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Most Heartbreaking Deaths: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (SPOILERS, Obviously)


Most Heartbreaking Deaths: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (SPOILERS, Obviously)


Death, murder, and sadness is just something that goes hand in hand with ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Fans of The CW series know that anyone can die at any moment, resulting in heartache and ugly crying. Before the upcoming season begins in October, which will more than likely bring even more deaths and sobbing, let’s honor the many TVD deaths that have occurred so far. It would take too long to reflect on each Mystic Falls resident, so here are just a select few. Warning: spoilers are ahead!

13. Richard Lockwood

Mayor Richard Lockwood, father to Tyler and husband to Carol, only appeared in eight episodes of TVD, but that doesn’t mean his death wasn’t sad or expected. Most likely, fans were not attached to Richard, nor do they probably miss him, but it’s sad for the sake of beloved hybrid Tyler Lockwood. As shady as his father was, the fact is Tyler lost a parent and had to figure out what the hell was happening to him on his own -- aka his werewolf curse! Good thing he had Uncle Mason -- oh wait, he died too. The Lockwoods are an unlucky pack.

12. Miranda and Grayson Gilbert

We’ve only ever met Elena’s adopted parents and Jeremy’s biological folks once -- and that was this past season in a flashback. Despite not getting to truly know Miranda and Grayson, since they died in a car accident, fans can really feel for both Elena and Jeremy. It’d be hard to go on as a teenager without your parents there to guide you. The Gilbert children really haven’t had an easy life, and I’m sure Miranda and Grayson didn’t want their children growing up fraternizing with vampires and werewolves -- not to mention having their daughter turn into a vamp!

11. Bill Forbes

Just like pretty much everyone else in Mystic Falls, Caroline Forbes has had a rough journey. One of those tough moments was when she had to say goodbye to her father, Bill. After coming to town to hunt vampires and to turn his daughter back into a human, matters majorly backfired for Bill. How? Well, crazy Alaric killed him and, unfortunately, Bill had vampire blood in his system. Rather than transforming into a vampire, he chose to die with Caroline by his side. One plus to Bill’s visit: he helped Tyler fight his sire bond to Klaus.

10. John Gilbert

You might not have liked him, but he was Elena’s biological dad. Plus, David Anders played him, so how can’t you love John Gilbert? Despite being a jerk most of the time and a bad parent, John ended up showing his good side at the end of Season 2. He gave his life for Elena, so she wouldn’t turn into a vampire. This was truly the first parental act John demonstrated -- and an unselfish one at that. There’s one more parent Elena had to bury.

9. Vicki Donovan

Similar to Elena, Matt Donovan has suffered some serious heartache, especially when his sister Vicki died. Vicki was a dysfunctional girl who had a complicated relationship with Jeremy. Besides being a pill-popper, she got in with the bad crowd -- and by bad crowd I mean Damon Salvatore, who turned her into a vampire. It took one Salvatore brother to turn her, and another, Stefan, to stake and kill her. In Stefans’s defense, he was only trying to save Jeremy and Elena from Vicki’s uncontrolled vampire issues.

8. Rose
Most Heartbreaking Deaths: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (SPOILERS, Obviously)
TVD fans know Rose as the one female vampire who brought out Damon’s softer side. Yes, they had a very hot and heavy affair, but when she got bit by a werewolf, it really took a toll on Damon. At the time, curing a werewolf bite was known to be impossible, so Rose died. The scene illustrated Damon’s kinder side. He created a dreamlike state to ease Rose’s pain, and then Damon drove a stake through her heart to end her suffering.

7. Sheila ‘Grams’ Bennett
Most Heartbreaking Deaths: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (SPOILERS, Obviously)
Grams was the one family member Bonnie could always count on. Grams raised Bonnie and taught her everything she knew about being a witch and the dangers of vampires and werewolves. Despite Sheila’s protests, she helped Bonnie Stefan leave the magical tomb. Well, later on -- and unexpectedly -- Grams died from overexertion. In newer episodes, it is shown that Grams is safely on the other side.

6. Lexi Branson

She’s the hot, fun blonde who was Stefan’s BFF and who also had a fling with Damon -- no surprise there! Lexi can be credited for helping Stefan curb his blood cravings and pushing his ripper side to the background. She really was the yin to his yang. This death really hit close to home for Stefan, especially since Damon’s the one who killed her! Damon, I really do love you, but sometimes you make me angry!

5. Carol Lockwood
Most Heartbreaking Deaths: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (SPOILERS, Obviously)
First it was Tyler’s dad, and then it was his mom. This past season, Tyler had to bury his mother, after Klaus drowned her in the town square’s fountain. This was all part of Klaus’ revenge plan against Tyler. For months, Tyler was teaching hybrids how to become un-sired from Klaus, and once the evil, evil hybrid (but beloved by most TVD fans) found out, he took it out on poor Carol Lockwood.

4. Jenna Sommers

After Elena and Jeremy’s parents died, Aunt Jenna became their guardian. Oh, sweet, innocent Jenna. She had no idea what her niece and nephew were up to  -- maybe that’s because she was so into Alaric? You can’t really blame her for that. Once she got involved in the supernatural mess of Mystic Falls, Jenna ended up as part of Klaus’ sick blood sacrifice ritual to break the hybrid curse. He turned her into a vampire, and about two seconds later killed her. We can add that death to the long list of guardians and parents Elena and Jeremy have had to put six-feet under.

3. Bonnie Bennett

The TVD Season 4 finale was intense, and no one knew what was going to happen -- I mean do we really ever? We all know Bonnie’s witchcraft skills have put her in bad terms with witches (dead and alive), not to mention they take a toll on her physically and emotionally. At the end of last season, Bonnie exerted so much energy to battle Silas and to bring Jeremy back from the dead. Well, it worked! Jeremy’s alive, but Bonnie is not. However, don’t worry, because she will be back for next season.

2. Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy’s died quite a few times, but the one that really stuck was during Season 4 thanks to Elena’s evil doppelganger Katherine. Fans knew someone major was going to die and it was Jeremy -- just when he was getting a good storyline! Well, like Elena, we were all devastated. She even burned down their house and had Damon turn off her emotions. A huge thanks goes out to Bonnie for bringing him back. I’m sure Elena will be thrilled her little brother is alive and kicking, but she won’t be happy to learn one of her best friends is not.

1. Alaric Saltzman

This one still hurts for me to talk about. Ugh, Alaric, why did you have to die? First, fans fell in love with him. Second, he turned into some crazy alter-ego version of Alaric that liked to kill. Finally, Elena died, and that meant Alaric died, because they’re connected, and because this show can be really confusing. Talk about putting our hearts through the wringer! Not only did Damon lose his BFF, but Jeremy and Elena lost another beloved parent-figure. Come on Julie Plec [TVD executive producer] just bring him back already!

Man, this is one sad show and town! Who do you miss the most? Also, if you’re a fan of this feature, be sure to check out Most Heartbreaking Deaths: ‘Supernatural.’

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Written by: akoerner
Aug 30th, 2013, 5:48 am

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Message Posted On Sep 3rd, 2013, 7:42 am
This just made me cry

Message Posted On Sep 1st, 2013, 10:15 pm
I can't imagine any of those compare to the death in the Season 5 opener of Flashpoint.

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Message Posted On Aug 30th, 2013, 8:01 am

Spoiler and Generic pictures go together like chocolate and milk. Just please don't post "Character Death" with a picture of a single actor. That gives it away.

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