The Lion and the Rose - Recap

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Theon follows Ramsay and a woman through the woods as they hunt down a girl running away. The woman, Miranda, hits the girl with an arrow and Ramsay orders his dogs to eat her. Theon watches in disgust.

Tyrion shares a meal with Jaime but he's not hungry. He asks Podrick to leave them alone for a minute. Jaime confesses that he can't fight anymore and worries that he can't protect the king. Tyrion suggests that he train his left hand with a discrete swordsman and says he knows one.

Later, Jaime meets with Bronn in a secluded area to begin his sword training.

Roose Bolton arrives at Dreadfort and introduces Walda to Ramsay. He offers to have a look at Theon. Roose is upset at what Ramsay did and says that Theon was to be traded to Balon Greyjoy. Ramsay defends his decision and Roose worries he trusts him too much. He shows how well Theon is trained by letting him shave his face. As Theon shaves, he tells Roose the truth about Bran and Rickon. Ramsay tells Theon of Robb's death but he only continues to shave. Roose asks Locke Bolton to head north to hunt down the children. Theon reveals that John Snow is at Castle Black and may know where they went. Roose asks Ramsay to head to Moat Cailen with Theon. He says to take the Moat for the family.

Varys informs Tyrion that Shae was spotted with him and it's only a matter of time until Tywin hears of it. He refuses to lie for Tyrion for fear of his life. Varys offers to send Shae across the sea but she refuses. He reminds Tyrion of the threat Tywin has made against any whores found with him.

Mace Tyrell presents Joffrey with a wedding gift. Cersei points out Shae to Tywin, who asks to have her brought to his tower before the wedding. Tyrion presents his gift of a book to Joffrey and says that every king should read it. Tywin follows this up with one of the Valyrian swords he had forged from Ice. Joffrey uses the sword to cut Tyrion's gift in half. He names the sword Widow's Wail and says that every time he uses it will be like cutting off Ned Stark's head again.

Shae visits Tyrion in his room. He says their friendship must end and tells her to board a ship to travel across the sea. She suggests that they fight Cersei and Tywin together, but Tyrion says he can't be with a whore. He brings in Bronn to escort her to the ship. She slaps Bronn before leaving.

Stannis and his men watch as Melisandre burns a few members of Stannis' court. One of the men, his hand, calls out to his sister, Selyse, but she only tells Stannis she's happy about the burning. Davos tries to speak to Stannis about the burning but he won't listen.

Stannis shares an awkward meal with Selyse and Melisandre. Selyse wants to beat their daughter, Shireen, but Stannis forbids it. She suggests Melisandre speak with her.

Melisandre meets with Shireen and tells her that those executed are in a better place. She says the Seven are fantasies and the only true gods are the Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness. Melisandre says there's no heaven but the life they are in now.

Bran wakes up from being inside his wolf. He says he was eating but Jojen Reed warns that it was Summer who was eating. Jojen says it's dangerous to spend too much time in Summer because he could forget what it's like to be human. Meera reminds him they would lose everything if he forgot who he was. The group passes by a strange tree and Hodor places Bran in front of the face on the tree. Bran has a vision when he places his hand on the trunk. A voice tells him to look for him underneath a tree in the north.

At King's Landing, Joffrey and Margaery's wedding takes place. The priest joins House Baratheon and House Tyrell together. Tyrion remarks to Sansa that it's better Margaery than her.

Tywin meets Olenna after the meeting and discuss the cost of the wedding. She turns Mace away when he approaches and continues to talk of the wedding. Olenna warns Tywin of the Iron Bank but he's not worried about it. They go to the feast where celebrations are taking place.

Bronn informs Tyrion that Shae is gone on the ship headed across the sea.

Olenna meets with Sansa and apologizes about what happened to her family at the Red Wedding. She suggests that Tyrion take her to visit Highgarden sometime.

Joffrey, bored with the entertainment, throws gold at the musicians to send them away. He announces that Margaery would like to make an announcement. She says that the leftovers from the feast will be given to the poor of the city.

Oberyn Martell and Loras Tyrell stare at each other from across the feast. Loras bumps into Jaime and apologizes. Jaime asks about his wedding to Cersei and says she will murder him any children they will have. He says they won't be married and Loras says that Jaime won't either.

Brienne congratulates Margaery and Joffrey on their wedding. Margaery hopes they see more of her around. Cersei meets with Brienne afterwards and thanks her for bringing Jaime back. Brienne says Jaime also saved her but Cersei hasn't heard of that. Cersei mentions everyone Brienne has served and asks if she loves Jaime. Brienne excuses herself.

Cersei finds Maester Pycell and asks him to take the leftovers to the dogs rather than the poor. He refuses at first but she says he will be fed to the dogs if he doesn't obey her.

Tywin walks with Cersei when they come across Oberyn and Ellaria Sand. Cersei comments on Ellaria being a bastard and the two groups exchange insults. Oberyn brings up the rape and murder of his sister. He reminds Cersei that her daughter Myrcella is still in Dorne. They are interrupted by Joffrey's announcement.

Joffrey says there has been too much amusement and a royal wedding should have some history. Five dwarves come out to do battle and Joffrey says it's the war of the five kings. Most of the crowd enjoys the show but Tyrion, Sansa, and the Tyrells don't. Tyrion orders Podrick to pay each of the dwarves when they are done. Joffrey enjoys the show and rather than pay them, he suggests that someone else may challenge his reign. He asks Tyrion if he would like to join the battle but he declines by insulting Joffrey. The king pours wine on Tyrion's head and Margaery tries to calm Joffrey down. Joffrey suggests that Tyrion serve as his cupbearer and he agrees. He makes this job hard for Tyrion by kicking his wineglass away. Sansa hands the glass to Tyrion, who then fills the cup. Joffrey asks Tyrion to kneel but he remains standing. Margaery points out the pie's arrival and Joffrey cuts it open with his sword. Tyrion and Sansa attempt to leave while Joffrey is eating pie but he calls them back. He asks Tyrion to be his cupbearer and he agrees. Tyrion takes the cup from the table and gives it to Joffrey. He drinks from it and starts to choke. Olenna yells out for someone to help him and Jaime runs up. As Cersei and Jaime attempt to help Joffrey, Dontos sneaks up to Sansa and tells her to come with him if she wants to live. Joffrey points to Tyrion while he dies. Cersei accuses Tyrion of murdering Joffrey and has him arrested.