This is What It Sounds Like - Recap

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In Rio, Gustavo and his gangers take Chloe and Mitch to Complexo de Alemao. Gustavo figures that that they were bugging the antenna, and that Mitch is a DEA agent.

Abraham goes to the government building to speak with Gabriela. She tells him that they're going to drop the Endrin, and Abraham explains that Gustavo took his friends. Gabriela has all of her people dealing with the outage, but she calls over one officer, who says that he'll send a squad, just as the power goes out. Gabriela figures that the bats hit a transformer, and planes drop the Endrin outside. They go to the window and watch, but the bats are unaffected.

In Mobile, Jackson and Ben go to the scene of the accident where the local police have found Leo's overturned truck. An EMT is tending to Jamie, and she tells the men that Evan Lee took the Mother Cell. Ben calls it in to the marshal's office, while Jackson assures Jamie that it isn't her fault. However, she doesn't believe him.

In Paris, Floriane Martin comes home, unaware of the bear walking behind her. She goes to the kitchen and the bear follows her.

Gustavo shows Mitch how the mice aren't running when they confront them. Mitch explains that the bats eat street mice, so the mice are hiding inside with the humans. Chloe looks out the window and tells Mitch that the bat situation is getting worse. She asks Gustavo to let them go, but he doesn't see any reason to help the rich people downtown. He says that he'll take care of any problems, and Chloe says that they can lure the bats away with the antenna. Gustavo refuses to lose the money he gets from providing cell service, says something in Spanish, shoots a mouse, and walks out with his people. Once they lock the doors, Chloe says that Gustavo said he would kill them if they don't come up with an answer.

Floriane notices that the back door is open and closes it. She pours herself a glass of wine and then turns to see the bear in her kitchen, advancing on her.

Gustavo returns and Chloe suggests that they could build an electromagnetic pulse generator with the proper supplies. Mitch says that he needs an old PC, copper wire, a speaker, and a steel pole. Gustavo agrees and says that one of his men, Flavio, will watch them. Once Gustavo leaves, Chloe says that they have to live long enough for Abraham to find them.

Ben and Jackson take Jamie to a café, and she says that there was something strange about Evan Lee's eyes. Jackson compares Evan Lee's eyes to the ones in the older photo, and points out that his pupil was altered just like the animals. Jamie remembers that Evan Lee was wearing a light-colored shirt, and Ben says that he can help her remember if she wants to try.

Evan Lee goes to an optometrist's office and locks the door behind him. He then finds the doctor, Humbolt Swinney, and says that he wants him to do something for him.

Ben hypnotizes Jamie and has her recall the accident. She describes seeing Evan Lee driving away in a green truck, and recall the first three letters of the license plate. Ben goes to run the plates and Jackson assures Jamie that they're going to find Evan Lee.

At the optometrist office, Swinney warns that he has to go four inches into his skull to get a sample of the optic nerve. Evan Lee takes out a syringe and Swinney gives him numbing drops and then locks his head in place. The doctor then injects the needle into Evan lee's left eye.

A wounded Floriane crawls into the wine closet and closes the door behind her. She watches as it walks around her kitchen, and then jams the door shut as best she can.

The next morning, Abraham grabs Enzo while he stands watch and orders the man at gunpoint to take him to Gustavo.

In the complex, Chloe warns Mitch that Gustavo won't wait much longer. He points out that the machine won't do anything, and Chloe insists that it will keep them alive until Abraham rescues them. Mitch gets an idea and says that they need to repel the bats. He takes out the PC's oscillator, and Flavio warns them that they have one hour.

Enzo takes Abraham to a chop shop, but then says that he won't take him to Gustavo. The workers move in and Enzo tells Abraham that he knows he won't kill him.

After the operation, Evan Lee grinds down the Mother Cell and treats it with fluid from his eye. Swinney takes a call and after Evan Lee finishes, tell the doctor to put it back in.

Abraham begs Enzo not to make him do it. Enzo tells him to drop the gun, and Abraham fires into the rafters, disturbing the bats. He takes on the men and knocks them all out except Enzo, and orders him to take him to Gustavo.

At their hotel, Jackson tries to call Chloe without success. Jamie comes in and says that she posted a description of Evan Lee online and claimed he ran over her dog. Jackson has gone over Leo's ledger and confirmed that all of the areas where Reiden's Mother Cell products were used are consistent with the animal attacks. Jamie gets a hit and the two of them head out. They meet Ben in the lobby and tell him that they've found Evan Lee. They drive to the strip mall where Swinney's office is located and Ben orders them to stay with the car while he goes in. Jackson spots Swinney's and figures that Evan Lee went there.

As Jackson tries the door, he hears Evan Lee screaming and breaks in. He goes in with Ben and Jamie, and Evan Lee says that Robert did it to him before he dies. Jamie finds the Mother Cell and Ben orders them to go while he calls it into the field office.

Floriane watches the bear until it moves out of sight. She grabs a candle snuffer and tries to hook the phone, but slips and is forced to retreat. The bear starts breaking through the door.

After giving the oscillator to Gustavo, Mitch warns Chloe that he's not sure if it will do anything. She complains that he hides behind logic but it's just a defense. Mitch admits that he published a study that wasn't fully cooked and he got his ass kicked, and he's been dead for three years. Chloe figures that he's talking about his daughter, and she knows all about Clementine. Mitch explains that Clementine started having seizures. He left Audra so that she could have a family with a decent guy. Then Clementine got sick and he started checking research hospitals until Audra put a stop to it because she didn't want to put Clementine through endless tests with no chance of success. Chloe suggests that Clementine needed him, but Mitch doesn't want her to think that he's doing it out of pity. Chloe takes his hand and says that he should talk to Clementine. Flavio gets a call from Gustavo and tells Chloe and Mitch that the oscillator worked.

Abraham holds a gun on Gustavo and figures that Gustavo would have killed his friends even if they had succeeded with the machine. He refuses to kill Gustavo and walks away, and Gustavo beats Enzo for failing him. As he prepares to kill Enzo, Abraham comes back and knocks him unconscious. The oscillator starts sending out its signal.

At the complex, Chloe and Mitch hear the dogs barking and Mitch realizes that the ultra-sound frequency is working. The bats fly away from Rio and Mitch realizes that his plan worked.

Ben goes to the hotel room and finds Jamie coming out of the shower. She says that Jackson went down to get coffee, and Ben suggests that they celebrate now that they have definite evidence against Reiden. They talk and Jamie kisses him and then drags him into the room. She asks for a minute and goes into the bathroom, to dry her hair. As soon as she's gone, Ben searches the room.

In the hotel café, Jackson is trying to call Chloe when he sees a news report about Swinney's death. Realizing that Ben killed the doctor, Jackson calls Jamie's phone. She comes out of the bathroom to answer it, and Jackson tells her that Ben killed Swinney. Ben takes the phone from her when he realizes that they're onto him, and tells her to give him the Mother Cell.

Jackson gets off the elevator and sees Ben entering the stairwell with the Mother Cell container. He goes after him and they fight.

In the hotel room, Jamie struggles to untie herself.

Ben and Jackson fight, and Ben finally knocks him unconscious. Jamie arrives and tells Ben to get off of her friend, grabs the discarded gun, and shoots Ben in the chest.

The gendarmes find Floriane after they take care of the bear. She walks out of the wine closet and stares at the unconscious bear on the floor. The wildlife services woman says that the bear is hibernating... in the middle of summer.

In Washington, Mitch calls Justin and asks to talk to Clementine. Justin reluctantly agrees and Mitch asks what's new. She talks about how Henry got hit by a car, and says that it would be okay if Mitch came to see him... and her. Clementine says that she has to go and quickly hangs up. Mitch orders a drink and goes over to join Chloe and Abraham. Jackson and Jamie join their friends and show them the Mother Cell.