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On what broadcast network does the show air Easy msd85• ABC
How many episodes were in the ninth season Medium msd85• 23
• 24
• 25
• 26
How many episodes were in the eighth season Medium msd85• 23
• 24
• 25
• 26
How many episodes were in the seventh season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 15
• 16
• 17
• 18
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 7
• 8
• 9
• 10
Who portrays George O'Malley Medium Microsd• Steven W. Bailey
• Greg Pitts
• T. R. Knight
• Kevin McKidd
What was the nickname George received in the first season Easy Microsd• James Bond
• Sherlock Holmes
• 007
• Dr. No
Who portrayed Joe the Bartender Medium Microsd• Greg Pitts
• Steven W. Bailey
• Jack Yang
• Sharon Lawrence
Who portrays Isobel "Izzie" Stevens Easy Microsd• Catherine Hill
• Katherine Heigl
• Catarina Heigl
• Kathy Helga
What hospital is the show set in Easy Microsd• Grace Seattle
• Seattle General
• Seattle West
• Seattle Grace
What is Derek's favourite novel Hard Microsd• "The Sun Also Rises"
• "A Tale of Two Cities"
• "Great Expectations"
• "Lord of the Rings"
In "The Self-Destruct Button," who replaces George in surgery when he gets kicked out Easy Microsd• Alex
• Meredith
• Izzie
• Cristina
Which surgeon left the surgical item in the patient in "Shake Your Groove Thing" Medium Microsd• Dr. Burke
• Dr. George
• Dr. Webber
• Dr. Taylor
Which intern does Dr. Burke pick to perform the first surgery in "A Hard Day's Night" Easy Microsd• George
• Meredith
• Cristina
• Izzie
Who portrays Erica Hahn Medium Microsd• Brooke Smith
• Chandra Wilson
• Chyler Leigh
• Ellen Pompeo
Which two female doctors kissed each other in the fourth season finale Easy Microsd• Erica and Miranda
• Erica and Alexandra
• Erica and Meredith
• Erica and Callie
Where did Meredith eventually dispose of her mother's ashes Easy Microsd• In the backyard
• Near Derek's trailer
• In the scrub room
• Off the side of a ferryboat
Who portrays Owen Hunt Medium Microsd• Isaiah Washington
• Kevin McKidd
• Justin Chambers
• T.R. Knight
What is Mark's drink of choice Medium Microsd• Beer
• Wine
• Whiskey
• Scotch
What is Mark Sloan's surgical specialty Easy Microsd• Spinal surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Cardio-thoracic surgery
• Plastic surgery
In what episode does Mark Sloan first appear Medium Microsd• "A Hard Day's Night"
• "Yesterday"
• "What I Am"
• "Love/Addiction"
Which member of the Seattle Grace staff thought that he had a crush on Dr. Hahn Easy Microsd• Mark
• Richard
• George
• Alex
Before coming to Seattle Grace, what hospital was Dr. Hahn at Medium Microsd• Mercy West
• Seattle West
• Seatle VA
• Seattle Presbyterian
What medical school did Dr. Erica Hahn attend Medium Microsd• Georgetown
• Johns Hopkins
• Stanford
• Harvard
What does Derek call Lexie that angers Meredith Medium Microsd• The new hot intern
• The girl from the bar
• The best intern
• The new Meredith Grey
What medical school did Lexie attend Medium Microsd• Georgetown
• Harvard
• University of Washington
• Preston
Lexie is one of Cristina Yang's interns. Easy Microsd• True.
• False.
In what episode does Lexie Grey first appear Medium Microsd• "A Hard Day's Night"
• "Testing 1-2-3"
• "A Change is Gonna Come"
• "Love/Addiction"
In the Superbowl episode, what code is paged around the hospital Medium Microsd• Code red
• Code purple
• Code black
• Code brown
Who said "a kiss is worth a thousand words" Medium Microsd• Burke
• Izzie
• Denny
• Derek
Who is Susan Easy Microsd• Meredith's step mother
• Meredith's aunt
• Meredith's half sister
• Meredith's sister
Who is McHottie Easy Microsd• Mark
• Nancy
• Meredith
• Alex
Who was Derek's wife Easy Microsd• Cristina Yang
• Izzie Stevens
• Addison Forbes Montgomery
• Lexie Grey
Dr. Bailey gave birth to a baby boy. What did she name him Easy Microsd• William Richard Bailey Jones
• William Alexander Bailey Jones
• William George Bailey Jones
• William Washington Bailey Jones
Who portrays Teddy Altman Medium Microsd• Chandra Wilson
• Brooke Smith
• Kate Walsh
• Kim Raver
Who was written off the show during the fifth season Easy Microsd• Erica Hahn
• George O'Malley
• Addison Montgomery
• Preston Burke
Who portrays Meredith Grey Medium Microsd• Chandra Wilson
• Ellen Pompeo
• Kate Walsh
• Jessica Capshaw
Who portrays Preston Burke Medium Microsd• Kevin McKidd
• Chyler Leigh
• Kim Raver
• Isaiah Washington
When did the show have it's premiere Easy Microsd• February 2005
• December 2004
• March 2005
• December 2005
The pilot episode of the show was named: Medium Microsd• "The First Cut Is The Deepest"
• "A Hard Day's Night"
• "Superstition"
• "I Am a Tree"
The Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital is a real place. Medium Microsd• True.
• False.
Who portrayed Ellis Grey Medium Microsd• Kate Burton
• Chandra Wilson
• Shonda Rhimes
• Kate Walsh
What's Dr. Burke's first name Easy Microsd• Alex
• Meredith
• Richard
• Preston
why did izzie leave alex Easy Anonymous• he cheated
• she got bored with their marriage
• he told the chief not to fire her but she misunderstood and took it the wrong way
• they fight too much
who did addision cheat on her husband with Easy Anonymous• Dr. richard webber
• george o malley
• mark sloane
• alex karev
When Meredith has her near-death experience, who did she not have a vision of Medium tikidawg• Her mother
• Denny Duquette
• Dylan Young
• Her father
How much money did Denny leave for Izzie when he died Hard tikidawg• $8,700,000
• $1,000,000
• $2,750,000
• $3,357,000
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 27, 2005
Episode Order: 24
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