Season 12

Make or Break: Star Wars Action Figures

A rare set of action figurines might be worth a lot for the shop.

Make or Break: Star Wars Poster

Rick attempts to make a deal for a very rare Star Wars poster.

Make or Break: Star Wars Play-DOH

A Return of the Jedi Play-Doh set is available.

Make or Break: Star Wars Props

A Star Wars super fan wants to sell his extensive Star Wars movie props collection.

Biggest Buys: White Eagle Medallion

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Biggest Buys: Shipwrecked Gold Bar

Additional scenes from History's hit series Pawn Stars.

Source: History Channel

Biggest Buys: Chris Craft Boat

Additional scenes from the series.

Biggest Buys: 1962 Fender Stratocaster

Additional scenes from History's hit series Pawn Stars.

Source: History Channel

Biggest Buys: Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Sculptures

Additional scenes from History's hit series Pawn Stars.

Biggest Buys: JFK Cigar Box

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Biggest Buys: Jimi Hendrix Prints

Additional scenes from History's hit series Pawn Stars.

406 :12x01 - Pawn of Fire

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407 :12x02 - Party on, Pawn

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409 :12x04 - Godfather of Pawn

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410 :12x05 - Napoleon Bonapawn

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411 :12x06 - Eye of the Tiger

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412 :12x07 - Promissory Pawn

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413 :12x08 - Riders on the Pawn

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414 :12x09 - Prohibition Pawn

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415 :12x10 - 60's Pawn

A chair that belonged to Abraham Lincoln is brought into the shop. Corey and Chum take a look at a vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade game.

416 :12x11 - Money Makers

A WWE Hall of Fame ring and a 1927 Essex Sedan rat rod are featured.

417 :12x12 - 70's pawn"

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418 :12x13 - 80's pawn

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420 :12x15 - 90's Pawn

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421 :12x16 - Capture the Pawn

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422 :12x17 - The Star Wars Vault

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423 :12x18 - Wicked Weapons

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425 :12x20 - The Pawn Awakens

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428 :12x23 - Pawn Brothers

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430 :12x25 - Legends of Rock

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431 :12x26 - Lock, Stock, and Pawn

A Dodger's baseball memorabilia bench and a 19th century Hobbs & Co. lock box are looked at.

432 :12x27 - No Pawn For You

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433 :12x28 - First Lady of Pawn

Get body slammed with the Pawn Stars when a WWE Hall of Fame ring fights for the title. Will Rick pin down a deal or will he tap out? Next, Corey gets scrappy when he checks out a 1927 Essex Sedan rat rod. Will he customize a sale or will it fall apart? Then, Martha Washington brings home the bacon when an 1891 $1 silver certificate circulates into the shop. Will Rick and Corey bankroll an offer or will they save it for a rainy day? And later, Ricks in a whirlwind when a rare doo-wop record of "Stormy Weather" tunes in. Will he stay on track and make a deal or will he spin in circles?

435 :12x30 - Blockbuster Buys

Break the bank with the Pawn Stars and look back at some of the priciest items in the shop's history: a $70,000 Panama Pacific gold coin from 1915, a Hydro Jetpack that sends Corey sky high, rare artwork from graffiti sensation Keith Haring and an exclusive Hertz Penske GT Mustang with an $85,000 asking price that has Rick burning rubber.

Source: History Channel

436 :12x31 - Gangsters, Guns, & Guitars

Get mobbed with the Pawn Stars and revisit some of the best guns, guitars and gangster memorabilia ever to enter the shop: a limited edition guitar hand-painted and played by Def Leppard's Phil Collen, a signet ring possibly once owned by Lucky Luciano, a rare 1800's octagon barrel .22 caliber Winchester, a 1969 Les Paul Professional guitar, an ornately engraved 1894 Marlin rifle, and a check signed by Carlo Gambino that prompts Rick to give its owner an offer he can't refuse.

Source: History Channel

437 :12x32 - Deals on Wheels

Go on a joyride with the Pawn Stars and revisit some of the most unique vehicles ever to roll into the shop: a classic 1949 Hudson Commodore, a one-of-a-kind Ultra4 race car, a post-apocalyptic survival vehicle, an antique doctor's buggy, a rusty 1927 Essex rat rod and a custom sand rail that pits father against son as Rick and Corey race through the desert.

Source: History Channel

439 :12x34 - Every Rose Has Its Pawn

Raise the American flag with the Pawn Stars when an original sketch of the Marine Corps War Memorial sculpts its way into the shop. Will Rick claim victory with his offer or will it become his enemy? Next, a Poison platinum disc signed by Bret Michaels rocks in. Will Rick make a glam metal deal or will it be a thorn in his side? Then, a Roman oil lamp from the first century lights its way in. Will Chum ignite a deal or will the flame burn out? And later, a military certificate from the Vietnam War shows up. Will Corey cash in or will it be worthless?

Source: History Channel

440 :12x35 - Rick the Emperor

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441 :12x36 - Pawning Pistols

A couple of Duck's Foot pistols sees the guys spending some time at the gun range.

442 :12x37 - Stairway to Pawn

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443 :12x38 - Pawntucky Derby

Ante up with the Pawn Stars when they head out to see a 1980s Sigma Derby horse-racing game. Will Rick jockey for a deal or will he be left running in circles? Next, a 1940's Moby Dick Classic Comic sails into the shop. Will Chum cast an offer or will he go down with the ship? Then, a dollar signed by Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan gets its closeup. Will Corey cash in or go broke? And later, a 1910 envelope sealer presses through the doors. Will Rick seal the deal or get stamped out?

444 :12x39 - Astro-Pawn

A Civil War general's sword and a veterinary medicine box from the 1800s are featured.

445 :12x40 - Pawn of Liberty

An original Beach Boys surfboard and a magazine feature penned by Mark Twain are featured.

446 :12x41 - G.I. Pawn

A couple of rare G.I. Joe play sets and a 1950s Chinese military motorcycle are featured.

447 :12x42 - Trash or Treasure

A violin with million-dollar potential and a document signed by John Hancock are featured.

448 :12x43 - Napoleon Complex

A letter signed by Napoleon and a surreal figure by Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg are featured.

449 :12x44 - Rocking Restorations

The show takes a look back at some of the coolest restorations in the history of the shop.

450 :12x45 - Famous Finds

The show looks at some of the most famous finds in the shop's history.

451 :12x46 - Civil War Treasures

Treasures from the American Civil War, including a rifle and a campaign ribbon from Abraham Lincoln's first election are featured.

452 :12x47 - Hollywood Goods

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453 :12x48 - Great Negotiations

The negotiations for Elton John's boots and a James Bond toy car are featured.
Network: HISTORY ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Arts & Crafts, Buy, Sell & Trade, History
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 19, 2009
Episodes Order: 28
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