Tall Men With Feelings - Recap

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Pornstache is cleaning out Tricia’s dorm. Nicky tells him not to touch her sweater hoody. Red says she will take care of it.

Dayanara pukes into a janitor closet sink. John tells Dayanara and her mom that he has a plan about making up a fake death in the family so she can get a temporary leave. This would allow Dayanara to explain that she got pregnant during her leave, and John would be off the hook.

Larry arrives to do an NPR spot for “Urban Tales.” He talks with a gay man who is in a long distance relationship.

Nicky and Piper talk. Luschek makes a joke about Piper using tangled Christmas lights to hang herself. Piper argues with Luschek, but eventually backs down. Piper thinks they should have a memorial for Tricia.

Pennsatucky is in a cage. A doctor asks her questions. Pennsatucky says she is “chosen.” The doctor says they are hallucinations.

The assistant to the warden, Natalie, says there is nothing to investigate. It was a clear cut suicide. She says they need to distribute some material saying how much they care about the loss.

In the kitchen, Red says to Aleida that she knows that Dayanara is pregnant. Aleida admits to it. Pornstache enters the kitchen and takes his crate of food containing drugs.

Claudette says she is a Taurus in the library. They read her horoscope and say there are changes ahead.

In the chapel, Piper tells Alex about how she wants a memorial for Tricia. Alex ask if she knew her better than she knew her mother. Crazy Eyes enters with a buffer. She sings about the lesbian relationship of Piper and Alex. Then she gives Alex relationship advice.

Flashback: Alex and Piper talking at their home. Alex says she will take Piper out. Alex then says she would like her to go to Istanbul. Piper says she doesn’t want to be treated as a drug mule.

Back to present: Red sits with the Latina women. They tell Dayanara that she has to have sex with Pornstache, that way they can use that against him by telling Joe that he raped her. As a result, she would be able to keep her baby. Dayanara doesn’t want to, and doesn’t know how she would.

Boo says she talked to Mercedes about Tricia. The Latina girls and black girls bring gifts of food and alcohol to the white girls.

Larry tells Maury the story about Piper going to jail. He begins to tell about prison gossip.

Piper slips on the floor that Crazy Eyes cleaned. Piper then asks for her help to get back to her bed. Crazy Eyes then tells her about Psych. She asks Piper why she gets called Crazy Eyes.

Pennsatucky in Psych, tied down to a bed. They give her drugs.

In Tricia’s dorm, the girls drink and eat food. A cutout of Tricia falls, looking like it’s hanging. They fix it. They toast to Trish.

Pornstache and John have drinks. Pornstache talks to some women about how a woman hung herself. They walk away. Pornstache, drunk, talks about his feelings. He kisses the back of John’s neck.

Piper tells Alex that she doesn’t think Pennsatucky should be in Psych. Piper says she should go to Joe and say that Pennsatucky doesn’t belong in Psych.

Flashback: Alex is crying as Piper is looking for her passport. Alex says that her mom died. Piper says she can’t go to the funeral, that the relationship is still over.

Back to present: Dayanara talks to John in the yard. She says they will figure something out. John tells her about Pornstache’s rant about his feelings.

Piper talks to Joe, saying it was her fault, and that she wants to make a report.

Dayanara goes into Pornstache’s post. She makes some small talk with him, asks him about different things regarding his day, and she flirts a bit.

Claudette meets with Baptiste. He ask her where she would like to go when she gets out.
Dayanara tells Red that she will have sex with Pornstache. Red says that they need a semen sample, and for her to say she was raped immediately following.

Alex ask Piper to spoon with her in bed. She lays with her. Alex says she “hearts” her. They kiss. Piper says she “hearts” her too.
Piper and Alex and other inmates listen to the NPR interview.

As the interview plays, we see Dayanara go into a dark room with Pornstache.

Larry tells Maury the story about Crazy Eyes being Piper's prison wife. Crazy Eyes, listening, begins to cry. Larry tells about Claudette being a murderer. He then talks about Watson, and Morello, and Nicky, and Red.

Pornstache kisses Dayanara.

Maury ask Larry if he spoke with Piper about sexual relationships. He says they didn’t.

Pornstache takes a condom out, even though Dayanara gestures that he doesn’t need one.

Larry says he wouldn’t care about Piper having sex with someone, but if it was with a former over, he would be devastated.

Piper grabs the phone to call Larry. A guard tells her it is too early to use the phones.

Dayanara tells Red that Pornstache used a condom. Red says she will need to have sex with him again.

Piper takes her food in the cafeteria. As she walks to her seat, all eyes are on her because of the NPR interview. Pennsatucky is out of Psych. She hugs her friend. Claudette storms over to talk to Piper. She asks, “Is that what you think of me?”

Piper says to Larry on the phone: “How did you know?” Larry then says he wants to hear Piper say that she had sex with Alex. She says she is still having sex with Alex. Larry says that Sam Healy told him. Larry asks if she loves Alex. Piper says that she does. Larry then confesses that Alex named her in her testimony. Larry says he needs time away from her now.