Tara Strong

Mostly Credited As: Tara Strong
Sometimes Credited As: Tara Charendoff
Tara Charandoff
Tara Charendoff-Strong

Birth Name: Tara Lyn Charendoff
Date Of Birth: February 12, 1973 (Age 43)
Country Of Birth: Canada
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)

Tara Strong

Tara Lyn Charendoff, born on Monday February 12, 1973 in Toronto, Canada, is an American voice actress. She plays not only female voices, young and old, but she plays young male voices. Her talents don't stretch from there. She played Dil Pickles in the movie Rugrats based on the show, and has reprised his role as far as the show All Grown Up extends to. She also plays the voices on some comic book shows. The most popular being shows like Teen Titans (2003-2006), and Batman Gotham Knights (1997-1999). Currently, she plays the voices of two cartoon characters in Cartoon Network's revamp of saturday morning cartoons. The shows are Robotboy and Ben 10 (2006-). She is also the voice of Timmy Turner in "The Fairly OddParents" (2001-present), which she took over after her friend Mary Kay Bergman (1961-1999) the original voice of Timmy Turner who sadly died in November 11 1999.
Her last name Charendoff was changed to Strong when she married Craig Strong (also an actor) on the date of May 14, 2000. They have 2 sons, Sammy James Strong (DOB: 2/5/2002) and Aden Joshua Strong (DOB: 8/25/2004).

TV Appearances

Main cast 
Inspector Gadget (2015)As: Penny -- [Voice]
Hardboiled Eggheads (2014)As: Miles Van Vleep -- [Voice]
Xiaolin Chronicles (2013)As: Omi -- [Voice]
Teen Titans Go! (2013)As: Raven -- [Voice]
Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister 6 (2012)As: Mary Jane Watson -- [Voice]
Ben 10: Omniverse (2012)As: Ben Tennyson -- [Voice]
Sym-Bionic Titan (2010)As: Ilana / Corus -- [Voice]
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010)As: Twilight Sparkle -- [Voice]
Wolverine and the X-Men (2009)As: Marrow
Transformers: Animated (2007)As: Sari -- [Voice]
Chowder (2007)As: Truffles -- [Voice]
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (2006)As: Daizy (Season Two) -- [Voice]
Ben 10 (2006)As: Ben Tennyson/Upgrade
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005)As: Roger Radcliffe -- [Voice]
Robotboy (2005)As: Robotboy, Lola, Bambi -- [Voice]
Drawn Together (2004)As: Toot, Princess Clara -- [Voice]
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004)As: Terrence -- [Voice]
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks (2003)As: Dannan O'Dallard, Molly Winks -- [Voice]
Xiaolin Showdown (2003)As: Omi -- [Voice]
Teen Titans (2003)As: Raven -- [Voice]
Fillmore! (2002)As: Ingrid Third -- [Voice]
Da Mob (2001)As: Tara -- [Voice]
Lloyd in Space (2001)As: Cindy -- [Voice]
The Fairly OddParents (2001)As: Timmy Turner -- [Voice]
The Proud Family (2001)As: Bebe Proud, Cece Proud, Puff the Poodle -- [Voice]
All Grown Up (2001)As: Dil Pickles -- [Voice]
The Weekenders (2000)As: Kandi -- [Voice]
Detention (1999)As: Shareena Wickett -- [Voice]
Gadget Boy's Adventures in History (1998)As: Agent Heather -- [Voice]
3 Friends and Jerry (1998)As: Jerry -- [Voice]
The Powerpuff Girls (1998)As: Bubbles -- [Voice]
Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)As: Kylie Griffin -- [Voice]
Channel Umptee-3 (1997)As: Additional Voices -- [Voice]
101 Dalmatians: The Series (1997)As: Spot, Two-Tone -- [Voice]
The New Batman Adventures (1997)As: Barbara Gordon / Batgirl -- [Voice]
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996)As: Various -- [Voice]
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1996)As: Various -- [Voice]
Little Bear (1995)As: Tutu -- [Voice]
Gadget Boy and Heather (1995)As: Agent Heather -- [Voice]
Mina and the Count (1995)As: Mina Harper -- [Voice]
Tales From the Cryptkeeper (1993)As: Tara Charendoff -- [Voice]
Captain N and the New Super Mario World (1991)As: Hip Koopa, Hop Koopa -- [Voice]
Rugrats (1991)As: Dylan “Dil” Pickles -- [Voice]
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)As: Hip Koopa, Hop Koopa -- [Voice]
Beetlejuice (1989)As: Claire Brewster, Bertha, Little Miss Warden -- [Voice]
Babar (1989)As: Young Celeste -- [Voice]
Garbage Pail Kids (1987)As: Various -- [Voice]
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater (1987)As: Hello Kitty -- [Voice]
Crash NebulaAs: Sprout Speevak -- [Voice]
Angelica and Susie's School DazeAs: Jake -- [Voice]
Episode Cast Credits 

Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013) 
  Days of Future Smash: Part 5 - The Tomorrow Smashers 02x24: (Jun/07/2015) Voiced  Betts 

King of the Nerds (2013) 
  And Now for Something Different 03x02: (Jan/30/2015) As Herself 

Beware The Batman (2013) 
  Alone 01x26: (Sep/28/2014) Voiced  Barbara Gordon 
  Epitaph 01x24: (Sep/28/2014) Voiced  Barbara Gordon 
  Choices 01x23: (Sep/28/2014) Voiced  Barbara Gordon 
  Doppelganger 01x20: (Sep/27/2014) Voiced  Barbara Gordon 

The Fairly OddParents (2001) 
  School of Crock 09x10: (May/26/2014) Voiced  Poof 
  Dinkelscouts | I Dream of Cosmo 09x02: (Apr/14/2013) Voiced  Poof, [Featuring]
  Fairly OddPet 09x01: (Mar/23/2013) Voiced  Baby Poof, [Featuring]
  Meet the Odd Parents 08x10: (Dec/29/2011) Voiced  Baby Poof | Guitar 

Robot Chicken (2005) 
  DC Comics Special II: Villains In Paradise (Apr/06/2014) Voiced  Various Characters 
  DC Comics Special (Sep/09/2012) Voiced  Various Characters 

Arrow (2012) 
  Suicide Squad 02x16: (Mar/19/2014) As Deranged Squad Female, [Co-Guest Stars]

Super Fun Night (2013) 
  Merry Super Fun Christmas 01x09: (Dec/11/2013) As Young Pamela, [Co-Guest Stars]

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister 6 (2012) 
  Second Chance Hero 02x23: (Oct/20/2013) Voiced  Thundra 
  I Am Spider-Man 01x21: (Sep/23/2012) Voiced  Excited Girl #1, [Featuring]
  Snow Day 01x17: (Aug/05/2012) Voiced  Sandy, [Featuring]
  Freaky 01x10: (Jun/17/2012) Voiced  Woman | Girl, [Featuring]

Toy Story OF TERROR! (2013) 
  Season 1, Episode 1 01x01: (Oct/16/2013) Voiced  Computer 

Brickleberry (2012) 
  Crippleberry 02x05: (Oct/01/2013) Voiced  Homeowner's Wife 
  The Comeback 02x02: (Sep/10/2013) Voiced  Porn Actress 
  Miracle Lake 02x01: (Sep/03/2013) Voiced  Woman 
  Squabbits 01x04: (Oct/16/2012) Voiced  Pam Anderson 

Futurama (1999) 
  Stench and Stenchibility 07x25: (Aug/28/2013) Voiced  Tanya 

Ben 10: Omniverse (2012) 
  The Frogs of War (2) 03x07: (Mar/16/2013) Voiced  Princess Attea, [Featuring]
  The Frogs of War (1) 03x06: (Mar/16/2013) Voiced  Princess Attea / Additional Voices, [Featuring]
  While You Were Away 03x05: (Mar/09/2013) Voiced  Princess Attea / Additional Voices, [Featuring]
  Vilgax Must Croak 03x04: (Mar/02/2013) Voiced  Princess Attea, [Featuring]

The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) 
  Siege the Day 03x20: (Jun/17/2012) Voiced  Mother Duck | Eggy 
  High Moltage 03x16: (Jun/03/2012) Voiced  Walla 
  When the Chips Are Down 02x55: (Oct/08/2011) Voiced  Princess Selfrespectra 
  Cute-Astrophe 02x44: (Apr/02/2011) Voiced  Mother Duck | Eggy | Girl 

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011) 
  Regime Change 01x10: (May/05/2012) Voiced  Iolande 
  Heir Apparent 01x05: (Mar/31/2012) Voiced  Iolande 

Napoleon Dynamite (2012) 
  Ligertown 01x03: (Jan/29/2012) Voiced  Cub 

Family Guy (1999) 
  The Blind Side 10x11: (Jan/15/2012) Voiced  Various 
  Stewie Goes for a Drive 10x04: (Nov/06/2011) Voiced  Android 
  Lottery Fever 10x01: (Sep/25/2011) Voiced  Various 
  Padre de Familia 06x06: (Nov/18/2007) Voiced  Various 

Mad (2010) 
  Captain Ameri-can't / My Supernatural Sweet Sixteen 02x14: (Dec/05/2011) Voiced  Various, [Starring Roles]

Thundercats (2011) (2011) 
  Between Brothers 01x13: (Nov/25/2011) Voiced  Young Lion-O 

Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009) 
  The Final Battle! (‘Nuff Said!) 02x26: (Oct/14/2011) Voiced  Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) | H.E.R.B.I.E. 
  When Strikes the Surfer! 02x25: (Oct/13/2011) Voiced  Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) 
  Soul Stone Picnic! 02x24: (Oct/12/2011) Voiced  Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) | H.E.R.B.I.E. 
  Revenge of the Baby Sat! 02x23: (Oct/11/2011) Voiced  Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) | H.E.R.B.I.E. | Baby Iron Man | Baby Scarlet Witch 

Big Time Rush (2009) 
  Big Time Prom King 02x17: (May/21/2011) As Miss Collins 
  Welcome Back, Big Time 02x01: (Sep/25/2010) As Miss Collins 
  Big Time Dance 01x15: (Jun/04/2010) As Miss Collins 
  Big Time School of Rocque 01x03: (Jan/18/2010) As Miss Collins 

The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 
  Jailbird and Jailbunny 01x03: (May/17/2011) Voiced  Motel Receptionist 

Zevo-3 (2010) 
  Mutation Termination 01x26: (May/07/2011) Voiced  Caroline 
  Zevo-3 01x07: (Nov/06/2010) Voiced  Librarian 

Batman: The Brave and The Bold (2008) 
  The Malicious Mr. Mind! 03x03: (Apr/08/2011) Voiced  Billy Batson / Mary Marvel / Toddler Batman 
  The Siege of Starro! (2) 02x14: (Sep/24/2010) Voiced  Billy Batson 
  The Siege of Starro! (1) 02x13: (Sep/17/2010) Voiced  Billy (Billy Batson) 
  The Power of Shazam! 02x10: (Apr/02/2010) Voiced  Mary Batson / Billy Batson 

Young Justice (2010) 
  Infiltrator 01x06: (Feb/11/2011) Voiced  Serling Roquette 

Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) 
  The Fortress of Deception 01x11: (Dec/03/2010) Voiced  Mom, [Featuring]
  Showdown at Sherman High 01x07: (Oct/29/2010) Voiced  Betty / Girl, [Featuring]
  Shaman of Fear 01x06: (Oct/22/2010) Voiced  Woman, [Featuring]
  Roar of the White Dragon 01x05: (Oct/15/2010) Voiced  Mrs. O'Brien, [Featuring]

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (2010) 
  The Forge Of Creation 01x16: (Nov/12/2010) Voiced  Young Ben Tennyson / Serena, [Featuring]

The Boondocks (2005) 
  The Fund-Raiser 03x07: (Jun/13/2010) Voiced  Unknown 
  The Story of Gangstalicious 02x13: (Feb/04/2008) Voiced  Unknown 
  Home Alone 02x10: (Dec/17/2007) Voiced  Unknown 

The Goode Family (2009) 
  After-School Special 01x09: (Jul/17/2009) Voiced  Dawn/Mrs. Glavin 

Random Cartoons (2008) 
  The Bravest Warriors 01x19: (Jan/10/2009) Voiced  Beth / New Alien, [Starring Roles]

Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) 
  Future X 01x09: (Nov/08/2008) Voiced  Marrow 

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) 
  The Ember Island Players 03x17: (Jul/18/2008) Voiced  Azula Actress 
  Return to Omashu 02x03: (Apr/07/2006) Voiced  Governor's Wife 

Chowder (2007) 
  The Elemelons 01x18: (Jan/18/2008) Voiced  Duchess 
  The Thrice Cream Man 01x13: (Dec/07/2007) Voiced  Thrice Cream Woman 
  The Wrong Customer 01x10: (Nov/23/2007) Voiced  Officer Loose Meat, Officer PB&J; 
  Sing Beans 01x08: (Nov/16/2007) Voiced  Sing Bean 

All Grown Up (2001) 
  All Broke Up 05x06: (Nov/29/2007) Voiced  The Anti-Dil 
  TP+KF 05x03: (Nov/26/2007) Voiced  Pete 
  Trading Places 05x02: (Nov/23/2007) Voiced  Perky Host 
  In the Family's Way 04x09: (Nov/19/2007) Voiced  Gabrielle 

Legion of Super Heroes (2006) 
  The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow (2) 02x02: (Sep/29/2007) Voiced  Emerald Empress/Esper 
  Lightning Storm 01x08: (Feb/10/2007) Voiced  Esper 
  Legacy 01x03: (Oct/07/2006) Voiced  Alexis 

Danny Phantom (2004) 
  Claw of the Wild 03x10: (Aug/23/2007) Voiced  Star 
  Girl's Night Out 03x04: (Jul/10/2007) Voiced  Ember, Penelope Spectra 
  The Fright Before Christmas 02x08: (Dec/06/2005) Voiced  Ember 
  Reign Storm 02x04: (Jul/29/2005) Voiced  Ember 

The Replacements (2006) 
  The Frog Prince / Show Place Like Nome 01x16: (Jul/21/2007) Voiced  Unknown 
  The Insecurity Guard / Quiet Riot 01x03: (Sep/09/2006) Voiced  Miss Osburn 
  Todd Strikes Out / The Jerky Girls 01x01: (Jul/28/2006) Voiced  Voice 

According to Jim (2001) 
  Separate Ways 06x10: (Mar/07/2007) Voiced  Crying Baby, [Co-Guest Stars]

American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) 
  The Rotwood Files 02x15: (Nov/18/2006) Voiced  Stacey 
  Supernatural Tuesday 02x14: (Oct/28/2006) Voiced  Stacey 
  Breakout 02x06: (Jul/29/2006) Voiced  Stacey 
  The Doppelgänger Gang 02x04: (Jul/08/2006) Voiced  The Oracle Twins 

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004) 
  Emancipation Complication 04x10: (Nov/10/2006) Voiced  Boy, Customer, Star Friend 
  Duchess of Wails 03x05: (Sep/23/2005) Voiced  Daughter Applebee 
  Beat with a Schtick 02x09: (May/20/2005) Voiced  Kindly Lady 

Drawn Together (2004) 
  N.R.A.y RAY 03x05: (Nov/01/2006) Voiced  Bambi 
  Captain Hero's Marriage Pact 02x04: (Nov/09/2005) Voiced  Unusually Flexible Girl 

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (2004) 
  Galatic Smash: Space Attack (Part 1) 04x01: (Sep/09/2006) Voiced  Olliana 

Shorty McShorts' Shorts (2006) 
  My Mom Married A Yeti 01x02: (Aug/04/2006) As Voice 

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2002) 
  Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 - Jerkinators 03x20: (Jul/21/2006) Voiced  Timmy Turner 
  Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2 - When Nerds Collide 03x18: (Jan/16/2006) Voiced  Timmy Turner 
  The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 02x15: (May/07/2004) Voiced  Timmy Turner 

Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003) 
  Snafu 02x25: (Jun/23/2006) Voiced  Angel 
  Leroy & Stitch (Jun/23/2006) Voiced  Angel 
  Spats 02x14: (Aug/12/2005) Voiced  Bebe Proud, Cece Proud, Puff 
  Angel 01x30: (Jan/05/2004) Voiced  Angel 

Superman (1996) (1996) 
  Superman: Brainiac Attacks (Jun/17/2006) Voiced  Mercy Graves 

Celebrity Deathmatch (1998) 
  New Celebrity Deathmatch: Bigger & Better Than Ever 05x01: (Jun/10/2006) Voiced  Paris Hilton 

Ben 10 (2006) 
  A Small Problem 01x11: (Mar/11/2006) Voiced  Old Lady 
  The Alliance 01x08: (Feb/18/2006) Voiced  Female Thug 
  Tourist Trap 01x06: (Feb/04/2006) Voiced  Woman 
  The Krakken 01x03: (Jan/14/2006) Voiced  Policewoman 

Justice League Unlimited (2001) 
  Patriot Act 05x07: (Feb/25/2006) Voiced  Johnny 
  Wild Cards (2) 02x22: (Dec/06/2003) Voiced  Queen 
  Wild Cards (1) 02x21: (Dec/06/2003) Voiced  Queen 
  Twilight (2) 02x02: (Jul/05/2003) Voiced  Sera 

Teen Titans (2003) 
  Titans Together 05x12: (Jan/14/2006) Voiced  Gizmo, Jinx 
  Calling All Titans 05x11: (Jan/07/2006) Voiced  Kole/Kitten 
  Revved Up 05x09: (Dec/10/2005) Voiced  Gizmo 
  Hide and Seek 05x07: (Nov/11/2005) Voiced  Teether 

Xiaolin Showdown (2003) 
  Oil in the Family 03x06: (Nov/12/2005) Voiced  T-Rex 
  Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil 02x09: (Nov/20/2004) Voiced  Megan 
  Royal Rumble 01x11: (May/01/2004) Voiced  Chameleon Bot, Beach Babe, [Uncredited]

Camp Lazlo (2005) 
  No Beads, No Business / Miss Fru Fru 02x02: (Nov/11/2005) Voiced  Amber, Susie, Tootie 

The Batman (2004) 
  The Batman vs. Dracula (Oct/18/2005) Voiced  Vicky Vale 

Stroker & Hoop (2005) 
  Quiller Instinct (a.k.a. Peeping Todd) 01x07: (Oct/09/2005) Voiced  Intern, Dr. Paula Bowman, Housewife 
  C.A.R.R. Trouble (a.k.a. Feelin' Dirty) 01x01: (Aug/01/2004) Voiced  Girl, Jean Wilson, Radio Host 

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2001) 
  One Crazy Summoner/Guess What's Coming to Dinner 05x10: (Aug/05/2005) Voiced  Herfeffine Fefferfeffer 
  Spider's Little Daddy/Tricycle Of Terror 03x01: (Jun/11/2004) Voiced  Pittsuburg Kid 

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005) 
  I'll Get By with a Little Help from My Elf 01x08: (Jul/17/2005) Voiced  Demon, Surfer #1 
  It's Your Party and I'll Whine if I Want To 01x01: (May/30/2005) Voiced  Girl #3 

The Buzz on Maggie (2005) 
  Rottingmuck Ranch / Bella Con Carny 01x06: (Jul/15/2005) Voiced  Bella 

Codename: Kids Next Door (2002) 
  Operation: S.I.T.T.E.R. / Operation: S.A.T.U.R.N. 04x06: (Apr/29/2005) Voiced  Teen Ninja 
  Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T. / Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I. 04x03: (Dec/03/2004) Voiced  Mushi 
  Operation: H.U.G.S. / Operation: J.E.W.E.L.S. 03x10: (Aug/13/2004) Voiced  Rainbow Monkey Girl #3 
  Operation: P.I.N.K.-E.Y.E. / Operation: K.A.S.T.L.E. 03x07: (Jul/30/2004) Voiced  Mushi 

Duck Dodgers (2003) 
  The Kids Are All Wrong/Win, Lose or Duck 03x03: (Apr/08/2005) Voiced  Cheerleader 
  Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (2) 02x13: (Feb/25/2005) Voiced  Counselor Dish 
  MMORPD/Old McDodgers 02x09: (Jan/21/2005) Voiced  Ellomold the Enchantress 
  The Green Loontern 01x09: (Oct/18/2003) Voiced  Katma-Tui 

The Powerpuff Girls (1998) 
  Nuthin' Special / Neighbor Hood 04x13: (Mar/25/2005) Voiced  Woman, Happy Flower 
  Little Miss Interprets / Night Mayor 06x06: (Jun/25/2004) Voiced  Girl #1 
  A Made Up Story 06x05: (May/14/2004) Voiced  Woman 
  Mo' Linguish / Oops, I Did It Again 06x04: (May/07/2004) Voiced  Beatrice 

Kim Possible (2002) 
  Showdown at the Crooked D 03x05: (Mar/25/2005) Voiced  Joss 
  Bad Boy 03x04: (Jan/14/2005) Voiced  Tara, Sean 
  Steal Wheels 03x01: (Sep/25/2004) Voiced  Tara 
  Sick Day / The Truth Hurts 02x28: (Apr/23/2004) Voiced  Penny 

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004) 
  Pedigree, Schmedigree / The Howler Bunny 01x14: (Jan/28/2005) Voiced  Gabriella, Mom Howler 

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (2004) 
  Dis-Harmony / Collect All 5! / Ninjcompoop 01x01: (Nov/19/2004) Voiced  Little Girl 

What's New Scooby-Doo? (2002) 
  Recipe for Disaster 02x10: (Mar/23/2004) Voiced  Trudy Lowe 
  Roller Ghoster Ride! 01x07: (Nov/09/2002) Voiced  Terry 

King of the Hill (1997) 
  Rich Hank, Poor Hank 08x08: (Jan/04/2004) Voiced  Unknown 
  Fun with Jane and Jane 06x17: (Apr/21/2002) Voiced  Jane #1 
  I'm with Cupid 06x06: (Feb/10/2002) Voiced  Unknown 
  Three Coaches and a Bobby 03x12: (Jan/26/1999) Voiced  Kimmi 

Samurai Jack (2001) 
  XLVII: Jack And The Flying Prince And Princess 04x08: (Nov/19/2003) Voiced  Queen, Verbina 
  XL: Samurai versus Ninja 04x01: (Jun/14/2003) Voiced  Mother, Boy 
  XXIV: Jack Is Naked 02x11: (Sep/27/2002) Voiced  Little Girl / Lady #2 / Girl #1 

VH1 Goes Inside (2003) 
  Primetime Cartoons 01x02: (Oct/02/2003) Voiced  (archive footage) Bubbles 

Spider-Man (2003) (2003) 
  Head Over Heels 01x06: (Jul/25/2003) Voiced  Christina 

Rugrats (1991) 
  Baby Sale / Steve 09x14: (Feb/26/2003) Voiced  Pointing Baby | Passerby, [Featuring]
  Clown Around / The Baby Rewards 09x13: (Jan/28/2003) Voiced  Dil Pickles 
  Babies In Toyland 09x10: (Dec/09/2002) Voiced  Crying Boy | Elf, [Featuring]
  Curse of the Werewuff 08x26: (Oct/28/2002) Voiced  Dil Pickles 

Fillmore! (2002) 
  Two Wheels, Full Throttle, No Breaks 01x11: (Feb/22/2003) Voiced  Treplew 
  A Cold Day at X 01x09: (Nov/23/2002) Voiced  Ariella Third 
  Next Stop, Armageddon 01x06: (Nov/02/2002) Voiced  Croquet Kid 
  Red Robins Don't Fly 01x05: (Oct/12/2002) Voiced  Jenna 

The Legend of Tarzan (2001) 
  Tarzan and the British Invasion 02x01: (Feb/03/2003) Voiced  Hazel 
  Tarzan and the New Wave 01x25: (Oct/01/2001) Voiced  Hazel 
  Tarzan and the Enemy Within 01x09: (Sep/12/2001) Voiced  Teeka 

Ozzy & Drix (2002) 
  Gas of Doom 01x07: (Nov/09/2002) Voiced  Jenna 

Totally Spies! (2001) 
  Black Widows 01x16: (Mar/23/2002) Voiced  Honeybees 

The Weekenders (2000) 
  Vengeance 02x14: (Jan/27/2001) Voiced  Kristi 

Batman Beyond (1999) 
  Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (Dec/12/2000) Voiced  Batgirl 

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000) 
  Eye of the Tempest 01x38: (Nov/13/2000) Voiced  Bonnie Lepton 

Clerks (2000) 
  The Clipshow Wherein Dante And Randal Are Locked In The Freezer And Remember Some Of The Great Moments Of Their Lives. 01x02: (Jun/07/2000) Voiced  Various 
  A Dissertation On The American Justice System By People Who Have Never Been Inside A Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About the Law, But Have Seen Way Too Many Legal Thrillers. 01x01: (May/31/2000) Voiced  Giggling Girl 
  The Last Episode Ever! 01x06: (Unaired) Voiced  Various 
  Leonardo Is Caught In The Grip Of An Outbreak Of Randal's Imagination And Patrick Swayze Either Does Or Doesn't Work In The New Pet Store. 01x04: (Unaired) Voiced  Giggling Girl 

Pepper Ann (1997) 
  A Valentine's Day Tune 04x08: (Feb/14/2000) Voiced  Brenda a.k.a. the Ghost of Valentine's Day Present 
  Old Best Friend / Crunch Pod 01x03: (Sep/27/1997) Voiced  Brenda 

Touched by an Angel (1994) 
  The Occupant 06x06: (Oct/31/1999) As Emily 

The Wonderful World of Disney (1997) (1997) 
  Sabrina Down Under (Sabrina the Teenage Witch Movie) 03x01: (Sep/26/1999) As Gwen 
  Sabrina Goes To Rome ( Sabrina Teenage Witch Movie) 02x02: (Oct/04/1998) As Tara Charendoff 

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) (1996) 
  Good Will Haunting 03x06: (Oct/30/1998) Voiced  Molly Dolly 

Cow and Chicken (1997) 
  Can Cow Come out & Play?/Horn Envy 03x01: (Aug/15/1998) Voiced  Lucy, Katie (Cow's other friends) 

X-Men (1992) 
  Hidden Agendas 05x12: (Sep/06/1997) Voiced  Paige Guthrie 
  Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre 05x09: (Nov/16/1996) Voiced  Little Girl 
  No Mutant is an Island 05x04: (Sep/21/1996) Voiced  Skids/Sally Blevins 
  Family Ties 04x17: (May/04/1996) Voiced  Scarlet Witch 

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (1996) 
  The Haunted Sonata 02x22: (Mar/18/1997) Voiced  Irina Kafka 
  Ice Will Burn 01x23: (Sep/26/1996) Voiced  Kazrina 

3rd Rock from the Sun (1996) 
  My Mother The Alien 02x09: (Nov/17/1996) As Exercise Lady VO 

Rocko's Modern Life (1993) 
  Ed Good, Rocko Bad / Teed Off 04x03: (Jul/10/1996) Voiced  Screaming Rocko 
  The Big Question / The Big Answer 03x11: (Jan/28/1996) Voiced  Tiger / Screaming Rocko 

Maybe This Time (1995) 
  Out, Out, Damn Radio Spot! 01x04: (Sep/30/1995) As Emily 

Party of Five (1994) 
  Homework 01x02: (Sep/19/1994) As Lorna 

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993) 
  Secret Place 01x11: (Apr/07/1993) As Elizabeth 

Forever Knight (1992) 
  Dying for Fame 01x15: (Nov/10/1992) As Unknown 

The Zeta Project (2001) 
  Ro's Reunion 01x12: (Unknown/Unaired) Voiced  Macy 
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Has a good singing voice

Tara voiced Batgirl in the videogame Batman Vengeance, a character she voiced in the series the game was based on.

Voiced Batgirl in the videogame Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu.

Tara not only plays female characters, but boys and babies/toddlers as well.

Played Barbra Gordon/Batgirl in the web cartoon Gotham Girls.

Tara voiced Bowser Jr. in the video game Super Mario Sunshine, although she was uncredited.

Voiced Rikku In Final Fantasy X, X-2

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