Review: The League - 4.05 - "Judge MacArthur"

After putting on contrived, dull stories short on laughs last week, "The League" gets back on track with its latest.

The League

The big show-stealer this week is a vastly stupider Ruxin. Tired of his lording his superior brain over the group, Pete has the guys take the Wonderlic intelligence test (also taken by NFL players) to determine who is officially the smartest once and for all. Ruxin comes in a distant third behind Pete and Andre, the unforeseen effect being a mental block that manifests as a significant drop in his IQ. Stupid Ruxin is kind of the best: he makes simple grammatical errors, puts a judge's robe on backwards... it's as if Nick Kroll played Taco this week, and he did it better than Taco. Perhaps I've gone too far.

Meanwhile, since he has been deprived of his commissioner status this season, Kevin attempts to fill the void by moving toward judge status, exhibiting a truly disturbing "judge face" that legitimately looks like he's trying to pass a kidney stone.

Taco attempts to make a sweet gesture to his brother by commissioning an ice sculpture of Kevin's likeness at a party where the wannabe-judge is attempting to ingratiate himself to the powers that be. Unfortunately, Stupid Ruxin fumbles the purchase, delivering a sculpture of only Kevin's lower half, and according to Taco, he doesn't even get the penis bulge right, pretty critical in a sculpture of that area.

Once again, this week there's little for Pete and Andre to do this week aside from ridicule Ruxin's drop in intelligence and get head lice, respectively. Thankfully it doesn't affect the episode negatively as it did last week.

Final Grade: B

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Written by: kyleiam
Nov 9th, 2012, 2:54 pm



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Message Posted On Nov 9th, 2012, 6:41 pm

I found the "stupid" Ruxin character, well.... stupid (and not very funny). Taco was also sharp as a tack this time, totally against character established through the whole series. In contrast, I preferred last week's episode (Rafi rules!) and don't particulary care that each character gets a lot of airtime. I just want to laugh.

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