Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Maggie’s Redress

Harry, Arthur, and Adelaide look into the murder of a nun at one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries. A witness insists that the killer is the ghost of a young woman who was tormented by the nun and died six months earlier.
Guest Stars: Louise Delamere as Touie Doyle | Diana Quick as Cecilia Weiss | Adelayo Adedayo as Sister Winnie | Eileen O'Brien as Sister Fabian | Amanda Lawrence as Sister Mathilda | Simone Kirby as Sister Grace | CarneyPat as Upper Class Gent | Philip Gascoyne as Scotland Yard Detective | Kate Hawley (1) as Nun | Harry Haynes as Officer Scott | Jerry-Jane Pears as Florrie | Allison Saxton as Nun | Conny Sharp as Amanda Posh Theatre Lady | Neil Swift as Upper Class Gentleman | Georgie-May Tearle as Curious Onlooker | Noah Jupe as Kingsley Conan Doyle | Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle
Director: Stephen Hopkins

2 :01x02 - A Dish of Adharma

A boy shoots a prominent suffragette, insisting that he’s avenging a murder from a past life.
Guest Stars: Laura Fraser as Lydia Belworth | Samuel Joslin as Boy (Peter Bennett) | Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle | Angela Curran as Vera Tufts | Noah Jupe as Kingsley Conan Doyle | Phil Nice as Reverend Gilby | Andrea Lowe as Beatrice Upton | Ruth Lass as Clara Bennett | Matt Lanigan as Frank Bennett | Sian Breckin as Margery McGuire |
Uncredited: Stephen Colledge as Protestor
Director: Stephen Hopkins

3 :01x03 - In Manus Dei

After a heckler is struck down at a faith healer’s show, the team investigates whether the healer is really channeling the power of God. As always, Houdini does not believe in the preacher but suddenly develops ailments after making his opinion known. As for Doyle, the state of his wife makes him even more desperate in proving Houdini wrong.
Guest Stars: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Elias Downey | Enuka Okuma as Jane Downey | Louise Delamere as Touie Doyle | Diana Quick as Cecilia Weiss | Amy Huberman as Anne Batch | Marshall Griffin as Security Guard Joseph | Nicholas Burns as Frederick Batch | Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle | Mark Arden as Sick Man | Claire Rafferty as Charlotte | Andrew Bridgmont as Dr. Perlow | Esh Alladi as Dr. Kasad | Jerry-Jane Pears as Florrie | Noah Jupe as Kingsley Conan Doyle |
Uncredited: Neil Broome as The Coughing Man | CarneyPat as Upper Class Gent | Jennifer Day as Mourner | Richard Price (4) as Houdini Stage Hand
Director: Daniel O'Hara

4 :01x04 - Spring-Heel’d Jack

A businessman is killed by a mysterious phantom with demonic eyes and gravity-defying leaps.
Guest Stars: Sebastian Croft as Newsie | Helen Millar as Isobel Underhill | James Lance as Barrett Underhill | Scott Jenkinson as Spring Heel'd Jack | Noah Jupe as Kingsley Conan Doyle | Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle | Paddy C. Courtney as Gaines | Craig Conway as Angus Tuttle | Blake Harrison as Lyman Biggs | Tommy McDonnell as Nigel Pennington | Tereza Srbova as Natalia Kroshenko | Mary Healey as Mrs Blake | Natasha Sparkes as Sophie | Dean Forster as Herbert Ogilvie | Dritan Kastrati as Vladimir Palinov |
Uncredited: Jason Redshaw as Brothel Customer
Director: Daniel O'Hara
Writer: Carl Binder

5 :01x05 - The Curse of Korzha

A psychic, Madame Korzha, leads the police to an abducted girl. When another girl goes missing, Merring asks Korzha to help... along with Harry and Arthur.
Guest Stars: Emily Hampshire as Madam Korzha | Diana Quick as Cecilia Weiss | Lex Shrapnel as Mitchell Pearce | Edward Akrout as Henri | Harry Haynes as Officer #1 | Thomasin Rand as Betina Hargreaves | Tom Canton as Paul Hargreaves | Lily-Rose Aslandogdu as Julia Hargreaves | Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle | Jeremy Swift as Dr Henry Whitaker | Tracy Spencer as Lara | Darren Kent as Flip | Emilia Forster as Helena Wood
Writer: Josh Brandon

6 :01x06 - The Monsters of Nethermoor

Harry and Arthur find themselves in opposite positions when they investigate a potential spotting of aliens in an isolated English village: Harry believes that aliens exist, while Arthur suspects the delusions of a madman.
Guest Stars: Thomas Howes as Constable Booth | Janine Duvitski as Martha Stiles | Reece Noi as Daniel Berry | Josef Altin as Milov | Gillian Saker as Rosie Berry | Martin Walsh as Farmer | Joel Morris as Jim Gorton | Neil Bell as Ned | Paul Warren (2) as First Alien | Tiago Alexandre Fonseca as Second Alien (as Tigor Fonseca)

7 :01x07 - Bedlam

A case involving two people who died of apparent demonic possession takes the team to the infamous Bedlam asylum... where Arthur's father was committed. Now events seem to be repeating themselves.
Guest Stars: Ewen Bremner as Sherlock Holmes | James Fleet as Dr Pilsen | Louise Delamere as Touie Doyle | Charlotte Hope as Molly Morgan | Kevin Trainor as Priest | Lewis McGowan as Young Doyle | Noah Jupe as Kingsley Conan Doyle | Risteard Cooper as Charles Doyle | Andrew Bicknell as Exorcist | Michael Shelford as Simon Fleming | Joe Sims as Nathaniel | Chu Omambala as Dr Randall | Stacey J Gough as Guard | Angela Curran as Vera Tufts | Chook Sibtain as Dr Chandra | Emily Carey as Mary Conan Doyle |
Uncredited: Martin Gledhill as Lunatic

8 :01x08 - Strigoi

Bram Stoker, writer of Dracula, shows up at his friend Arthur's house and insists that someone is trying to kill him. His maid soon turns up dead, and Arthur and Harry end up confronting people who believe that they are vampires.
Guest Stars: Paul Ritter as Bram Stoker | Diana Quick as Cecilia Weiss | Owen Teale as Esmer Havensglin | Kevin Mains as Lachlan MacBride | Anna Koval as Liliana | Matt Cross (1) as Janos | Andy Gillies as Pumley
Writer: Carl Binder

9 :01x09 - Necromanteion

The key to solving a murder caused by a poltergeist may be Thomas Edison's necrophone, allowing contact with the deceased. Meanwhile, Harry deals with the death of his mother, and Adelaide learns the truth about her husband's death.
Guest Stars: Peter Outerbridge as Thomas Edison | Diana Quick as Cecilia Weiss | Lara Jean Chorostecki as Clara Reid | Elias Toufexis as Roland Carson | Natalie Krill as Millie Pasternak | Jacob Blair as Benjamin Graves | Simon Northwood as Mr. Emmett Reid | Billy MacLellan as Constable McKellar | Ali Momen as Rustom Avari | Timothy Mooney as Mr. Turner (as Tim Mooney) | Arielle Cohen as Mr. Turner's Daughter | Daniel Matmor as Rabbi | Justin Rutledge as Theodore Weiss | Bo Martyn as Young Woman
Director: Jeff Renfroe

10 :01x10 - The Pall of LaPier

A minister wakes in a village in Ontario and discovers that the 47 other residents in his village are dead, without the slightest sign of violence.
Guest Stars: Kjartan Hewitt as Reverend Jesper Farley | Jacob Blair as Benjamin Graves | Brandon Oakes as "Walt" Wattabakinai | Caleb Cosman as Corporal Bazay | Diana Quick as Cecilia Weiss | Sarah Abbott as Libby Cotter | Bo Martyn as Young Woman | Nicholas Van Burek as Stuart Branowski | Paul Johnston as Shabby Man | Gary Augustynek as President William McKinley | Mark Caven as Sherlock Holmes | Jory Rossiter as Porter (Baskerville)
Director: Jeff Renfroe
Network: itv ENCORE ( United Kingdom)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Adventure, Horror/Supernatural, Mystery
Status: TBD/On The Bubble
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 13, 2016
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