F*cksgiving - Recap

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Red puts together Thanksgiving dinner as she talks to Nicky. Red goes into a box of Neptune’s Produce. She takes a plastic bag out of the lettuce and sticks it down her shirt. Then she goes to the washroom stall and dumps the plastic bag of pills down the toilet.

Sophia washes Piper's hair. Piper talks about how if Larry wanted to be a woman it would be weird.

Gloria makes some tea for Dayanara. Gloria says it will kill the baby. Dayanara drinks it.

Pennsatucky, in the laundry, says she will be out before the Rapture. Alex laughs at her. Pennsatucky explains the Rapture. She says she doesn’t like rich girls like Alex.

Flashback: Alex as a little girl, some girls make fun of Alex’s shoes and for being poor. As she gets in her mom’s car, she throws the shoes out the window. She explains what happened. Her mom reminds her that she is the daughter of a rock star.

Pornstache talks about Thanksgiving to the inmates. Alex and Piper hang a farewell sign for Taystee. All the inmates chant “Taystee” as she enters the room. Everyone starts dancing. Piper and Alex start grinding together.

Pennsatucky confronts Sam. She says Alex and Piper were in the showers performing oral sex in the morning. She says to check them out now.

Sam sees Piper and Alex dancing. He says to the guards to put Piper into SHU for attempted rape.

A guard escorts Piper to the cold halls of SHU. Inmates scream wildly. Piper gets locked into a small room.

Taystee says she has no skills. Claudette says she has library skills.

Sophia talks to her wife. Sophia gets jealous when her wife talks about her pastor.

Larry comes to see Piper. Guard Susan Fischer says Piper is unavailable. Larry gives her his number for Sam to contact him.

Piper is in her cell In SHU. She leans and sits against the door. Time lapse as she paces, lies on the floor, lies on the bed, and cries to herself.

Alex kisses Pennsatucky. She says last night with her was amazing. Pennsatucky denies it.

Pornstache gets everyone except Red to leave the kitchen. Red stirs a big pot of gravy. He checks the produce and asks where his stuff is. She says she flushed the pills. He says they need to be kept next time. Red threatens to tell Joe; Pornstache threatens to tell about Red’s operation. Then Pornstache pees into the gravy.

Larry phones the correctional facility, saying he’s been awaiting a call back. Larry tells his brother-in-law, Cal, that they need to cancel dinner. Cal convinces Larry that Piper would want them to celebrate.

Sam comes to SHU. Piper says she was just dancing. Piper asks if Sam is just jealous, then she gives an angry speech about Sam. He closes the little door window and leaves.

Alex tells the guards that her Bunkie stole her mattress.

Flashback: Alex goes to see her dad backstage. He says that he could have accidentally had sex with her, not knowing she was his daughter. Alex goes to the washroom and cries, but tries to be strong. She runs into Farhi, and she learns that he is part of a drug cartel.

Back to present: Dayanara’s mom says that the tea was fake. She says babies give “hope.”

Piper showers handcuffed to the wall as a male guard looks away.

Alex’s sees her glasses broken as Pennsatucky and her friend run off.

Piper is given a meal in her SHU cell. She sees mold on the food. She starts to talk to someone through the vent.

The guard says Taystee is ready to leave. Poussey and the other inmates wave to her as she walks outside.

Polly, Pete, and their son Finn enter for Thanksgiving with Larry. They bring Maury, who works for NPR.

Piper chats through the vent. The other inmate says she thinks she has been there for a year. Piper panics and breaks down.

Nicky talks to Alex. Alex says she had her glasses broken. Alex says Nicky would have been a perfect mule at age 19. She then says Piper was “different.”

Sophia talks to Sister Ingalls. She says that her wife, Crystal, wants her blessing.

Larry and the family and friends enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Larry chats to Maury. He pitches Maury on a verbal show on his column.

Thanksgiving at the prison. Boo asks why there isn’t gravy. Red asks if there is a problem. The girls at the table give thanks. Sister Ingalls says grace.

Alex is given a small portion of some odd food loaf in SHU. She eats it, then spits it out.

Joe tells Sam that there is no reason for Piper to be in SHU. Joe says how much of a problem it is going to be that she was put in for no reason.

Dayanara tells her mom that she wants to keep the baby, but she doesn’t want to get the guard, John, in trouble.

Sophia calls Crystal. She tells Crystal that she has her blessing.

Taystee on the outside goes to the house she is supposed to stay at. She isn’t wanted.

The nurse tells Sophia she is back to her regular dosage.

A guard releases Piper from SHU.

Susan tells Sam that Larry gave his phone number. Sam calls Larry and says he has something important to tell him about Piper.

Piper walks the halls. She goes to Alex’s dorm. She grabs Alex and takes her by the hand, and leads her to the chapel. Alex asks what they are doing there. Piper begins to kiss her. They start to take their clothes off as everything fades to orange.