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Mark Cuban talks importance of live TV


Anyone who is a fan of the National Basketball Association knows who Mark Cuban is. 

From the first day he became owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Cuban changed how owners acted, as he argued with refs (criticizing them often), responded to fan complaints and suggestions, and improved the team's image substantially in the basketball marketplace, transforming them from laughingstocks into champions.

In addition to his love of basketball, Cuban loves television (well, he loves making money). He current serves as the CEO of AXS TV, a cable channel. It is in that role that he gave the keynote address at the NATPE/Content First conference this morning in Miami Beach, Florida.

During his speech,he talked about television and how it is in his eyes still the most important form of content distribution.

“Television has a huge advantage in the social media world," he said, adding that “the Internet is designed for everything but video. Television is designed for video.”

Cuban discussed his network, saying that there is "zero latency" on television, that TV allows more participation than any other medium, and that,  “When AXS TV broadcasts a live concert, it’s an experience you can’t get online.”

He stressed the dangers of putting content online after it was broadcast, saying it takes away from the urgency of watching things when they air and that small stations should focus less on advertising and more on video on demand, as it is easier to monetize. 

An interesting speech that went into further topics such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon.com. What do you think of what he said?


- Mark Cuban
- AXStv

Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 28th, 2013, 5:08 am

Images courtesy of Time.

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