Bora Bora Bora - Recap

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The inmates in the cafeteria talk about Piper’s recent habits, saying that she must be gay. She denies it. She says she has been “affectionate” with Alex.

John does push-ups at his home. Dayanara’s mom’s boyfriend, Cesar, comes over. He mentions that Dayanara is pregnant.

Piper and Alex play cards. Piper says how weird it feels that they are back together. Inmates enter and say that Scared Straight program will be in today. Crazy Eyes says she wants to play a character.

Red and Morello prepare food. Pornstache enters asking for ice cream bars. He walks to the freezer. Tricia enters, back from detox. Red tells Tricia that she is still on her own.

Flashback: Tricia is on the street, watching another street girl panhandle. She has a log book of her debts. An older man man drives by asking if they want to party. They decline.
Tricia says he looks like her rapist step-dad.

Back to present: Sophia does Claudette’s hair. Claudette says she is seeing an old friend.

Piper talks to her brother on the phone. He tells her that Larry is doing a show with Maury from NPR. After her brother hangs up, Larry exits the trailer. He says he needs time to think of what to say to Piper.

Piper talks to Tricia. Tricia says how long she will be in for.

Flashback: Piper helps Polly with her wedding dress. She says she wants both warmth, and passion. Polly tells her that she should only want warmth.

Back to present: In the yard, John lies and says Dayanara is needed to be seen by a councilor. He walks her to a remote area and talks to her about Cesar’s visit. He says he could go to jail if she has the baby. Daynara’s mom joins the conversation. John says he does not get money from the service for his leg because he didn’t lose it in combat; he lost it due to infection in a hot tub. They say he has time to save money.

Pornstache offers Tricia some Oxy. He says she then needs to deal drugs for what he owes her.

Pennsatucky preaches to some inmates. She does some faith healing, curing headaches. Watson says she has no power. Watson says she should cure her knee then. Pennsatucky touches her knee and… miraculously, the knee is cured.

Flashback: Piper watches TV as Piper walks in. Larry is house-sitting. He explains who he is. Piper introduces herself. She shows her dog bite and takes off her pants for it to be treated. Larry gets her iodine for her knee. Larry says she should bathe to clean the wound. He asks if she would like him to get food. She says yes.

Claudette says she should have a visitor. The guard checks and she does. In the visiting room, Claudette sees Baptiste. They embrace.

Morello asks Nicky about “Bora, Bora, Bora” aka Bora Bora, for her honeymoon. Morello says Tricia probably told Pornstache about the trucks. Nicky says Christopher doesn’t exist, because he hasn’t visited. Morello gets upset and leaves.

Tricia looks over her debt book.

Flashback: Young Tricia is dropped off. She sees her old friend who now has a restaurant job and is cleaned up. Her friend offers her a place to stay, but she declines.

Back to present: The Scared Straight kids exit the school bus. One exits in a wheelchair.

Boo talks to Pennsatucky. She says she wants help with her lesbian thoughts. Boo kneels as Pennsatucky puts her hand on her head. Boo says she no longer has lesbian thoughts.
Tricia talks to Nicky, saying she will make things up to Red.

Pornstache stops Tricia. He locks her in a room.

Flashback: Tricia trying to sell back headphones in a store. She steals a necklace. She gets caught stealing. She then gives money back. As she exits, a police officer is there outside the store.

Back to present: The inmates berate the Scared Straight kids. During this, Crazy Eyes gives a dramatic soliloquy and takes a bow. Poussey has the tough task of yelling at the disabled kid. The kid talks about gangbanging and robbing a liquor store.

Pennsatucky tries to heal a room full of inmates. John asks Pornstache where Tricia is. He says he will find her.

The Scared Straight kids are shown the showers. Piper happens to be in there. They ask about “dropping the soap.” Piper says it does not really apply to this prison. The kids begin to doubt the program, and the inmates say that Piper is a lesbian.

Pornstache finds Tricia in the room he left her. She is dead. The bag of pills are empty.
The guards say the girl in the wheelchair should spend time with Piper. They are left alone. Piper says to her that there is nothing she can say to her, other than that she is weak. She says the truth catches up to someone in prison. Piper confesses that she is scared every day. Piper walks outside, everyone heard what she had said.

Pornstache takes Tricia’s body, then hangs her body with an extension cord from a pipe.

Piper tells Pennsatucky that there is a girl to heal in the washroom.

Pennsatucky has the disabled girl in the washroom, out of her chair, on the floor, trying to heal her. John runs in and sprays mace in Pennsatucky’s eyes. They request that Pennsatucky be moved to psychiatric care.

The guards discover Tricia’s hanging body.

The body is removed. Alex and Piper embrace and console one another.

Red goes to the kitchen, her office, and cries. Nicky speaks to her. Red says it was her own fault about what happened to Tricia. Nicky says she overdosed, and didn't hang herself. Nicky says she is the one who ratted her out to Pornstache. She said she did so out of anger. Red says the facility will do anything to avoid a scandal with Pornstache. She says it is up to them now to get rid of him.