Oathkeeper - Recap

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Missandei helps Grey Worm with his lessons and talks about when she was taken. Grey Worm only remembers being one of the Unsullied. Daenerys interrupts the lesson to prepare Grey Worm for the attack. He leads the Unsullied to sneak into Meereen disguised as slaves. Inside, the slaves are arguing whether they should revolt or continue to be enslaved by the Masters. Grey Worm arrives and explains the freedom that Daenerys promised. The Unsullied hand out weapons and the slaves are told they must fight for their freedom if they want it.

The slaves revolt against the Masters and Daenerys marches into town to the cheering of all the slaves. She asks Jorah how many children were nailed to mile markers outside of town and orders the same amount of masters to be killed. Barristan suggests she show mercy but she will insists on returning their justice. The Masters are nailed up in the same way the children were.

Jaime practices sword fighting with Bronn in their secret location. Bronn says Tyrion isn't guilty and suggests Jaime talks to him. Jaime hasn't visited him yet though. As he's about to leave, Bronn reveals that he only fought for Tyrion at the Eyrie because there wasn't time to send for Jaime.

Jaime visits Tyrion in his cell. They discuss Cersei and Tyrion's upcoming trial. Jaime offers to help but there isn't much he can do to free him. He suggests Sansa may be behind the murder but Tyrion doesn't think she's a killer yet.

On board Baelish's ship, he reveals to Sansa that they are going to the Eyrie. She asks if he was involved in Joffrey's death and he tells her how he planned it. Baelish admits to the murder and says it was part of his plan to get what he wants. Sansa asks what he wants and he says everything. He says he has new friends who are reasonable and wanted Joffrey's death.

Olenna sits down with Margaery in the garden. She asks about Tommen and tells of how she met her husband. Olenna claims Margaery needs to act quickly before Cersei influences Tommen. She says Cersei is distracted right now and claims Tyrion is innocent. Olenna admits that she took art in the murder plot but tells her granddaughter not to worry about that.

At Castle Black, Jon teaches the men about how they should sword fight against the wildlings. Alliser Thorne interrupts the lesson to remind Jon that he's only a steward. Jon listens to the order to go back inside and Thorne orders everyone back to work. Thorne's assistant says everyone likes Jon and the men may choose a new commander if Aemon orders a vote. He suggests Thorne reconsider marching to Craster's and allowing Jon to take care of the mutineers. Locke Bolton introduces himself to Jon and says he was sent to the Wall for stealing.

Cersei calls Jaime to her room and asks why Catelyn Stark set him free. He reveals that he promised to save her daughters if they were alive. Cersei asks if Jaime would find Sansa and return her body if she asked. She still thinks Tyrion is guilty but Jaime says he's not the culprit. Cersei asks for more men to guard Tommen and calls Jaime by his Lord Commander title.

Margaery sneaks into Tommen's room and says there's a rumor that she will be his bride. He agrees that they should get to know each other before they're married. She thinks it's a relief that he's not cruel like Joffrey. Margaery asks to visit again and reminds him their meetings are secret.

Brienne reads Jaime's entry in the book on acts of the Kingsguard. He says there's still room in the book for him and picks up his sword. Jaime gives the sword to Brienne and orders her to use it to defend Sansa. He also reveals a suit of armor for her. She promises to find Sansa for Jaime and Catelyn. Jaime has one more thing and asks Brienne to take Podrick on as her squire. Bronn sees him off and gives him Tyrion's axe from the Blackwater. Brienne decides to call her sword Oathkeeper.

Sam feels bad about leaving Gilly in Mole's Town but Jon says he has no choice because she's safer there. They discuss whether Bran might have made his way to Craster's. Locke interrupts and tells Jon that Thorne wants to see him. Thorne allows Jon to go to Craster's but he can only take volunteers with him. Jon makes a speech to the men about why they should get the men back or take them out. He says Jeor Mormont deserves revenge and asks who would like to come with him. One by one several men stand up. He tells Locke a recruit can't come north but he says Jon needs men who can fight.

At Craster's Keep, Carl drinks wine from Jeor's skull. The woman have all been beaten and raped. Carl orders one man, Rusty, to feed the beast and challenges him to a fight when he doesn't move. A woman walks up and shows Craster's last male child. The baby is to be offered up to the gods and Carl agrees to give the walkers what they want. He hands the baby to Rusty and says he's headed that way anyway. Rusty leaves the baby at the appointed spot and walks away. He then goes to the beast, which is Jon's wolf, and taunts it by pouring water on the ground. The water quickly freezes and Rusty runs away when he senses something nearby.

Hodor wakes up at the sound of the crying baby. Bran says he's going out there and goes into a trance. He enters his wolf and it runs toward the cries of the baby. It finds Jon's wolf and falls into a trap. Bran exits the trance and says someone has captured Jon's wolf, Ghost. The group sneaks up on Craster's Keep the next day. Meera says they should leave but Bran wants to get Summer back. He tells her where the cage is and she starts to go. A man knocks her out and several men surround her.

The mutineers taunt a chained up Hodor and spear him in the leg. Meera, Jojen and Bran are brought in front of Carl. He inspects Bran's clothes and knows he's high born. Carl slaps Bran when he doesn't answer his questions. He asks Meera why Carl was brought to the north. Jojen has a seizure and Carl holds a knife to Meera's throat. Bran reveals that he's a Stark from Winterfell and Rusty knows he's Jon's brother.

A white walker rides its horse carrying the Craster baby. It travels north to an icy pedestal and places the baby on it. White walkers surround the area and one stares into the baby's eyes. It touches the baby's face and its eyes turn blue.