the convertible.

The League

This story boasts the biggest laughs of the episode, particularly with poor Andre quite literally divided when it comes to circumcision. Andre's always ridiculous outfits also serve the purpose of helpful visual aides this week -- whether it's his hoodies making him look like an uncircumcised dong or his polo/sweater combo making it appear as if his head is poking out of an unshaven vagina, Andre's suffering is the viewers gain.

We also see the Reign of Ruxin slowly begin to evolve from League Commissioner to Life Commissioner. Newly single friend Sutton is up for grabs on the Waiver Wire of Life, with Pete and Taco both vying for her hand. Taco's misinterpretation of the waiver wire is another funny highlight in the episode, as is his newfound wealth.

Ruxin's new power also leads into an appearance from The Shiva herself, as the weasel attempts to learn more about Andre's L'il Andre in exchange for taking her name off the esteemed League Championship. However, it's Ruxin, so the inevitable double-cross draws the ire of The Shiva. Her curse on "The League" is sure to play a big role going forward this year, as if the participants weren't cursed enough already.

Final Grade: A

- The League
- Paul Scheer
- Mark Duplass
- Katie Aselton
- Nick Kroll
- FX

Written by: kyleiam
Oct 19th, 2012, 1:38 am

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