Breaker of Chains - Recap

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Cersei demands to know where Sansa went and Tywin tells his soldiers to lock down the city. Meanwhile, Dontos leads Sansa through the town to the shore. She gets in his rowboat and he promises to take her somewhere safe, and rows through the fog to a ship. Sansa boards the boat and Littlefinger greets her. He says the worst has passed and offers to pay Dontos the money he owes. Instead, Littlefinger has Dontos murdered and explains to Sansa why he couldn't be allowed to live. Littlefinger reveals that he is behind the death of Joffrey as well as her rescue, and promises that she's safe with him.

Margaery talks to Olenna about Joffrey's death. Olenna recounts the death of her own husband. Margaery thinks that she is cursed but Olenna says Joffrey's death is the best possible outcome for her.

In the sept, Cersei and Tommen stand over Joffrey's body. Tywin tells Tommen he will become king and asks what type of king he will be. He hopes to be a good king and Tywin talks about what makes a good king. Tommen names different traits but Tywin says how each one has backfired for different kings. Tywin asks what the greatest quality to have is and Tommen answers wisdom. He says that a wise young king heeds the advice of his council until he comes of age and continues to rule forever. Tywin says Joffrey was not a great king.

As he leads Tommen out of the sept, Jaime passes them. He asks for a moment alone with Cersei. She still thinks that Tyrion is the murderer because of the time he threatened revenge. Cersei asks Jaime to avenge their son by killing Tyrion. He doesn't want to and suggests they wait for the trial. They start kissing but Cersei pushes him away. He forces himself onto her against her will. Cersei says that it's not right but he doesn't care.

Arya suggests to the Hound that they get a map since he isn't sure where they are. His plan is to get her to the Eyrie, get his gold, and be on his way. She asks what he plans to do and he says he would like to sail across the sea and work as a sellsword. A man passes by on the bridge above them and says that they are on their land. Arya makes up a story to convince the man to leave them alone. She says he fought for the Tullys and the man invites them to stay with him for supper and the night. At supper they discuss the Red Wedding and the trouble with the Freys. The man suggests that Sandor stay on for a month to help work and keep raiders away. He doesn't have much but promises to pay fair wages. Sandor agrees, much to Arya's surprise.

The next day, Arya wakes up to Sandor robbing the man. He says the farmer will be dead by winter anyway. Arya says he's the worst but Sandor says there are many who are worse than him.

At Castle Black, Sam goes to Gilly to complain that no one believes he killed a white walker. He says all the men assume she's just a wildling. No one has tried to touch her but Sam worries that someone will. She thanks him for caring about her and he suggests she would be safer in Mole's Town. Gilly thinks that he's bored of her but he just wants to protect her.

Stannis shows Davos evidence that Joffrey is dead. He says that they don't have enough men but isn't interested in hiring sellswords. Davos says they need soldiers to win the war alongside Melisandre's power. They don't have enough gold but Stannis says they are both running out of time to make an attempt for his claim.

Davos meets with Stannis' daughter, Shireen, so that she can help him read. He tells of the time he was in Bravos and comes to a realization. He asks Shireen to write a message for him to the Iron Bank of Bravos. He needs to get their attention so asks her to write it from Stannis.

Sam takes Gilly on a ride to Mole's Town. At the tavern, Sam secures her room and board in return for caring for the babies of the other women. He refuses to let her take on "other" work. Sam thinks she will be safe here but she isn't happy with this decision.

Ellaria Sand joins in an orgy with Oberyn Martell. Oberyn tells the man with him about the dangers of growing old. They are interrupted when Tywin enters and asks for the room. Once they are alone, Oberyn tells Tywin he's sorry to hear about Joffrey's death. Tywin suggests that Oberyn may have had something to do with the poisoning and asks what he spoke to Tyrion about. Oberyn explains how he blames Tywin for the rape and murder of his sister. Tywin denies this and Oberyn asks to speak to the Mountain. He says that can be arranged and asks Oberyn for a favor. Tywin wants Oberyn to be one of the judges at Tyrion's trial and also to serve on the small council as an adviser. He needs Dorn on his side to strengthen the kingdom. Tywin offers to help him serve justice to his sister's killer if he helps serve justice to Joffrey's assassins.

Podrick stops by Tyrion's cell with some smuggled goods. He hasn't heard anything about Shae but tells Tyrion about his upcoming trial. Tyrion is happy about the death of Joffrey but denies killing him. Podrick tells him the names of the three judges and asks him for a name of possible witnesses who can vouch for him. Tyrion thinks someone planned the murder and also Sansa's disappearance. He warns Podrick that he'll probably be followed by whoever is behind this. Tyrion's not allowed to see Bronn but Podrick promises to see if Jaime will see him. Podrick reveals a man promised him knighthood if he testified against Tyrion. He has already refused but Tyrion doesn't want him to die for this. Tyrion asks him to send Jaime before leaving King's Landing.

Ygritte shoots a man as he walks with his son, Guymon. His mother yells for him to hide because wildlings are attacking the village. The wildlings and Thenns attack, killing everyone they can. The Thenn warg finds Guymon and brings him to Styr. Styr asks Guymon if he knows the way to Castle Black and he says he does. He tells Guymon that he will eat his parents. Styr sends Guymon to Castle Black to tell them of the attack.

At Castle Black, Alliser Thorne and the Night's Watch discuss what they should do about the attack. Aemon says that they can't afford to lose anyone since their numbers are so low. Thorne asks Jon Snow what he thinks they should do. He warns that if the wildlings cross the wall they will destroy everything in their way. Thorne agrees and says that they must protect Castle Black. They are interrupted by the sound of rangers returning under the wall. They explain the mutiny at Craster's Keep and Thorne says that they can't take those men down. Jon warns that Mance will use these men to find out the true number of men at Castle Black. He says they need to get those men back or Mance will have the knowledge he needs to attack.

Daenerys Targaryen approaches Meereen with her army. A single rider comes out and Jorah explains they want Daenerys to send her own champion out against him. The man gets off his horse and urinates at Daenerys in insult. Grey Worm volunteers to be her champion but she can't risk losing him. She also refuses Ser Barristan and Jorah but allows Daario to be her champion. He chooses to not use a horse against the Meereen rider. Daario throws a dagger at the man's horse and kills it, then quickly dispatches the rider as well.

Daenerys addresses the people of Meereen and explains how she freed the slaves of Astapor and also Yunkai. She tells the slaves that she is not their enemy but is instead there to free them. Daenerys calls forth her catapults to launch barrels filled with slave collars. Once the slaves in Meereen see this, they decide to revolt against the leaders.