Fool Me Once - Recap

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Piper walks with a mop bucket to the showers. Crazy Eyes is already in there mopping. Piper says that she said things about Crazy Eyes before she knew her. Piper says she didn’t try to be mean.

In a hallway, Piper tells Alex that she knows she ratted her out to the feds, but that she is alright with it. She kisses Alex on the cheek.

In the cafeteria, Pornstache says to Dayanara, that he likes “the shape of her ears.”

Piper tells Claudette that she is sorry for what Larry said.

Pennsatucky says nobody upstairs is looking out for her, and that she no longer has her faith after learning that it was Piper who pranked her.

Flashback: Pennsatucky in bed with her boyfriend. The boyfriend says she could keep the baby if she wanted. She says she would go to jail if she had a baby while still on drugs.

Back to present: Piper fixes a toaster. Alex asks Piper if she would like to have sex. She gropes her. Piper throws Alex off her. Piper then reveals that she is not okay with Alex naming her in her testimony. She pushes Alex. She says she loves Alex, but she also hates her. She says Piper is only pretending to be fine because she knows Larry left her. Alex says she did it because they offered less time, and she was also mad at Piper leaving her when she lost her mom.

Larry talks with Piper’s brother at his trailer home. Her brother says it’s not cheating because she slept with a woman. Larry thinks that being a lesbian makes it worse. Piper’s brother gets a text, shouts, says he is now engaged.

The prisoners tell Joe they heard noises coming from a room. Joe goes to check it out and sees Pornstache having sex with Dayanara.

Piper gives Claudette some pink nail polish.
Watson sees a sign that says yoga is cancelled for the day.

The warden’s assistant tells Joe they are not going to call Pornstache’s involvement a rape, that they are going to only suspend him.

Dayanara tells John that she set up Pornstache for her, and that he will no longer get in trouble for the baby. John is disgusted.

In the visiting room, Pennsatucky talks to someone who tells her that God needs to be forgiven, just as she was forgiven.

Flashback: Pennsatucky in a hospital bed takes out her IVs. A nurse makes a disgusted comment about it being her 5th abortion. Pennsatucky walks outside of the clinic where pro-life protesters are gathered. Pennsatucky brings a gun back into the clinic, saying to her boyfriend that someone disrespected her.

Joe talks with Fischer. He says not to go easy on anyone. He says she needs to be more authoritative with the inmates.

Pornstache walks outside carrying a box of his things. Red glances at him.

Larry with Piper’s brother, Cal, in the trailer. Cal's new fiancé and him argue over store bought meat. It gets intense. After she leaves, Cal says it was no big deal.

Watson and Yoga Jones talk. Yoga talks about how she grew a bit of marijuana. She said Deer went crazy for the weed. She said she accidentally shot a kid late at night while trying to kill the wild deer.

Pennsatucky says she wants to speak with Piper. They go to a table. Pennsatucky tells Piper to pray. She asks God for her forgiveness. Pennsatucky gives Piper a hug.

Pornstache drinks at a bar with John. He tells John that he thinks he is in love with Dayanara. Pornstache then says there is a shipment of drugs coming tomorrow. He says if John gives his letter to Dayanara, he can turn in the shipment to Joe.

Piper sits on Alex’s bed. Piper asks what the plan is for after they are out of prison. Alex tells her that she is always going to be spontaneous. Nicky enters and says that Claudette’s appeal didn’t go through.

Fischer tries to be assertive with Claudette as Claudette walks a hallway back to her dorm. Claudette snaps and chokes Fischer up against a wall, until some guards subdue her. Right after, Taystee enters. She has returned.

Piper tells Boo she wants Claudette’s blanket.

Poussey asks Taystee why she is back. Taystee tells about how tough it was when she got out.

Watson gets Yoga to put a pin in the outlet. She gets shocked a bit, but kinda likes it.

Pennsatucky tells Piper she should get baptised.

Flashback: Pennsatucky being led in handcuffs. She gets a Christian lawyer who offers his services. He shows her who is paying for the trial. As he opens the door, pro-life protesters fill the courtroom.

Back to present: John shows Joe the stash of drugs.

Red acts as translator between Sam and his wife. John tells Red that she needs to see Joe immediately.

Piper says she can’t do the baptism, that she doesn’t really believe in God.

Natalie, the assistant to the warden, gets a call from a newspaper regarding Larry’s interview with NPR where he mentioned budget cut backs. The reporter asks why there are cut backs when the prison got extra funding. A close up then shows Natalie’s Mercedes.

Piper meets with Larry in the visiting room. He says they either need to get married now, or it is over between them.

Pennsatucky tells her friends that she has been disrespected, and now she must kill Piper.