Sleuths - Recap

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Jackson, Abraham, Chloe, and another man move through a tunnel near Paris, and hear something growling in the darkness. They continue on and the growling continues, and Abraham says that it's the bears.

42 Hours Earlier

In Washington, DC, a man, Raja, takes pictures of Jamie. Once he's done, Jamie tells Abraham that she should have just turned herself in for shooting Ben. Abraham reminds her that Ben wasn't a real FBI agent, but they can't prove that. When Jamie wants to prove Ben was a fake, Abraham says that they need to focus on keeping her safe. Meanwhile, Raja tells Chloe that it will take 48 hours unless she pays him. Once she gives him a bundle of money, Raja gets a name from Jamie to put on her fake passport.

Mitch is examining the Mother Cell when Jackson comes in. The pathologist says that they can't take it to the government without proof that it's causing the aberrant behavior in animals. Chloe comes in and tells them that they're going to Paris to check out the disappearance of a pack of four Eurasian brown bears. They were being tracked for study and the trackers went off-line two days ago. One of the bears showed up in an apartment, attacked the woman, and is now hibernating in the middle of summer. Jackson figures that they can examine the bear and confirm the existence of the Mother Cell in its bloodstream, providing the proof they need. Mitch says that he's going to the drugstore and will meet them in an hour.

At Reiden, an assistant comes to see Clayton Burke and asks if he's ever heard of the Mother Cell. Clayton feigns ignorance and the assistant says that someone on the phone has said that he has the Mother Cell but wants something in return. Clayton picks up the phone and Mitch says that he's going to want to listen carefully to what he has to say.

In Paris, Mitch, Jamie, and Abraham go to the lab where the hibernating bed is being kept. They take blood and DNA samples, and Mitch confirms that its eye is normal.

Chloe and Jackson meet with the city council, and Jackson says that they're not dealing with normal bears. One man, civil engineer Jean-Michel Lion, asks what he means. Jackson explains that they won't act normally, and the bears will stay together. Jean-Michel suggests that they're traveling via the catacombs, and Jackson says that the bears will feed on whatever is available before going into hibernation.

As Chloe and Jackson leave, Chloe congratulates Jackson on taking the proper approach. Jean-Michel comes over and kisses Chloe, and she introduces him to Jackson. The engineer is surprised that Chloe is back in town, and she says that she can't explain why they're interested in bears. Jean-Michel says that he'll call her with any leads and then tells her to talk to her sister, and Chloe angrily says that she should have thought of that before she slept with Jean-Michel. As they walk away, Jackson confirms that Jean-Michel is Chloe's ex-fiancé.

That night, Chloe takes the group to her apartment. Mitch tells Jackson what they found out, and that the lab results will be back in a few hours. He tells Jackson that bears go into hibernation to redirect their bodily resources… and is changing into something new.

As Chloe goes to her wardrobe to get blankets, she sees her wedding dress. As she stares at it, her phone rings. Jackson comes in and says that dinner is almost ready. Chloe says that Delavane wants to see her and she'll be back as soon as she can.

Jamie and Abraham have some wine and Jamie explains that she's using the alias of her mother's name, Nancy Armstrong. Abraham gives his original name, Abdallah Balogun. He tells Jamie that his parents were killed in a raid when he was 13. The rebels, Malik and Kalim, took in Abraham and his little brothers. A few days later, Abraham was forced to take an initiation to prove his loyalty. They gave Abraham a gun and one bullet, and told him to shoot which of his two brothers he should kill. If he didn't choose then both would be shot. Abraham realized that one would die and the other would be turned into an animal like Abraham. He dropped the gun and send the rebels killed them both. Five years later, Abraham escaped and changed his name to Abraham. Since then he has been spending the rest of his life protecting his new family to make up for the choice he made... and hugs Jamie, the newest member of his family.

Chloe meets Delavane on the street and tells him that one of her teammates killed Ben. She's been tracking channels and it appears that no one has discovered the body. Delavane warns that it's now a Federal matter and they will eventually find them. He tells Chloe that none of the people on her team are more important than her task. Chloe says that she understands and Delavane walks off.

When Chloe returns to her apartment, the team explains that they have to prove that Ben was on Reiden's payroll. To do that, they have to break into Reiden's Paris office. Their computer network is linked to the central system in Boston. If they can hack the system then they can prove Ben was on Reiden's payroll. Jamie assures Chloe that Reiden will keep accounting records of any payments that they made to Ben. All top-level executives have access to the system using facial recognition, and they need Chloe to check the records once they copy them onto the computer in the animal lab.

The next day at Reiden's Paris offices, Jamie gets on a laptop computer at a nearby café. At the animal lab, Mitch gets Jamie access and she spots a passing senior VP. Antoine Belrose. She gives his location to Chloe, Jackson, and Abraham, and Chloe walks toward Antoine. After hesitating for a moment, she goes back and says that she knows the security guard because he's ex-DOSE. Jackson says that he has it and takes Chloe's phone, and tells Chloe and Abraham to get out.

Jackson approaches Antoine and says that he's with a safari camp in Australia. He says that the finance department has nominated Antoine for an all-expense paid trip to Africa as a reward for his efforts. Antoine doesn't believe it and Jackson takes a photo of him. Jamie uses the image to access the computer system and starts downloading the financial records. Meanwhile, Abraham sees the security guard walk toward Jamie and starts to go over. The guard points out that Jamie left her phone behind and gives it to her, and she leaves with Abraham.

At the lab, Mitch reads the files as a bio-lab worker comes in with the lab results. They show something abnormal in the bear: the bear's DNA is changing. The bear starts to wake up and Mitch gives it a sedative... and the needle bends. They confirm that the bear's skin has hardened and the bear's pupil has changed. The bear gets up and knocks Mitch aside, and then breaks through the outside window.

Jackson , Abraham, and Chloe are en route and Mitch calls to tell them that he injected the bear with a microchip with an RFID chip. The bear is heading for the Meudon Forest and they realize that the bear is heading for the others. Mitch says that the bear is developing an endoskeleton, just as Jamie arrives at the lab. She wanted to check on him and notices the scratches. Mitch gives the others the bear's location as they arrive in the forest, and they hear shots in the distance. The trio goes over and Jean-Michel is there with Park Services. They've captured the bear and Jean-Michel wants to know why the bear has an endoskeleton. He tells them that they have no leads on the other three bears and Abraham offers to help.

Jackson calls them over to where he's found a Park Services man, several days dead. Jean-Michel leads them to a nearby fort from the Prussian Wars, and Jackson picks up the bear's trail. They find a tunnel leading downward and Jean-Michel warns them that the tunnels are a maze. They go in anyway and soon find two of the missing bears, hibernating. Chloe can't get a signal on her phone, and they move past the two bears looking for the third. They find it a short distance away and Jean-Michael says that it's time to go. Chloe agrees and they head out.

The group comes to the spot where the first two bears were sleeping, and realize that they're gone. Abraham lags behind and one of the bears appears out of the shadows. Jackson tells his friend to remain calm, and Jean-Michel runs off in a panic. The second bear attacks him, and the first one charges at Abraham. He aims his tranquilizer gun and prepares to shoot.

Chloe gets the wounded Jean-Michel away while Jackson shoots the second bear with darts in its back. It collapses and Jackson goes back to lure the first bear over while Abraham shoots it in the back and takes it down.

The team gets Jean-Michel out to the ambulance, and the engineer thanks Chloe for saving his life. She asks him to be good to her sister and he nods in agreement.

Back at the lab, Mitch compares the bear's DNA from six years ago to its current DNA. He explains that the Mother Cell is accelerating survival mutations in animals. However, they figure that the Mother Cell could cure the animals as well.

Later, Chloe meets with Delavane and tells him that Mitch is working on a vaccine. She then tells her boss that she's not going to cut loose the team member who killed Ben. Chloe tells Delavane to fire her if he doesn't like it, and he admits that she's surprised him. Smiling, he walks away and Chloe goes back to her apartment.

The next day, Mitch meets with Clayton and says that there are people who have a medicine that can cure Clementine's Glazier's Syndrome. He wants Clayton to provide the drug that can cure Clementine, in return for the Mother Cell. Clayton warns that the program is under intense scrutiny by the FDA, and Mitch says that it isn't his problem. As he goes, Clayton wonders how they know he has the Mother Cell but Mitch refuses to answer.