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Reality show films capture of record-breaking, 1300 lb. shark

Shark caught by reality showNature has this uncanny ability to both extremely impress and deeply terrify, me – and this case is no different. While filming scenes for a reality television show on the Outdoor Channel called Jim Shockey’s The Professionals, a couple of fisherman caught a world record-breaking shark being captured on camera. Where is this show filmed again? Remind me to never go swimming there.

After struggling against the monstrous 1325.5 pound mako shark for over two hours, fisherman Jason Johnston of Mesquite Texas reeled in the less than friendly looking fish. The whole ordeal used up countless pounds of chum, a quarter-mile of fishing line and exhaustive man power, but in the end proved to be worth the effort when it was discovered that it was big enough to make a splash about.

When the shark arrived on land via the chartered boat in New Fishall Bair Co. in Gardena, California, it reportedly took two scales to properly weigh. The final measurements weighed in at 11 feet long and 8 feet around.

“It’s unreal. This thing is definitely a killing machine,” Johnston said. “Any wrong step and I could have went out of the boat and to the bottom of the ocean,” he said. "It's basically like a giant nightmare swimming around,” added Corey Knowlton, co-host of Johnston’s reality show.

I agree, and will probably have just that after writing this article: nightmares.

- Jason Johnston
- Jim Shockey's The Professionals
- Outdoor Channel

Written by: harrisr
Jun 4th, 2013, 9:22 pm

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