Arrivals, Returns, & Departures - 04/21/2012

Cash Cab

Hello TV Ragers, and welcome to your semi-regular update on all the pilots, renewals, and cancellations that have taken place since the last issue was published. Let's get right to it with:

ARRIVALS (Pilots Ordered)

Conquerers, Science Channel - "Sometimes they come at night, sometimes by day. They eat, they kill and they lay waste to the land. They are not from here. They’re not even human. Sounds like the plot of an old horror film? In many ways, it is. In a science and wildlife collection, we will look at these fascinating animals in order to understand the causes behind the transformation of these creatures, how they modify their behavior and social organization, leading to their domination of newly colonized territories and endangering native species."

The Experimenters, Science Channel - "No longer limited to conventional laboratories, science is taking to the streets, backyards and parks as amateur and professional scientists around the world are conducting extraordinary experiments and posting their exploits on YouTube. Scientists are now trying to improve on experiments they see posted online, and competing with other backyard scientists to go bigger, bolder and better. The Experimenters will delve into this fascinating world, finding and celebrating amazing online clips and explaining the wonderful science behind them."

Story Of The Continents, Science Channel - "Across the Earth, there are traces of a mysterious, long lost world. In this four-part series featuring some of the world’s foremost experts in palaeogeography, botany and zoology, viewers follow a trail of clues through a land that no longer exists - the long-lost supercontinent of Pangaea. Our trail follows the clues from north to south across Pangaea, but also across all seven of today’s continents, piecing together 250 million years of planetary history."

Strip The City, Science Channel - "Strip The City uses stunning CGI animation and expedition-driven actuality to strip major cities naked of their steel, concrete, air, ocean and bedrock—layer by layer, act by act—to explore their hidden infrastructure and solve key mysteries surrounding their origins, geology, archaeology, industry, weather and engineering. Each episode will home in on six iconic features of each city. Each icon, ranging from man-made skyscrapers and metro systems to natural dunes and lakes, will take us a layer deeper into the city."

What Is That?, Science Channel - "The addictive show that leaves viewers guessing just what they’re watching. Each half-hour episode includes five stand-alone segments that use specialty cameras and innovative filming techniques to capture incredible and curiosity-piquing images." Sorry for the slim summary. I couldn't much more information about the show than this.

RETURNS (Series Renewals)

Holliston, FearNet, Season 2 - Just a few episodes in its initial run, the first all horror cable network has decided to renew their first original scripted series (other programs like Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil are imports) for another year. For those unfamiliar, Holliston is a buddy comedy starring horror filmmakers Adam Green & Joe Lynch as (what else?) aspiring filmmakers struggling to both live their dream and pay their bills. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider also plays a supporting role.

My Naked Secret, Discovery Fit & Health, Season 2 - My Naked Secret follows the journies of people who for one reason or another are ashamed and afraid to be naked, either alone or with other people. A team of dedicated counselors and doctors work to solve this through both therapy and surgery.

Secretly Pregnant, Discovery Fit & Health, Season 2 - Each episode of Secretly Pregnant highlights the stories of women who (for various personal, physical, or financial reasons) are forced to wage detailed campaigns of deceit in order of conceal their pregnancies from their family/spouse/boss/etc.

Untold Stories Of The E.R., Discovery Fit & Health, Season 7 - Untold Stories Of The E.R. examines the daily trials and tribulations of doctors working in the most stressful part of the hospital, the E.R. Each episode features real stories (told through re-enactments) of some of their toughest challenges.

DEPARTURES (Cancellations and End Dates)

Cash Cab, Discovery Channel,  Canceled During Season 7 - Alas, after seven years and 200 episodes the venerable Cash Cab has gone double or nothing on a video bonus question and left Discovery empty-handed. The game show will still be a TV fixture in syndication, but still, let's all tip our hats to Ben Bailey for hosting one of the most fulfilling time killers in the history of TV. People have told me that Cash Cab is simply "pleasant" to watch, and I can't disagree. I covered this story in-depth here.

And that's all for this edition. Don't forget to keep checking future A,R,&D updates in the coming weeks. The closer we get to the network upfronts in May, the more we'll be inundated with shows being dropped, picked up, and brought back. See you next time.